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5 Bonus Feminine Masters Interviews from Cyndie's last Interview Series - Love, Money and Miracles

Shannon Thompson

Additional Bonus Gifts From Select Feminine Masters!

A Powerful E-Parable Designed to Shift You into InnerPeace

This insightful e-parable is about a widower named Norman who is stuck in the energies of negativity. Inspired and created by Source, this powerful tale is sure to move you back to flow.

Clearing the Hidden “Interference” to Clarifying and Sharing Your Message

With “Activate your True Message”, you will discover the hidden myths, mistakes, traps and syndromes that are blocking you from sharing your message and gifts with the world. It’s time to clear the interference that keeps you from being heard and understood in the market place so you can finally make the difference you were meant to!

Feminine Masters Online Workshop Series - Spring 2015

Each interview will be added after they air during our series from May 4th through May 25th. You will have access to all the interviews from then on.


To view each interview, enter the password Feminine Success (enter EXACTLY as shown). In order to download an interview and/or add to your collections, click the "vimeo" icon in the lower right hand corner of the video. Once the video is opened, the "download" and "collections" icon will then be below the interview.

Day 1

Category: Feminine Power

Access Your Feminine Power through the Divine Feminine Archetypes

Day 2

Category: Love

Day 3

Category: Life

Day 4

Category: Business

Day 5

Category: Feminine Power

Day 6

Category: Love

Kathryn Alice

Day 7

Category: Life

"RAPID RELEASE for BURNOUT & MORE" Biofield Healing - The Little-Known Key to Restoring Feminine Energy

Day 8

Category: Business

Overcome the 5 Blocks to Success and Reach your True Potential

Day 9

Category: Love

Day 10

Category: Feminine Power

Using your Feminine Genius to Re-Define Your Success

Day 11

Category: Feminine Power

Ignite your Feminine Super Powers through food and mindset

Day 12

Category: Business

Day 13

Category: Business

Feminine Mastery & Purposepreneurship: Returning To Our Own Force of Nature

Day 14

Category: Feminine Power

Day 15

Category: Life

Drop the Hard Charge – the 3 Secrets to the Softer Side of Success

Day 16

Category: Love

Life Force Activation - The Essential Key to Exquisite Living

Day 17

Category: Business

Marry Money with Your Mission to Create a Prosperous Legacy

Day 18

Category: Business

Three Massive Mistakes Feminine Leaders Make That Keep Them Overwhelmed and Underpaid

Day 19

Category: Life

Day 20

Category: Life

Day 21

Category: Feminine Power

Life Force Activation - The Essential Key to Exquisite Living

Day 22

Category: Feminine Power

Live your True Calling with Feminine Mastery