The Exalted Feminine Success Blueprint Guide

Wowsers! How are you feeling? Several women I’ve talked to are really feeling the emotional upheaval of the shift into 2020 coupled with the full moon in cancer this week. Your emotions are such a big part of your feminine guidance system, but when there’s a shakeup it can be challenging to weather the storm … Read more

How to Create 2020 as a Magical Year [Journal Exercise]

I can’t help myself! I’ve seen so much coming through on how to set goals, why resolutions don’t work and even one message from a woman saying doing nothing is your best bet. Even though this week was suppose to be a break for me, receiving what I feel is misguided information coupled with my … Read more

2020 The Super New Year

It’s almost here! A new year, a new decade, and a new age all wrapped up into a well anticipated and auspicious event for sure. But know this, what makes this year and every year all that it can be is what you bring to it. Think of yourself as a meaningful object that you … Read more