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About Kayleigh

CEO of Feminine Mastery and Founder and CEO of Soul Excellence Publishing

Hi, I'm Kayleigh O'Keefe, and I am honored to carry on my mentor Cyndie's legacy of Feminine Mastery and to welcome in the next generation of women worldwide who are awakening to their inner wisdom and divine essence. You are not alone.

Women who find their way to Feminine Mastery are on a quest, a quest to feel a deeper sense of purpose, connection, and vitality in their lives. The speed of this collective awakening has accelerated in recent years, and more and more of us are "tuning in" and "turning on".

Our journey together is about awakening to your divine nature, committing to heal, trusting our hearts, and using our gifts in service to humanity. Welcome back home to you!


Hear Kayleigh's Story and Vision In Her Own Words

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Successful on the Outside, Empty on the Inside

Cyndie Loven Fullenkamp (1964-2022), the creator of Feminine Mastery, came into my life through a Google search. The specific phrase I entered that fateful Friday night from my downtown San Francisco apartment was “women’s retreat Hawaii.” Just two weeks later, I found myself on the lush island of Maui, a spiritual vortex, and the place where Cyndie had received the wisdom of the divine feminine archetypes, which she brings forth in her book True Calling: Awaken the Power of Your True Self. Now I always heed the inner whisper telling me to search for something seemingly random on the internet!

My experience on the island would spark an inner awakening that had been long brewing beneath the surface, ever since my youth where I cherished my faith, loved writing page after page in my notebook, and intuitively picked up on the subtitles ever present in the world around me. My innate curiosity for our inner lives and God eventually took a backseat to the more pressing matters of the world that seemed to value prestige and elitism. Yet, while I played the game of life as I saw it at the time well by graduating from a top school, securing a job in management consulting, and making it my mission to be promoted the fastest, I knew deep within that my true calling was well beyond my present reality.

I met Cyndie at a time when my life looked, from the outside, the best it had ever been. I had received the largest commission check of my life, was responsible for building a commercial team, loved my downtown apartment and specifically its built-in bookshelves and stained glass windows mixed with its modern conveniences, and was being groomed to be a future female tech COO or CEO. Within, though, my light had dimmed and I felt myself in a state of mimic, copying the goals, means, and ways of the world around me.

The retreat softened my heart and gave me a new vocabulary from which to understand the various parts of myself. I began to observe how I could play with the divine feminine archetypes, and call on them in certain situations to awaken my brightest, truest self. I continued on with Cyndie, working with her one-on-one to use the divine feminine archetypes to support my new role at the tech company I was working for at the time. A year later, I would return to Maui for the next retreat, this time with my girlfriend. After that Cyndie and I would work one-on-one to help me to bring forth Soul Excellence, my vision - and now premier publishing company - designed to help people express their inner transformations and evolutions through life.

“Let’s uncork Kayleigh!” she would often say to me as she guided me through my own journey of self-expression. I am forever grateful for how she saw me and what she sparked within me.

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Receiving The Call

Being Asked to Carry on The Legacy

In April 2022 I received a call out of the blue from Cyndie’s husband, Jon. “Cyndie has cancer and has just a few months to live.” I was shocked. I knew she had been unwell, but clearly I had been in the dark about the extent of what was really happening.

A few weeks later, I made the trip out to Del Mar and met with Cyndie in person. I walked through the door of the hillside home she was spending her final days in and was drawn once more to her crystalline blue eyes, which had not lost their sparkle even as the rest of her body showed signs of the toll the disease was taking on her body. I gently embraced her tiny frame and we took up residence for the afternoon on the couch, sharing stories from the past and planning for the future of Feminine Mastery. Cyndie had asked me to carry on Feminine Mastery, and I was there to have her talk me through her vision. I opened up my laptop and we ran through a task list, mostly of sharing website passwords and canceling software subscriptions. Anytime I broached the subject of a future vision- how would you like to see Feminine Mastery carried on? Cyndie went quiet. Whether she kept on living on this planet or not, she told me, her heart had moved on to other creative endeavors including the writing of a fiction novel and the building of her dream beach home. It was time for Feminine Mastery, a community of over 30,000 women worldwide, to evolve.

As I reflected on how best to carry on the legacy of Feminine Mastery, it seemed obvious that the best way for me to do that was to bring together women who have been touched by Cyndie’s work (whether through knowing her personally, reading her book, taking her quiz, or taking an online course) and invite them to share their own experience of awakening to the power of their true selves. Over the past few years, I have birthed a community-based publishing company, Soul Excellence Publishing, designed to help individuals share their stories of personal growth and transformation in bestselling books. It almost felt too obvious that I would bring together women from around the globe to write a book together. The title instantly appeared in my mind: The Queen Bee: Embody Your Truth and Live Fully Expressed.

One of the five feminine archetypes, the honeybee is “your creative power center allowing you to manifest your desire and bring any idea to fruition. She fosters loyalty and your commitment to serving your family, community, and higher source….On a quest to create greater prosperity for all, the Honeybee faithfully honors the inherent gifts offered by each person.” I knew that we needed to come together, use our creative gifts, share our stories, and send the ripple effect out around the globe.

And so, the first manifestation of the evolution and impact of Feminine Mastery, The Queen Bee, entered the world.

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The Quest For Intimacy

Intimacy, care, witness. I believe our broken hearts are yearning for these salves for the soul.

On one of the first days of the Feminine Mastery retreat on Maui, Cyndie gathered us in the yoga shala. I loved the ceremony and ritual of our arrival to any new gathering space on the property. Cyndie, and her co-creator and space-holder, Danielle, would give each of us undivided eye contact and a long full-body hug to welcome us into the space. I remember being so taken aback by the bright blueness of Cyndie’s eyes and felt her see right through my tough corporate-woman exterior and into the playful, intuitive, creative heart that was yearning to be witnessed. I did feel seen.

In the yoga shala that day, Cyndie guided us through a heart-opening and grounding experience before inviting us to huddle closer together and around an easel. “What is your deepest desire?” she asked us. Without thinking, the first word that came to me was a word that I had never uttered before in my life. When it was my turn to add my desire to the board, I opened my mouth and shared:


I couldn’t fully articulate at the time what I meant by this, but my whole body knew that intimacy is what I craved and longed for. I look back with so much admiration and love for that younger version of myself who spoke what was on her heart, and I appreciate her for bringing to my awareness the thing that I have since been dedicating my life to, sometimes implicitly and at other times explicitly: intimacy.

Intimacy, a deep familiarity, the sense of being witnessed, the feeling of being known - and still loved. I believe that so many of us are longing for true intimacy, starting with ourselves and extending out into all of our relationships. For many different reasons, we have lost a connection to our true selves and in doing so made it more difficult to create true connection with our fellow beings. Of course, at the core of the reasons for abandoning our personal desires and preferences has been for protection, safety, and acceptance from our environment, whether you take that to mean the household you grew up in or the much broader culture you grew up in. So many of us called to the feminine awakening unknowingly divorced from our true nature long ago to earn love and seek approval. And so many of us who have witnessed what has happened to humanity as a whole over these last few years have begun to realize that intimacy - true connection - is the most valuable currency that exists on the planet and is the remedy to human suffering. Intimacy, care, witness. I believe our broken hearts are yearning for these salves for the soul.

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My Feminine Awakening


Years ago, I had cut myself off from my feminine nature. Heck, I didn’t know what “feminine nature” was! My mind swirled in an endless loop of the same self-loathing thoughts. I could not access my emotions or articulate how I felt. I was either OK, good, or great, not far from the grunts and shoulder shrugs of teenage boys. I had no awareness of or access to the wide spectrum of emotions.

But after Maui, I noticed changes.

I started to notice my body. For the first time, I even liked my stomach, wide smile, and mismatched eyebrows. I wanted to nourish my body with healthier foods, strengthen it through yoga, and dance until three in the morning. I began adorning my body with beautiful dangling earrings and vibrant purple and magenta blouses. I felt the world around me take notice.

I became more aware. I was aware of the masculine demands of the workplace—even in workplaces led by women. The late-night Slack messages. The early-morning meetings to sync with the team on something that could have been shared in an email. The setting of BHAGS, “big-hairy-audacious goals.” The focus on results at the expense of morale and feelings. After the retreat, I instead began to organize my meetings differently and to highlight the feelings we wanted to create with the client.

I fell back in love with myself. I realized that my superpowers extended beyond the virtues of excellence, intelligence, and discipline-- so valued in the corporate world--and into the feminine ones of intuition, expression, and creation. I reset my own expectations and goals for myself, focusing on the quality of my  relationships and the integrity of my self-expression, instead of valuing myself based on my salary and bonuses.

I began creating results in a new way. Before, I plowed toward a revenue goal through sheer will. I worked harder, stayed up later. Now, I visualized the beachfront house with the orange tree and the amazing playroom I desired to create for my future children. From deep within I received my own internal wisdom, that of the concept of Soul Excellence.

Soul Excellence entered into my consciousness, once I had reconnected with my feminine energy. It hit my head and heart simultaneously, a bolt of lightning that enlivened my body. And then I experienced what it meant to create in a deeply feminine way. Excellence had always lived within me, and now I was eager to reclaim the soul part.

I left San Francisco and moved to South Florida by the beach to create the space for my soul’s excellence to flow through me and out into the world. I didn’t know what it was, exactly. I didn’t have a clear path from the idea to how it would be expressed. I didn’t have all the answers. What I did have was an intuitive hit, an awareness that there was a better way to be a leader.

I wrote, I blogged, I podcasted, I created videos. I expressed. Without attachment to a specific outcome and without a corporate filter, I shared myself. The process was deeply intuitive. I felt calm, confident, creative, and collaborative. The writings on my blog helped connect me to an essential oil expert, a local yogi, and the creator of a new political movement. Each person I met on the journey shared their desires to grow and create a better world, and then introduced me to other people yearning for a different, more enjoyable way to create results.

In less than three years I would publish 16 best-selling books on heart-centered leadership with over 400 leaders from around the globe.

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The Worker Bee

From Worker Bee to Honeybee

Have you prided yourself on being productive? Have you valued yourself for being a giver? Have you felt worthy by sacrificing yourself for other people?

If so, I would suggest that you, much like me, have been a “worker bee”. That is, a highly attuned, empathic, and competent individual who has worked hard to uphold current systems in the world, albeit unknowingly. There is nothing inherently wrong with being productive, generous, and in service of others; however, for many of us on this path of awakening we’ve come to a point where we recognize that the energy behind these actions comes from a place of deep wounding, fear, or lack. This plays out like the daughter who harmonizes a broken household, the wife who “keeps the peace” among a dysfunctional family, sacrificing her own well-being to do so, or the woman who moves up the corporate ladder as a worker bee, feeling more performative and less heart-centered by the day.

Many of us worker bees have been working for the hive and specifically to uphold systems of lack and fear. Because we are so good at reading the room, knowing what is needed, and competently getting work done, we have often been manipulated by people in power, whether that person is a family member, boss, political group, or power. For me personally, this has looked like allowing myself to serve narcissists time and time again (until I realized what was really going on at a deeper, energetic level). I so deeply wanted to be seen and valued by narcissists (bosses or business coaches) at an unconscious level, looking to receive the validation or witnessing, rather, that had eluded me as a child.

The Inspired Honeybee

In the world of the divine feminine archetypes, the Honeybee archetype is the masterful creator: “A Honeybee creates from pure energy with evolutionary mastery. She works in service to a higher purpose by cultivating her gifts with the intention of becoming a contribution to humanity.” (True Calling, page 184). When I made the decision to no longer use my gifts to serve the existing structures in the world (for me that looked like working in certain corporate environments), I took a bold step to transmute the worker bee into the honeybee. The honeybee is all about co-creation with the divine, and that is exactly what happened when I heeded the call to create Soul Excellence, my expression of leadership and my invitation for people to co-create a new earth marked by a deeper appreciation for our shared humanity. The honeybee within me is the one that took the time to engage deeply with the practice of The Artist’s Way and use the morning pages to listen to what was going on within me. The honeybee in me is the one who came up with book titles like Leading Through the Pandemic: Unconventional Wisdom from Heartfelt Leaders, Significant Women: Leaders Reveal What Matters Most, The X-Factor: The Spiritual Secrets Behind Successful Executives & Entrepreneurs; The Great LeadHERship Awakening, The Diversity in Humanity, and this very book The Queen Bee: Embody Your Truth and Live Fully Expressed. 

Each book represents me putting out a vision for the new world and inviting people who feel the same to share their stories that weave this new vision together from our unique experiences and perspectives. I host a weekly podcast called The Future is Human, which is my honeybee transmitting an invitation out to the entire world to upgrade our human operating system by fine-tuning our emotional, psychic, spiritual, mental, and physical gifts. Thanks to Feminine Mastery and its founder, Cyndie, specifically, my honeybee has been fully alive and flitting about the world in intrigue and wonder and invitation!

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The Queen Bee

Embodying Truth & Living Fully Expressed

By anchoring in to what is true, we elevate our honeybee into her fullest expression, The Queen Bee. Even as the honeybee, I felt myself often slipping back into old patterns and ways of being, specifically the long-followed protective mechanisms of people pleasing, taking myself out of the equation, silencing my voice to make sure everyone felt comfortable, and at times, ignoring my intuition. What would it mean for me to embody my truth and live fully expressed as The Queen Bee, as a sovereign, enthroned being from this moment forward? 

As The Queen Bee, I am here to create a new queendom, a new heaven on earth. I am not “for the masses”. I am for God, Universe, and I am for the men and women of this earth who are also engaged in the work of evolutionary mastery, that is the work of creating more intimacy with self, others, God, and the planet for the fullest expression of our shared humanity. 

As The Queen Bee I am not in service or beholden to anyone else’s ideas or desires for me; connected to my deepest intuition, I know that the only master I serve is God, the Divine, Spirit, that which we cannot see and yet desires to be made manifest via the healing of the human heart. 

As The Queen Bee I am intimately connected to my mind, body, and soul, and I trust that my healing and return to wholeness has ripple effects around the globe. Since I have ultimate sovereignty, which is the precursor to true freedom, I am free to pivot toward my preferences, even when they seem like total departures from the path to the outside world. As the Queen Bee I joyfully create, share, and connect with those who are interested in creating new havens - new hives - for play, care, and thriving.

As The Queen Bee I deeply desire communication with my fellow bees! As a new solopreneur for the last three years and building a community-based publishing company from my apartment living room, I am craving, deeply craving, in-person connection and community with those like me who love nature, love learning, love observing, love expressing, love being in the flow with all of life. In isolation, this Queen Bee can easily lose her buzz and zest for life and succumb to feelings of loneliness and deep states of grief and depression. 

In my queendom, we:

  • Value intimacy
  • Encourage play
  • Champion creativity
  • Hold space for witness
  • Honor rituals
  • Align on aspiration 
  • Live in multi-dimensionality 
  • Allow for the fullness of humanity 

I want to invite you to join me, and so many women around the globe, who are ready and willing to see through the illusion of our current human reality and step into the truth and vision of this kingdom of heaven on earth, right here, right now. I am joining forces with my fellow humans who have truly woken up these last few years to see the extinction and suffering programs that are running the show and know, deep within, that none of it is serving us and we must, yes we must, become sovereign and stand FOR what we truly believe. 

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Kayleigh Marie O'Keefe

So Who I am?

I am a creator, leader, community-builder, philanthropist, entrepreanur, and visionary on a mission to heal the human heart and champion "the inner way" of leadership. 

The latest version of Kayleigh's ever-evolving bio:

Kayleigh O’Keefe walks the path of soulful excellence where she is a lifelong student and teacher of the inner way of leadership.

Sometimes referred to as a puppy for her endless energy, optimism, and playfulness, she is also quite serious about helping others to reconnect to their soul and pursue excellence on their terms. As the Founder and CEO of Soul Excellence Publishing and CEO of Feminine Mastery she holds space for strong leaders to let down their guard, write the next chapter in their life, and become bestselling authors along the way.

If you’re into credentials, she’s got that, too: a bachelor’s from Duke, an M.B.A. from the University of San Francisco, and a former career advising Fortune 500 executives. Kayleigh is also a USA Today bestselling author, and as a boutique publisher has published twelve bestselling books that have helped over 400 individuals become published authors. Kayleigh hosts The Future is Human Podcast, a weekly exploration of how to upgrade our human operating system so that we can experience intimacy and connection.

Kayleigh loves being an aunt and brings “aunt energy” to all of her endeavors, pushing the limits of what’s possible and what’s expected. She is grateful that her niece and nephew introduced her to Disney’s Encanto, and she won’t stop singing it - at least not for another year or so!  After spending most of her career in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, she now lives and works by the beach in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and is always up for travel!

Kayleigh Marie O'Keefe

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