Access your Power with Clear Connect Create

You are more powerful than you think. If you’re limiting yourself by the thoughts in your head or what you “think” is possible for you, you’re also lacking the understanding of how truly powerful you are.

We’ve all been programmed to believe the thoughts in our head or in other people’s opinions of us, when in reality this level of thinking comes from a very limited view point based on the past, logic, comparison and quite often fear.

Most women have burnt themselves out by becoming overdoing machines (is this you?). This incessant outward going energy is not only depleting but also creates resistance which holds your dreams and desires at an arms distance.

I’m all for keeping things simple. You are perfectly designed to create and live the life of you’re dreams. Your power is in your “being”, not just being vs. doing but in your multi-dimensional being (ego, mind, body, spirit and heart).

Feminine Mastery’s Clear Connect Create process is a simple tool that helps bring you into alignment with all parts of your being including the part of you that loves to check things off you list. Having access to all of you is where you’re true power is.

Watch below as I take you through a Clear Connect Create process with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) together these two powerful practices clear and release what is not fulfilling and powerfully aligns with you what you do want.

Caution: Be careful what you wish for this process is powerful! Just like you.

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