The Gateway to Love with Joanna Shakti

Love can be made very complicated by making the feminine separate from the masculine, but it is really in the partnership of the two where the power to save the world lies. In this episode, Joanna Shakti will share her elevated viewpoint on how to shift fear and judgment of the feminine with an invitation … Read more

Feminine Reinvention with LiYana Silver

Is there meaning and purpose to the painful experiences that you go through that almost make you want to break down? In this PODCAST, LiYana Silver will share how to call on your feminine genius for a personal reinvention. She will shed light on how falling apart can be one of life’s biggest blessings, and … Read more

It Begins with You

It’s no secret that dramatic change is happening in our world but why? And, what is the essential role that you and all women are being called to play?  Cyndie Silbert, the founder of Feminine Mastery and your Host for The Feminine Shift Podcast series, will infuse you with a new awareness and elevated perspective … Read more