Shift from Permission to Positivity
3 Essential Practices

Hello resilient! That’s the name of the game and the challenge right now isn’t it? How do we stay present, aware of what’s happening but also be positive and move forward? Before I guide you through the 3 Steps to Shift from Permission to Positivity, I want to first invite you to check in with … Read more

Shift from Pause to Permission – Reclaim Your Freedom

How are you? Staying connected is one of the most important things we can do during this time of global pause and epic change, there is so much we can do especially when we come together. I also know this time of pause is not without challenges. Perhaps you or a sister you know is … Read more

Shift Panic to Pause with Perspective

Hello brave and beautiful, I know this time of unpredictable uncertainty is affecting you as it is sweeping through the world impacting each and every person on every level and in a multitude of ways. Embrace yourself in this moment accepting and honoring all that you are feeling and experiencing, sending ease and grace to … Read more

Unravel Resistance with Mercury Retrograde

Hello, Do you pay attention to signs? It is both my passion and superpower to notice, listen and be guided by the Divine signs that appear as messages, symbols and guidance to support me and the women I mentor. This week several women have mentioned that Mercury Retrograde seems to be coming in early and … Read more

True Feminine Worth & Wealth

Hello amazing! Every woman deserves to know her true feminine worth and when you do, everything changes in an exalted and lasting way. I want to show you how to create feminine wealth but to do that, we need to start with money; what it is and how it works. If you’ve been listening to … Read more

The Exalted Feminine Success Blueprint Guide

Wowsers! How are you feeling? Several women I’ve talked to are really feeling the emotional upheaval of the shift into 2020 coupled with the full moon in cancer this week. Your emotions are such a big part of your feminine guidance system, but when there’s a shakeup it can be challenging to weather the storm … Read more