Deepen your self love

This powerful spring full moon is a call to deepen your self love. From self love, everything beautiful is born. As the veil continues to drop with truth and love emerging it’s clear that disconnection from self and judgement is being called to transform. All of the energies of the universe, heightened by this full moon are working in your favor holding out a loving hand inviting you to drop deeper into your heart and love absolutely everything about you.

The Feminine Secret embrace all is your greatest asset during this time as there are many hidden parts or ourselves that we have “not made available for viewing” due to pain, shame or fear of not being loved, forgiven or embraced for who we are with all of our flaws, mistakes and misfortunes.

It is only an illusion that you have anything to hide at all, so by embracing everything about yourself and revealing yourself to you first – then when you’re ready – the world around you. Tread lightly, go easy, breathe deeply and create a sacred space in your heart just for you, for now. Continue to deposit loving thoughts and actions into your beautiful loving, healing sanctuary and soon you will blossom and shine for everyone to see and love.

To the degree you can expand the love in your heart for you, you will make that love available for others and become a source of love and transformation for all. This is our call at this time, to love and embrace ourselves from the deepest place within us.

Repeat this mantra “I love and appreciate all of me, every emotion, every fear, every sadness and every tear. I love my heart, I love my mind, I love my spirit, I love my body, I love myself always and forever throughout all eternity of time.”

Allow yourself to be human, find perfection in imperfection and joy in all that you are.

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