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Private Mentoring
for Luminary Women

Exalt in Your Destiny

Like the Sun and Moon, a Luminary Woman is destined to rise, exalt and light up the world.

Feminine Mastery Exalted, is a high touch private mentoring program for Luminary Women who have a calling to rise and lead at this time, embodying the new feminine paradigm.

Feminine Mastery Exalted is designed to awaken your deeper truth and guide you on your path to fulfill your calling and exalt in your destiny as the woman you were born to be.

Luminary Mentoring gives you the clarity, courage and confidence to step into your destiny and light up the world.

Here you stand on the precipice of your destiny with the events of your life leading you to this very moment.

But even for the most empowered woman embracing your Luminary path can evoke fear and vulnerability, making this exciting life changing event feel more likean overwhelming challenge.

As your Luminary Mentor, Cyndie will be there every step on your Luminary path guiding you to express your unique soul calling, embody your feminine power and emerge with authentic confidence as you transition from living your life to fulfilling your destiny in a way where everyone you love flourishes.

Exalt in your Feminine Mastery and be deeply fulfilled as a Luminary Woman.

The path to be deeply fulfilled as a Luminary Woman unfolds naturally as you express, embody and exalt in your Feminine Mastery.

With Feminine Mastery Exalted, you receive the full power of our Feminine Mastery Archetypes. While your Mentor Archetype reveals the most prosperous and the direct path to your destiny, all five Archetypes work in tandem to ignite your feminine essence and amplify your magnetic presence so that you can be seen and revered as a leader and receive abundantly as a woman with overflowing love, abundance and success.

In Feminine Mastery Exalted you’ll become crystal clear, wholly embodied, fully expressed, authentically confident and deeply fulfilled as a Luminary Woman in every area of your life.

Discover the Exalted Mentoring Path

That is Right for You

Feminine Mastery Exalted is a high touch, exclusive private mentoring program working one-on-one with Cyndie, the founder of Feminine Mastery. Cyndie will be your mentor, guide and pillar of support ushering in your awakening, transformation and emergence as the Luminary Woman you were born to be.

There are two Exalted Mentoring paths to be explored, please review Path 1 and Path 2 below and then submit your application.

Cyndie will personally review your application and invite you to an Exalted Discovery Call to explore your calling as a Luminary Woman and discover the Exalted Path that’s right for you.

Path 1

Exalted Blue Print Immersion

Private ½ Day Immersion Session to Personally Transform and Set a Blue Print for Successfully and Prosperously Fulfilling your Destiny.

Imagine gaining embodied confidence in yourself, your gifts and your calling with a crystal clear path and action steps that resonate with your heart and soul – in just one day.

If you’re unclear on your specific calling and how to turn it into income

If you’ve been certified but need confidence and a plan to offer your services

If fear or self-doubt is stopping you by causing stress, overwhelm and procrastination

Your Exalted Blue Print Immersion Session will become the sacred space where you transform beyond fear and blocks and walk away with clarity, specific actions and miraculous discoveries that become the blueprint for you to powerfully and prosperously step forward into your destiny.

In your ½ Day Exalted Blue Print Immersion
you will be guided to:

  • Transform fear and overwhelm into clear actions with tangible results
  • Gain confidence and clarity on successfully offering your gifts and services
  • Align with your Feminine Mastery Archetype for authentic empowerment
  • Identify tangible actions and next steps to design your products, programs, books or speaking

Path 2

Exalted Mentoring Program

A High-touch 9-Month One-to-one Mentoring Program with Private Sessions via Zoom, Skype or Phone; Full Day In-Person or Virtual Blue Print Immersion, and On-Call Email Support

Imagine feeling supported and gently guided by a mentor who sees you, understands you and empowers you to authentically and prosperously fulfill your destiny.

Are you wanting to make your calling your source of prosperity?

Do you have a message or body of work to deliver but need clarity on how?

Are you being called to lead and expand globally reaching large audiences?

Have you tried stepping into your calling but keep getting derailed by your career or life?

With the Exalted Mentoring Program, Cyndie the founder of Feminine Mastery, becomes your mentor, co-creative partner and pillar of strength guiding you through every step of this life changing event in your life. From transcending fear successfully navigate every challenge, Cyndie mentors you to embody your feminine mastery and confidently fulfill your destiny as the Luminary Woman you were born to be.

Your Exalted Mentoring Program begins with a Blue Print Immersion Session delivering all the benefits that Path I offers – PLUS everything you need to fulfill your Luminary calling and exalt in your destiny.

Your Exalted Mentoring Program will reveal your unique calling and path, guiding you to:

  • Transform fear, self-doubt and resistance into clarity and confidence
  • Download and design your soul-delivered message and body of work
  • Receive templates for your website, marketing and signature services
  • Create your authentic platform for leadership, marketing and speaking
  • Embody your authentic feminine leadership with a powerful presence
  • Balance self-care, relationships, happiness and your work in the world

“My commitment is that your Exalted Mentoring experience be filled with love, support, joy, laughter and miracles leaving you in awe of who you are, in love with your unique calling and over the moon excited as you step forward to exalt in your destiny as the Luminary Woman you were born to be.”

Cyndie, the founder of Feminine Mastery

Exalted Destinies of

Luminary Women

It has been my pleasure and honor to mentor Luminary Women, each with extraordinary gifts to offer and a unique calling and destiny. The stories of transformation and the emergence of these destined bearers of light are alive in my heart and now expressed all over the world.

  • My Exalted Blueprint Immersion with Cyndie was amazing! The experience alone epitomized the essence of what I was so craving in my life. It was intuitive, lighthearted, insightful and super powerful. I was profoundly challenged but in a very nurturing and inspiring way. And I was able to unleash some blocks around success and love that I wasn't even aware of. I was able to reframe a model of success and love that was being fueled with great ease, creativity, flow, passion, and peace. Cyndie has an amazing gift of blending her vast expertise with her intuition and was able to provide important clarity and direction in regards to helping me deeply embody and map out my new, feminine sourced success Blueprint. The benefits of my Blueprint Immersion are still alive within me as I drew from what I received from my experience with Cyndie to write and publish my first book, Here We Grow, a Memoir.

    Paige Founder of Hello Paige Davis and Author of Here We Grow
  • Cyndie is a gifted mentor and coach. There is so much richness, joy, and love in her approach. I am profoundly grateful for her intuition and wisdom that guided and supported me whilst I navigated a rare health condition, dystonia.  As a direct result of our work together, I have now written a book about my healing journey and launched my coaching business to support people with autoimmune diseases and related movement disorders. I can look back now and see how ill I was and feel such gratitude for Cyndie as a shining support and beautiful non-judging light. I went from a very dark time, as Cyndie supported me through my healing journey and onto creating the framework to confidently step into and live my calling. I still draw from my Exalted Mentoring with Cyndie.

    Jodie Founder of Nourish the Solution
  • After years of trying to find my true calling I finally found Cyndie. Her guidance helped me clear the fear and blocks that were keeping me stuck and her Archetypes soon revealed that my true calling was in fact a spiritual one. Cyndie was able to draw forth my power, show me how to channel the wisdom wanting to be expressed from within me - and now I’m transitioning from my 30+ years as an executive in corporate marketing to launch my company and emerge living my true calling with Higher Self Solutions!

    Karen Heine
    Karen Heine Founder of Higher Self Solutions
  • Before I met Cyndie, I was overwhelmed by the minutia of ideas in my mind and paralyzed by fear of leaving a safe career to step into my calling as a healer and feminine leader. I saw results immediately from Cyndie’s mentoring as she lifted me out of self-doubt I had carried since childhood and infused me with her unwavering belief in my gifts, giving me confidence to step into my calling to serve women on a global scale. Cyndie gently yet firmly guided me forward with her systematic yet intuitive way of drawing from my inner wisdom to create a tangible program that authentically resonates with my soul. I am now fearless with a sound business strategy, grounded in my values and embodied in my power as I launch “The Feminine Revered” website and signature program. If you know you’re meant for something bigger, trust in Cyndie and the Exalted Mentoring program to get you powerfully and prosperously living your calling with absolute freedom and joy.

    Emmi Mutale
    Emmi Mutale Founder of The Feminine Revered program

Honor your Luminary Calling to RISE — the World is Waiting for You to Exalt in your Destiny.

Here you stand on the precipice of your destiny path knowing were born to make a difference and the events of your life have led you to this very moment.

If you feel a resonance with Feminine Mastery Exalted and the Luminary Woman destiny path, take the next step and submit your Exalted Application so that we can explore together.

Imagine feeling seen, supported and embraced for who you are in a safe, feminine enriched space where you can share your calling as well as any fear, blocks or challenges. Together we’ll get you clear on your calling and which Exalted Luminary Path is the right next step for you.

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