Hello exquisite woman! 

You've just completed your Six-Week Feminine Mastery EXPRESSED journey - congratulations!

The Archetypes and Feminine Codes will continue to work their magic as you become more and more expressed as the woman you were born to be.

Noticing even the most subtle changes can evolve into miracles and by sharing your EXPRESSED experience with other women, you invite them to become expressed too! And from there a beautiful wave of feminine energy flows into the world transforming lives in the most miraculous ways!

Thank you for being a part of EXPRESSED and the Feminine Mastery community and for taking a few minutes to share your experience with us.
  • (Ex. Before the EXPRESSED course I was struggling with self-doubt and overwhelmed by the parts of my life that were not working. I had a deep yearning to find love and reach the next level of success but kept falling into old patterns that held me back.)
  • (Ex. 1 - In Feminine Mastery EXPRESSED, I really connected with the Hummingbird Archetype I could feel myself coming alive and shedding layers of old beliefs and fears. Rewriting my story as an epic adventure was so freeing and I am now seeing new miracles show up every day. Ex. 2 - I loved all of the Archetypes but it was taking the Invitations and Actions every week that inspired me and supported me to get unstuck and move forward in my life. With each step and action, I felt more of me come to life and it became easy to put myself out there in the dating world and to go for jobs that I really wanted vs. what I practically was suited for.)
  • (Ex. I started seeing results after the first week. I began having more time and energy, and being more productive which resulted in 2 dates, 4 new clients and losing 10 pounds. By learning to receive and be present, I started to feel more feminine, which led to me attracting my soul mate! Now I am earning more money and in a relationship with my true love.)
  • (Ex. I am grateful for Cyndie’s loving presence and each of the Archetypes as they have brought me to see and appreciate my unique qualities and love myself! I no longer feel stuck and everything feels so much lighter and more simple. I am truly happy, blessed and feel free and empowered to authentically be who I am!)
  • (Ex. If you are stuck, stopped by fear, overwhelmed or lack the clarity you need to live your life fully, Cyndie and Feminine Mastery EXPRESSED will shift everything for you. If you need confidence to go for the job you've always wanted or need support opening your heart to love again, this program is magical and will totally change your life. Be open, trust and most of all believe in yourself! It works and will make your desires real!)
  • I thank you and the women who will receive what you shared thank you too!

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