Feminine Mastery

The path to attract your desires with feminine freedom


Attract your desires.

Feminine Mastery Expressed is a 6-week immersion into the feminine codes that will set you free to attract your DESIRES and live without limits.

Your DESIRES are waiting for you!

Why live in struggle when there are feminine codes that can set you free?

“I can’t explain it, I just know that something is missing.”

“I don’t want to be ruled by anything, and yet I can’t seem to break free from what’s holding me back.”

"No matter how hard I work, I'm still haunted by the voice that questions my worth and tells me I'm not good enough."

“I’m trying to stay positive but if I’m honest, I’m painfully aware that this is NOT how I want to be living.”

Does this sound familiar?

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The Missing Piece

If life isn’t everything you want it to be, it’s time to reclaim the missing piece that’s been inside of you all along.

As women, we know in our hearts that we have the potential to change the world. That’s why we’re on the path to be empowered and to find purpose and meaning. We’ve stepped up to fill multiple roles and climb ladders driven by doing it right and doing it better.

But there’s something missing. We still long for freedom, joy and expression

No matter how hard we work, we’re still haunted by the voice that questions our worth and tells us we’re not good enough. We are empowered but burnt out. We are ambitious but confused. We are hopeful but feel heavy. And the worst part? WE DON’T KNOW WHY.

The missing piece we sense is there has been masked and silenced by the masculine programming that tells us to pusher harder for power and to ignore the inner cry for freedom from guilt, shame and pressure to be and do more.

“I was feeling heavy and at a dead end in my personal and professional life when I met Cyndie. I was drawn to the feminine essence she embodied and intuitively knew she could help me find my true calling. First I quadrupled my income. Then she guided me to awaken my Butterfly and Hummingbird giving me the aliveness and courage to step forward and fulfill my calling as a healer. From there, I've created my own body of work guiding women to flourish in life and business using their Feminine Alchemy. Now I have a life and business I love."

But now there’s a new voice emerging and it’s coming through your Feminine Archetypes showing you a new path that will set you free to express your true feminine nature and live with true feminine freedom.

I’m on a mission to set women free!
That’s why I created Feminine Mastery EXPRESSED

Imagine a new kind of freedom to express yourself outside of obligations or expectations…coming alive in your body with magnetic attraction…opening your mind to new ideas and creative flow…taking action beyond fear…and having the courage to know, share and ask for what you truly desire AND receiving it!

Feminine Mastery EXPRESSED is a 6-week online immersion where I’ll guide you to shift into feminine freedom and attract the life you want without limits!

The Key

It’s not what you already know or have tried that will set you free, that’s why you need the Feminine Mastery Archetypes as the key to unlock the missing piece.

The Feminine Mastery Archetypes infuse you with the feminine codes that will set you free!

Feminine Mastery EXPRESSED is a proven transformational infusion of the feminine codes that shift you from masculine entrapment to feminine freedom.

This isn't an empty goddess trip that picks you up and then fizzles away. There’s a new coding, energy and vibrational frequency coming through the Feminine Mastery Archetypes that penetrates deep into your being and plants seeds for transformation that grows!

What's been missing is your authentic expression coming from a deep connection with your true desire AND the Feminine Mastery Archetypes are the key that will unlock it and unleash you to live without limits!

The Feminine Mastery Archetypes carry the feminine codes that unleash your freedom to express your desire, the missing piece that’s been inside of you all along.

EXPRESSED in the Archetypes...

  • You are unique, confident and unstoppable
  • You are turned on, magnetic and abundant
  • You are empowered and deeply fulfilled
  • You are free to live joyfully without limits

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Archetype Magic

Each Archetype carries a different feminine code, that’s why you need ALL the Archetypes to manifest ALL you DESIRE.

It’s not enough to just know what the Archetypes are, the magic happens when ALL five Archetypes are activated, unlocked and EXPRESSED!

Expressed in each Feminine Mastery Archetype, you become...




An attractor of your desires with the Butterfly


A manifestor of your dreams with the Honeybee


A strategist of your success with the Chameleon


A source of love and joy with the Hummingbird


One woman’s journey with the Archetypes to find her freedom, express her desires and attract a life that gave her everything.

Here's the story of Lisa, who once felt trapped and exhausted, and how she changed everything by calling on the Archetypes to express her deeper desires and attract the beautiful life meant just for her.

Lisa’s Mentor Archetype is the Hummingbird. But as a single mother, Lisa relied heavily on her Chameleon to overcome challenges by charging ahead to earn money and advance in her career. Lisa was overusing her Chameleon out of fear, which led to burnout and suppression of her emotions which blocked her from receiving love and also her Hummingbird superpowers that she was born to express.

On a day when she had exhausted all other options, she called on her Hummingbird and expressed her aching desire for love, for her true love. This opened her heart as she remembered love is what her Hummingbird blueprint is all about. She felt relief trusting that she was born to find the love she yearned for.

What happened next? She realized that in her struggle she had ignoring the divine support available through her Dragonfly. As she opened to receive divine guidance, she saw herself through the lens of her soul and took steps to pursue her calling as an empowerment coach for single mothers wanting to live from their hearts too! Lisa’s alignment with her Mentor Archetype the Hummingbird grew stronger as she allowed her heart open to receive all that life had to offer her. Her struggle transformed into courage setting her free to be herself again and experience the joy of her children.

Ever so naturally, Lisa’s Butterfly called her home to her body and deeper feminine desire to receive pleasure. Lisa began to attract new men everywhere she went. One man at her gym particularly caught her eye and to her amazement he was looking at her too! It was love at first sight and they began dating. Lisa suddenly felt she had all of the pieces but called on her Honeybee to help manifest her desires into one, beautiful, abundant and happy life. When Lisa connected with her Honeybee she felt her resistance shift to limitless possibilities for her life and excitement for her future.

Finally, Lisa could return to where she began, with her Chameleon. She felt exhaustion turn to exhilaration from the fiery feminine energy rising from her core, empowering her to stand in her worthiness and claim the life she was meant to live. By receiving the feminine codes each Archetype had to offer, Lisa manifested a life expressed in her deepest desires and most certainly, her feminine freedom.

This same Archetype magic Lisa experienced is here for you too by embracing wherever you are and calling on the Feminine Mastery Archetypes to help you express your desires and attract the life that’s meant just for you.

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It is Your Turn!

Immerse in the magic of Feminine Mastery EXPRESSED

and set yourself FREE to express your desires and attract the life meant just for you!

My Promise

Hello exquisite woman,

I see bright beautiful women struggling, I see hearts breaking and I see women trying to hold the pieces together or force themselves into boxes that are always too small!

That’s not freedom, it’s deprivation. It ignores our uniqueness. And it hurts our souls.

I once struggled to make the masculine way of pushing and proving work for me, until I realized there was a more creative, feminine way to live and succeed.

That’s when I discovered the Feminine Mastery Archetypes and brought them together united and expressed within me. From there a beautiful feminine wave of abundance flowed to me with my desires manifesting into the unique and beautiful life I live now.

The Dragonfly led me to my true calling and inspired my Mentor Archetype the Honeybee to create the Archetype Quiz and Feminine Mastery. The Hummingbird led me to my soulmate. The Butterfly awakened my femininity and ability to receive and the Chameleon showed me how to stand in my feminine power and successfully navigate the ever-changing world.

Women all over the world from age 25 to 70 have become EXPRESSED through the Archetypes and are freely living their own uniquely beautiful and abundant lives!

Now it’s your turn! See you inside EXPRESSED!


Praise for EXPRESSED

You are never too old or too young to become EXPRESSED and experience life with love, joy, magic and abundance.



"Struggling with unworthiness in love and wanting more abundance in my business, the Expressed program activated my Butterfly and ability to receive rather than push for financial success. The Hummingbird allowed me to embrace my community coming from a place of genuine care rather insecurity. In the area of love, I experienced deep healing and now am so grateful for the Expressed program showing me how to receive and trust in my heart as my greatest resource."



"The Chameleon Archetype came at a time I really needed to regain my confidence and stand in my power. The Butterfly turned me on totally and I went from sadness to feeling exhilarated by life again. Each Archetype gave me something totally different, it was amazing! If you are yearning to unleash the heaviness of your life that is no longer satisfying you & are seeking a new, sexy, potent way to reveal the dynamic gorgeous woman you KNOW you are, the Expressed program will make your desires real! Enjoy the Adventure! "



"Before I met Cyndie and joined the Expressed program I was stuck in resistance, struggling financially. Once I connected with the Hummingbird and also connected my heart with my business, I increased my sales by 73%, receiving my biggest check in my 30+ real estate career. The resistance melted away completely and now my cold calls are warm calls and all about spreading love! "



"When I found the Expressed program, I was stuck on my career path and had writers’ block. Once I awakened my Dragonfly and shifted my perspective, I saw myself as becoming a Famous Dragonfly and from then on it felt like the universe opened up for me! I’m now a published author, retreat leader and spiritual guide freely transforming my clients’ lives with yoga, healing, numerology and my intuitive guidance with meditations and practices."



"The big aha shift for me came when I learned to partner my Dragonfly with my Chameleon, which led to freedom and my business taking off. Also, I had been completely ignoring my Butterfly for fear of being “too feminine”. The Butterfly helped me expand my wings and come out of hiding! I’ve lost 70 lbs and feel better in my body at 60 than I did at 20. The Archetypes have given me access to all of my potential to thrive in every area of my life."



"I was feeling heavy and at a dead end in my personal and professional life when I found the Expressed program. This super simple program awakened my Butterfly and then activated my presence at work. From there I gained the respect I deserved and received a promotion that tripled my income in an all-male environment."

The Experience

You’ll spend six weeks immersed in an online feminine sanctuary, with me as your personal guide.

I’ll be with you in video and audio but I promise you’ll feel my presence and be held in the feminine energy that I embody.


The Feminine Mastery EXPRESSED lessons are filled with feminine genius, channeled through me from the highest and purest divine feminine source. The magic you’ll be receiving is enhanced by the feminine codes carried by each Archetype for lasting transformation. Even just one of the six lessons can set you free and deliver manifested miracles.

What’s required of you?

Carve out the time in your life to put yourself first and fully immerse in each lesson. Be present, listen, feel and receive what is being given to you. Follow my guidance including taking inspired actions throughout the six weeks, don’t wait to apply what you learn!

The results?

You will be totally turned on with a whole new kind of freedom that will feel exhilarating and grounding at the same time. The feminine codes will continue to grow even after you complete the EXPRESSED lessons. You’ll be supercharged to obtain your deepest desires, reach your goals, and soar higher than ever!

What You Get

Your EXPRESSED feminine sanctuary has everything you’ll need to receive all the benefits.



is your virtual feminine sanctuary, the place you’ll go to immerse in the Lessons, Bonuses and Feminine Practices designed and selected to ensure your success.



will draw out your insights, inspiration and intentions PLUS leave you with an energetic and visual blueprint of your desires that will grow and bloom.



where you can share your progress and stay connected to Cyndie and the global sisterhood that’s here to uplift and 
support you.



giving you the convenience and support to stay engaged and committed to the program and most importantly your transformation and results.


Six powerful lessons over Six Weeks that will unlock the missing piece and set you free to live without limits!


Introduction: Expressed as the Woman You Were Born to Be

You were born with a unique feminine power to create and express. This module is an overview of how you are designed as a woman and feminine being, empowering you to reclaim your feminine nature and all that’s possible when you become expressed as the woman you were born to be.


Week 1: Ground in Your Fierce Feminine Power with the Chameleon

The Chameleon Archetype frees your ego and unlocks the desire in your Root Chakra. In this lesson you’ll learn to express your fierce feminine power, empowering you to stand with confidence and unwavering commitment to achieve your desired goals and success.


Week 2: Free Your Feminine Appetite and Receive Pleasure with the Butterfly

The Butterfly Archetype frees your body and unlocks the desire in your Sacral Chakra. In this lesson you’ll free yourself from guilt and shame by expressing your feminine appetite for limitless pleasure and awakening your superpower of receiving.


Week 3: Engage Your Creator Superpower to Manifest with the Honeybee

The Honeybee Archetype frees your mind and unlocks the desire in your Solar Plexus Chakra. In this lesson you’ll reclaim your personal power beyond resistance and engage your natural born creator to learn how to manifest from the source power of creation.


Week 4: Embrace Fear and Express Your True Desires with the Hummingbird

The Hummingbird Archetype frees your heart and unlocks the desire in your Heart and Throat Chakras. In this lesson you’ll find courage in vulnerability as you open your heart to express your deepest desires for love, joy, abundance and miracles.


Week 5: Awaken Your “I am” Presence and Divine Guidance with the Dragonfly

The Dragonfly Archetype frees your spirit and unlocks the the desire in your Crown and Third Eye Chakras. In this lesson you’ll awaken and align with your “I am” presence to receive divine guidance from your soul and shine your light on the path to your calling.


Week 6: Express Your Desire and Create Your Limitless Life

In this lesson I will guide you to call on the guidance and magic of the Archetypes to draw out your deepest desire and to create a Desires Blueprint to manifest the vision of you freely and fully expressed in all that you desire.

Bonus Lessons

BONUS #1 The Feminine Law of Attraction

an enlightening and reality altering lesson on why as a woman you are designed to master the law of attraction but in a totally different way than what’s been taught thus far.

BONUS #2 Entrapment to Feminine Mastery

a guided visualization and process to recognize your entrapment and shift into feminine freedom by expressing your desire without limits.

BONUS #3 Sister Archetypes Infusion

a guided visualization that activates all five Archetypes within you and infuses you with their feminine codes.

BONUS #4 Cyndie’s Book ‘True Calling’ (in PDF)

Cyndie’s book is the original channeled message from the divine feminine that gave birth to the Feminine Mastery Archetypes. You’ll can follow the book as a path or as an oracle to find guidance and answers to any question or challenge.

Bonus Practices

Library of Feminine Practices

You’ll receive access to Cyndie’s favorite library of Feminine Practices she’s cultivated over the years to deepen your immersion into the feminine and receive the codes and gifts the Archetype have to share.


Six weeks to Feminine Freedom!
The missing piece to live without limits!
Lessons, Bonuses, Practices, Guidance and Support!


Why it Works

EXPRESSED works Abundantly

Your DESIRE once unleashed restores your feminine appetite so that you can ask and receive beyond guilt or any other limit

There is no such thing as wanting or asking for too much, that’s why your feminine appetite for pleasure is so powerful in dissolving guilt and empowering you to receive without limits!

Your desire expressed turns on your magnetic attraction and abundant receiving!

When you free your deeper feminine desire then the diva in you, the girl in your heart and the goddess in your soul is unleashed from the shadows to play in the sun!


Lasting Results

Being EXPRESSED gives you sustainable energy and natural vibration that grows stronger the more you express your DESIRE.

The more you express your desire, the more you transform in a lasting way.

For transformation to last it has to happen at the cellular level like the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly. When you receive the feminine codes carried in your Feminine Mastery Archetypes, it is deeply penetrating and plants seeds of new life and new possibilities within you!

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Trust in You

YOU are the missing piece.

You are the source of everything you desire. But it is your DESIRE EXPRESSED that ultimately sets you free and you need the Archetypes to deliver the feminine codes and unlock what’s been inside of you all along.

You can trust that EXPRESSED will work for you because it is ALL about YOU.


  • You are unique, confident and unstoppable
  • You are turned on, magnetic and abundant
  • You are empowered and deeply fulfilled
  • You are free to live joyfully without limits

You can trust that EXPRESSED will work for you because YOU are the missing piece to set yourself free to live without limits!

See you inside EXPRESSED!



Six weeks to Feminine Freedom!
The missing piece to live without limits!
Lessons, Bonuses, Practices, Guidance and Support!



Considering Feminine Mastery EXPRESSED
but need a little more clarity?

How do I know Expressed is for me?

The magic and power of the Feminine Mastery Archetypes have universally worked for women of all ages and from all over the world.


A woman aged 20 to 70 wanting more freedom, passion, love, joy, happiness, abundance and success in your life.

An empowered woman who is tired of being stressed out by the struggle to figure it all out, be good enough and fit in the boxes that the world has created.

A spiritual woman who feels like something is out of alignment and you’re called to embrace your whole self as a way getting into flow with your passion, purpose and next expression.

I’ve read Desire Map by Danielle La Porte and taken the Feminine Power course, how is this different?

While any book or program taught with feminine spirit is valuable, EXPRESSED is the only program that delivers the feminine codes through the Archetypes. You’ll transform at a cellular level, meaning you won’t have to remember exactly what to think or do but instead you’ll benefit more and more every time you express yourself! Most other programs are based on spiritual truths or modelling a particular feminine leader, EXPRESSED is designed to unleash your uniqueness and expression as a woman so you can finally be liberated and free to be who you are beyond, limits, boxes or set expectations.

Is knowing and expressing all my Archetypes really necessary to have what I want from life and reach my goals for success?

Absolutely! Feminine Mastery and the Archetypes is about the power of united expression within yourself and the diversity in the world. A woman needs all parts of herself to be whole and fully expressed before you can become who you were born to be. Each Archetype truly does deliver a unique bit of magic just for you and the more you trust, the more miracles unfold. The world needs feminine leaders who are Butterflies, Dragonflies, Chameleons, Honeybees and Hummingbirds — all collectively leading and co-creating together. This diversity is essential for us to move forward as humans.

Why use animal creatures to depict the different Feminine Archetypes?

The Feminine Mastery Archetypes are different than other Archetypes like goddesses. The feminine energy codes they carry are pure and powerful because they are derived from nature. As women we are more connected to nature and mother earth than we often let ourselves believe. Accepting our own wholeness won’t happen unless we recognize that we are a part of this world and the wholeness of the planet and every creature on it. This is an essential part of being in flow. One with ourselves and one with all living things.

I’ve been on a spiritual journey for a few years, is there anything new here?

Yes! That is if you’re feeling called to find an even deeper connection with your higher self and the divine gifts bestowed upon you. Feminine Mastery Expressed is a deep dive into the feminine and into yourself, in a way that other spiritual teachers have yet to uncover. It’s not so much about the Archetypes but what they will bring out in you in the way of your expression. Remember that the Archetypes activate and personify the power you hold in your Chakras and that is totally unique to you. That’s why they give you the missing piece to knowing your true power.

To get your specific questions answered, email support@femininemastery.com.

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