Flourish Beyond Uncertainty
FREE Masterclass for Women

On April 16, 2020 @ Noon Pacific

Learn to Master

Three Feminine Mastery Shifts

AND Set Yourself Free to Flourish in Spring 2020 and Beyond

In This Masterclass

You will be....

Immersed in a loving feminine space with Cyndie shedding light and sharing wisdom on this time of uncertainty. You'll be embraced and uplifted with divine feminine truth, love and support.

You will be guided to ...

Shift from Resisting Your Fear Self to Expressing Your True Self

Shift from Being Held Back to Unleashing Your Feminine Freedom

Shift from Fearing World Uncertainty to Flourishing with Self Certainty


Kayleigh O'Keefe, Founder of Soul Excellence

"Feminine Mastery and the Archetypes set me free to reveal my deeper self and unlock my soul's work in the world. The Chameleon gave me courage to act with faith in myself, knowing that now is my time to emerge and lead what I was born to do! I took the leap and launched Soul Excellence one month ago and everything is flowing at a frequency that is exhilarating and rewarding."

"Thank you Cyndie! I'm now investing in my dream instead of someone else's!"


This Masterclass is a Must Attend if...

You are fearful or uncertain about the future and feel stuck or hesitant about moving forward toward your goals and dreams

You are caught in the whirlwind of chaos and confusion, unclear about what steps to take given recent events and world changes

You’ve been diligent in your self-growth, moved yourself forward toward your calling but are now concerned about making changes or taking steps that feel more risky

You are empowered but also struggle with fear, self-doubt and not feeling good enough which causes you to hold yourself back, or somehow end up in the same place even though you are taking action

A Note from Cyndie...

Even in this time of uncertainty everything you need to flourish is within you and within your reach. I'll guide you through Three Feminine Mastery Shifts that will set you free to move forward into your future with clarity, confidence and courage!

There was a time when fear stopped me until I discovered the Feminine Mastery Archetypes and set myself free to live courageously as my true self.

True liberation is knowing in every cell of your being that you are far more powerful than fear, uncertainty or any challenge you face.

Yes we are facing new complexities and a higher degree of uncertainty but it is not a time to hold back, it is a time to express your true self and become the woman you were born to be.

The reason I am certain is that I knew this time was coming. Beyond the pandemic and emerging from the chaos is the globally reaching feminine paradigm shift that I wrote about and have been talking about for years.

That's why I trust and turn to Feminine Mastery and the Archetypes more than ever and why the Feminine Shifts I'm going to guide you through are essential to the future life you are now meant to live.

My intention for the Flourish Beyond Uncertainty Masterclass, is to guide you to shift out of fear and uncertainty so that you can move forward with the clarity, courage and confidence you need to flourish this Spring and beyond!

Join me and we will make this a reality for you!

See you there!

Join me for

Flourish Beyond Uncertainty

AND Move Confidently Forward into Your Future Life Now!