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One of five Feminine Mastery Archetypes will reveal who you were born to be and the life you are meant to live.

Which Feminine Archetype are you? Take the quiz and find out!


What's Here

All that you need to manifest your desires, dreams and destiny is right here for you!

If you are on the path to self discovery and yearn for a meaningful life fulfilled with your dreams, you are in the right place! You see, once you express and embody your true self, the life meant just for you unfolds naturally and abundantly. This is a universal truth that has been kept a secret from women until now!

I spent years spinning my wheels until I discovered the five Feminine Mastery Archetypes. As I awakened each archetype within me my true feminine nature as a creator and channel to the divine feminine came alive! I was finally able to express myself naturally as I wrote books, led workshops and manifested a life beyond my dreams at the same time!

Now it's your turn!

Our Feminine Mastery Path has made what was once a secret into a proven solution to expressing yourself and manifesting your dreams too!

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The Quiz reveals your Mentor Archetype but don't stop there.

Your Mentor Archetype will guide you to your divine gifts and calling but it's only one of five Sister Archetypes, that you'll also need to manifest your dreams for success, abundance, happiness, love and more!

Your Path begins with the Archetype Quiz but the real magic happens when you are Expressed and Embodied! 


The Expressed Course

In the EXPRESSED course, you'll unlock your DESIRE and activate your feminine essence which is the secret to attracting what you want from the universe. You'll shift from painful yearning to receiving your most wanted desires!

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The Embodied Program

In the EMBODIED program, you'll unleash your feminine superpowers that are within you but need each of the Five Archetypes to unlock your mind, body, spirit and heart. You'll become empowered to live your calling and manifest all of your dreams naturally and abundantly.

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Exalted Mentoring

It's time to step fully into the light and be seen for the feminine awakening that you've been on - and the beauty you are here to express!

Publish in The Queen Bee - Releasing in May 2023

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Find Your Path

Feeling called but unclear where to begin? Take the Path Finder Test to find Your Path match.

Your Star Quality

You were born with Star Quality – this is your Feminine Mastery and it will light up the world!

Have you ever been in the presence of a woman who is magnetic and ignites something in you? Imagine this woman being you! This is what happens when you live true to yourself and express your Feminine Mastery.

The Feminine Archetype Quiz will reveal the famous women that share your Feminine Mastery Archetype and who symbolize what's possible for you once you begin to embrace your uniqueness, your natural gifts and what makes you, YOU!

Take the Quiz

Discover your Feminine Archetype as the first step to become the woman you were born to be.

Meet Cyndie

Hello! I’m Cyndie, the Creator of Feminine Mastery

With the Honeybee as my Mentor Archetype, I’ve expressed my creator in different ways from writing books to working in startup companies - but it wasn’t until I left the corporate world and moved to the island of Maui that I found my path and destiny to give birth to Feminine Mastery and create the five, original Feminine Mastery Archetypes.

A whole new world of possibilities opens up when you discover your Mentor Feminine Archetype. It’s like having a supercharged personalized guidance system that brings alignment to your actions, vibration to your attraction and power to your manifesting!

If you’re ready to create a life beyond what you've ever dreamed of living, I'm here to guide you.

Everything is here for you from the Feminine Archetype Quiz, to Mentoring with me or Self-Guided programs. All leading you to become the woman you were born to be.

It’s my highest intention that you receive everything you need to become the woman you were born to be because that is what both you and the world really needs! And it is what will save you years of searching and yearning by unleashing the feminine superpowers you were born with! I've manifested and am living a life beyond my dreams – and everything you need to do the same is right here and you can get started right now!

I’m so happy you’re here and look forward to guiding you!