July New Moon Guided Visualization

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse in July is offering a potent and fertile time for transcending the past and elevating into an entirely new level of being, success and ecstatic experience of life.

As I shared in an earlier email this week, the Feminine Shift I’ve been talking about for years is finally here!

This new feminine paradigm is emerging universally, globally and personally with an entirely new vibrational frequency that requires a new set of essential feminine practices that will allow you to flourish in ways you’ve never thought possible.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential that you make your personal feminine shift!

I know that for myself and the women who have been practicing feminine mastery, this time feels ecstatic as the universe and our lives are rapidly shifting with an upgrade to our superpowers and serendipitous manifesting of soul relationships, money miracles, job offers and more.

Feminine Mastery is the path where you can make your personal feminine shift and you can begin now with this New Moon guided visualization. Watch it below.

Be sure to take the  Feminine Mastery Archetype Quiz  and add on your Archetype Infusion (you’ll find it lower down on your Archetype Results page), SO you can begin vibrating with your personal truth, which is one of the essential practices that will open everything up for you!

I’m here for you in this potent time of dramatic change holding space for your highest expression and deepest fulfillment.

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