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Permission to be Extraordinary

Today I’m writing about something that is churning deep inside of me. I’ve been noticing what women do to stay hidden and small. I’ve seen them struggle with comparing themselves to others rather than embrace their uniqueness. I watch women pour themselves into their passion but deny themselves the glory that comes from being who […]

Shift from Shopping to Transforming

I have a confession to make. I’m a little obsessed with the work I do. I love it so much that I’m always looking for that next tipping point that will lead women to breakthrough barriers and have even more success and happiness. My obsession is also a super power, I literally wake up with […]

Tap into Summer Self-Lovin’ Magic

Each season holds an energy and a flow for us to drop into and when we do, our bodies and our being are SO happy! Summer is hot, it’s sticky, it slows us down yet we usually don’t follow it’s lead and instead get frustrated with having to work, sweating on the way to an […]

Words That Transform Your Life

I first came to understand the power our words have a few years ago when I realized I have a gift for hearing whether a person is speaking from their ego OR from their true self. Usually the words of the ego and true self are all jumbled into the same sentence so over time […]

Receive more pleasure

It’s the day before Valentines Day and as I tapped into my heart for the perfect message to send to the women in our Feminine Mastery community, the word pleasure came to me. Following this, I pulled a card from one of my favorite decks and I received the “Angel of Pleasure” card with the […]

The Feminine Mastery Guide to Thrive in 2016

This year, 2016 holds an entirely new elevated vibration with exponential possibilities for your deepest desires to be fulfilled. Why? Because we’ve moved out of the ego-driven and masculine-centric paradigm where logic and linear thinking have prevailed and into the feminine-centric paradigm where love, truth, desire and co-creation are the foundation of this new reality. […]

Feminine Mastery in the Movies!

It’s fascinating to me that Feminine Mastery is now in our culture and being presented in the movies! In this video blog, I share two movies that portray the challenges women face with balancing their masculine and feminine and what happens in each movie when the star steps into her Feminine Mastery. Watch all the […]

Mastery Makes the Difference

What makes the difference between an ordinary day or an extraordinary day and an extraordinary life is the feminine mastery practice of drawing out your feminine essence, energy and power to bring it to your day, your life, your relationships and your business. This video is about how I turned an ordinary day (about to […]

Leave the Illusion to Live Your Dream

Leave the Illusion to Live your dream is not only one of my favorite topics but also the biggest secret to transforming women’s lives – and quickly. Many other approaches tend to guide people more successfully through the illusion rather than helping them to leave the illusion and immediately begin living their dream. Below I […]

Master Allowing to Manifest Your Dreams

The most important and potent feminine super powers you have is the practice of “Allowing.” When we’re not in the practice of allowing, we’re usually getting in our own way, exerting too much effort and slowing down the process of manifesting our dreams.Absence of allowing is a sign that you either don’t know or trust […]