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Access your Power with Clear Connect Create

You are more powerful than you think. If you’re limiting yourself by the thoughts in your head or what you “think” is possible for you, you’re also lacking the understanding of how truly powerful you are. We’ve all been programmed to believe the thoughts in our head or in other people’s opinions of us, when […]

Unleash your Dark Side for more power, attraction and adventure

Do you ever feel there’s a wild goddess within you wanting to come out? Or contrarily, do you ever feel repressed, numb or disconnected? What’s so incredibly clear to me in this moment is that we all have a dark, mysterious, adventurous side of ourselves that has not yet been unleashed. We’ve learned to tame […]

Dwell in Possibilty

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how powerful you really are when you get hooked into noticing what’s not happening instead of dwelling in pure possibility and your desire. “Dwell in possibility” originated by Emily Dickinson and then became one of Oprah’s favorite quotes. I’ve taken this quote and turned it into a power practice for […]

Radical Gratitude

You never know who or what is going to inspire you. Last night I went to my friend Rebecca Massoud’s event called “Feminine Money Magic” and WOW! I was so proud of her and swept away with her many nuggets of wisdom. She presented the idea of Radical Gratitude and wham, it woke me up! […]

Deepen your self love

This powerful spring full moon is a call to deepen your self love. From self love, everything beautiful is born. As the veil continues to drop with truth and love emerging it’s clear that disconnection from self and judgement is being called to transform. All of the energies of the universe, heightened by this full […]

New Moon, New Year, New You

February 18, 2015 – Remember this Day! It’s not only a New Moon with rich soil for new beginnings but also the Chinese New Year (Year of the Sheep). Together these events open up a vortex of manifestation from pure source. All the challenges of the first two months of this year (many brought on […]