Permission to be Extraordinary

empowered-womanToday I’m writing about something that is churning deep inside of me.

I’ve been noticing what women do to stay hidden and small. I’ve seen them struggle with comparing themselves to others rather than embrace their uniqueness. I watch women pour themselves into their passion but deny themselves the glory that comes from being who they are and reaching their potential.

Today, I’m giving us all permission to be extraordinary.

I was raised as my Dad’s second son, his last hope for another boy didn’t happen and after six births, Mom was clearly done.

I loved it! I loved watching him build things in his wood shop and dreaming of the things I could build too. Part of being Dad’s second son was to play sports which I also loved. I began playing girl’s softball at age 9 and can still remember the smell of my leather mitt and the feel of the threads of the softball as I threw girls out from center field to home plate.

As a girl, I gave myself permission to be a champion, to rise up and win! And as I came into young womanhood, I remember putting myself down to relate to my friends who struggled to find their confidence. I remember choosing a boyfriend over trying out for the varsity volleyball team because no one told me I could have both.

Today I saw my son pull back his brilliance and hide on the soccer field after making a goal that left all the parents in awe. His skills are far greater than his team mates and as team captain he pulled back to let his team mates shine rather than guiding them as the shooting star he is.

The women who participate in my programs and who I am blessed with mentoring are extraordinary women. I call them the women with the golden hearts as each was born with extraordinary gifts and the desire to make a difference. I see each and every one of them faced with this same defining moment where they can choose to become the shooting star they are or let the resistance of their magnificence steal their glory. It’s painful to watch those that I love pull back or disappear and with this pain I realize that I may still be thwarting my glory as well.

You and each of these is extraordinary now.

You, me and our extraordinary community of women are defining Feminine Mastery together! And it is together that we can rise up and shine!

If you hide, you give other women permission to hide.
If you shine, you give other woman permission to shine.

Which is it going to be?

I’m giving myself permission to be extraordinary! Will you join me and give yourself permission to be extraordinary too?

Will you post below and tell me if you are in? Also post your challenges and your dreams so I can support you and cheer you on. We are in this together.

Let’s shine and rise together! Let’s alter the entire course of history! Let’s redefine what’s possible for all women!

In awe of you, let’s do this.


Shift from Shopping to Transforming

I have a confession to make. I’m a little obsessed with the work I do. I love it so much that I’m always looking for that next tipping point that will lead women to breakthrough barriers and have even more success and happiness.

My obsession is also a super power, I literally wake up with new ideas and even specific intuitive messages for my clients. My wheels are always working and turning out what I call new distinctions to make the transformation I deliver bigger, brighter and better! Which means more love, happiness, freedom, passion and prosperity for you and all the women in my community.

I have to say what I’m about to share is a big one. It’s so close to all of us that it’s very hard to see. This new distinction reveals a common behavior nearly every woman loves is also a great detriment to her self-worth and personal power.

Discover if you are stuck in shopping for our dreams or truly transforming your life. You have the power to transform but this power can’t be accessed if you’re merely just shopping. It’s takes these powerful 3 Shifts to instantly access your power to transform yourself and your life.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on how you can shift your power to transform into high gear.

Tap into Summer Self-Lovin’ Magic

Each season holds an energy and a flow for us to drop into and when we do, our bodies and our being are SO happy!

Summer is hot, it’s sticky, it slows us down yet we usually don’t follow it’s lead and instead get frustrated with having to work, sweating on the way to an event or trying to juggle the kids being home from school, families visiting and all the other crazy things that happen in summer!

The Butterfly is the Feminine Mastery Archetype that you can draw from to embrace Summer Self-lovin’ and the natural rhythm of summer to turn your summer from chaos to absolute bliss!

Your Butterfly lives in your feminine center or lower sacral area in between your hips. Your Butterfly is your feminine pleasure center!!! By embodying your Butterfly you become Feminine Pleasure Central!

Watch this Video to see how you can Embrace your Butterfly and drop into the magic of Summer Lovin’ for more fun, pleasure, bliss, romance and maybe even manifesting a miracle while relaxing – how about that?

Make sure to leave your comments below!