Words That Transform Your Life

I first came to understand the power our words have a few years ago when I realized I have a gift for hearing whether a person is speaking from their ego OR from their true self. Usually the words of the ego and true self are all jumbled into the same sentence so over time I learned to recognize the specific words the ego uses so that I could guide people to shift into their power by shifting their words.

For example, whenever you hear yourself say the word “but” change it to “and” even if nothing follows but a pregnant pause. By simply changing this one word you will open up unseen power and possibility but it takes awareness and practice.

You’re about to learn 2 more really simple shifts you can make right now with the way you speak and the words you choose that can dramatically change how you feel, what and who you attract whether or people understand you and what you manifest.

Share the changes you see when you put this powerful tip to work for you!

Receive more pleasure

It’s the day before Valentines Day and as I tapped into my heart for the perfect message to send to the women in our Feminine Mastery community, the word pleasure came to me. Following this, I pulled a card from one of my favorite decks and I received the “Angel of Pleasure” card with the message “Take pleasure in the things you do”.

I received the card as an invitation to combine “doing” with “pleasure” which can also be looked at as “giving” and “receiving”. I realized that I hadn’t been taking time for life’s simple pleasures like grabbing my journal and having tea on my beach wall, or watching my son practice his soccer tricks, or breathing deep into my heart feeling the gratitude for all my blessings.

Receiving is a conscious act, it’s just that we’re more inclined to consciously give. Receiving is also a profound Feminine Mastery practice that leads you to in the moment joy and manifestation of your desires. Your desires run deep and they are your most powerful well of manifesting power.

Too much doing and giving without consciously receiving and more importantly receiving pleasure leaves us feeling hardened, edgy and sometimes even bitchy and resentful — definitely not in a place to manifest our desires let alone our dreams.

Don’t wait for pleasure to come to you! Receive pleasure now even in the little things you do. Put your pleasure first and become a pleasure seeker – and – pleasure receiver. In our Feminine Archetype system, pleasure and all that comes with it is held in your Butterfly who is insatiable. Your Butterfly represents your body and your feminine center, the space in your body between your hips as well as your sexual organs.

This is an invitation for you to take the time to receive more pleasure! Look at the sky and all the colors at sunset, breathe into happiness for simple pleasures, taste the delicious food you eat, allow yourself to become aroused, fill your moments with what brings you joy, embrace your freedom and celebrate with excitement for life and what’s possible!

Move your hips, connect with your Butterfly, move freely in your body and through life! Activate all your senses – smell, sight, touch, taste, sound and allow them to amplify and turn you on. Imagine the universe is your pleasure giver and ask for more! Feel your desire and allow it to manifest.

Post below, let me know how this pleasure experiment works for you!

The Feminine Mastery Guide to Thrive in 2016

Social_Media_03This year, 2016 holds an entirely new elevated vibration with exponential possibilities for your deepest desires to be fulfilled.


Because we’ve moved out of the ego-driven and masculine-centric paradigm where logic and linear thinking have prevailed and into the feminine-centric paradigm where love, truth, desire and co-creation are the foundation of this new reality. Use the following guide to thrive in 2016 and beyond. It will guide you to shift out of the old paradigm and access your Feminine Mastery for the deepest possible fulfillment and miraculous manifestation of your heart’s desires.

Stay Clear of These Hooks, Old Beliefs and Behaviors

  1. Responding, reacting or proving to the ego that you’re good enough, worthy or lovable. You are whole, complete and perfect as you are.Women have spent precious time, resources and money succumbing to the ego’s hooks telling you to fix, improve or better yourself “in order to” have love, wealth or success. Stay clear of this #1 Trap that robs women of their happiness, health and prosperity.
  2. The old belief that you have to “do it alone”. This limiting mindset has kept women isolated, competing or surviving out of the illusion that success, wealth or even true love are for a select few. Stay clear of these ingrained tendencies to react to this limiting false belief. This is a form of ego brainwashing and it’s just not true!!! Everything you desire is available to you and all women. Call on your higher self and feel into your heart for what’s possible and your natural ability to co-create vs. survive on your own.
  3. Judging your masculine or that part of you that did climb, compete and work hard for success. The tendency to judge any part of yourself will keep you fragmented and struggling. Your power is in embracing your masculine and your feminine. Accept, embrace and empower your action-oriented masculine self while also dropping into your juicy, loving and expressive feminine self. Embrace practices that allow you to follow your heart, invest in yourself and take bold action. This is true feminine power.

Embrace, Embody and Master These Feminine Principles and Practices

  1. Embrace wholism, meaning all parts of you and your being. The Divine Feminine’s purpose is to heal separation, judgment and unify the masculine and feminine for the benefit of all. This may seem lofty but I promise that when you begin to master this feminine principle by embracing your whole self, you will heal life-long issues, deep wounds and struggles. Access the power of your feminine heart to heal separation while embracing all of you. Without this practice you will feel torn and conflicted between your feminine self yearning for love and connection and your masculine self craving action and success. There is no conflict, there is no trade off. When you embrace all and receive all, you will attract and manifest the love, pleasure, success and prosperity your heart desires.
  2. Focus on your unique qualities and natural gifts. By discovering, cultivating and mastering your unique qualities and gifts, you emerge from the sea of sameness. Your greatest success, wealth and lasting fulfillment will come from you being who you are without editing, comparing and settling. Expansion and emergence are the Feminine Mastery practices that unleash your feminine essence, magnetism and turn your gifts into superpowers. No more boxes or checklists! You are here to boldly express who you are! I promise you will awaken yourself, your community and the world. You will have more energy and overflowing abundance than you can imagine.
  3. Shift from overuse of your thinking mind and the upper chakras (crown and third eye) and drop down into your heart, solar plexus and feminine center. Traditional spiritual practices coupled with women overusing and relying on their thinking self has left women awakened but ungrounded and in some cases more confused and less fulfilled. With the Feminine Mastery practice of embodiment (bringing your being into your body), women have access to their feminine wisdom and most potent manifesting power. Imagine yourself floating around the universe ungrounded vs. being grounded as the vibrant being you are, embodied with light and love doing your work on the planet. This is Feminine Mastery. You are awakened, enlivened and sharing your divine gifts while receiving pleasure, abundance and the glory of being the woman you’ve are destined to be.

Plant your seeds of desire and intention by posting them below!

Let our powerful Feminine Mastery community support you in making 2016 your year of miracles.