Unleash your Dark Side for more power, attraction and adventure

Do you ever feel there’s a wild goddess within you wanting to come out? Or contrarily, do you ever feel repressed, numb or disconnected? What’s so incredibly clear to me in this moment is that we all have a dark, mysterious, adventurous side of ourselves that has not yet been unleashed. We’ve learned to tame our desires and wanting pleasure to fit into ego generated ideals such as “the good girl” or being “prim and proper”. There’s no reason your dark side should remain hidden, it’s actually a pathway to accessing your true power and potential.

The dark of women is our mystery, our sensuality and a great deal of our power. Dark doesn’t equal bad. Dark is simply unknown, unseen and uncharted waters of your feminine being.

Well, what do you say? Shall we transform this and unleash our dark sides together?

Watch the Video below and unleash your dark side! Let’s go!

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The Secret Sauce to Feminine Success

A woman’s self-worth is essential to her success and personal fulfillment. Usually when I ask a woman if she thinks she is successful, she answers with a whole list of things she needs to do “in order to become successful” or she compares herself to “other successful women” or even more sadly she shares her “I will be successful when…” story.

This breaks my heart! The truth is this is not the path to success – it is the path to never feeling good enough.

This is one of the many reasons why I created the Feminine Masters, the Path to Feminine Success Online Workshop Series (free to all women, only registration is required).

Success is not some shiny object or destination we will reach some day — our success is here now.

When I launched this series I had no idea that there were other Feminine Leaders who shared this viewpoint. As it turns out and why I can’t wait to share this Workshop Series with you, I found 21 Feminine Masters who had to overcome burn out, stress, overwhelm, self judgment and comparison to discover their unique “Secret Sauce” to the success they each experience today. And, they reveal their journey all along with their best-practices for Feminine Success!

Now we can all share the truth about success and know that we can have personal fulfillment AND off the charts success in love, life and business. No more self-doubt or feeling torn.

I hope you’ll join us for Feminine Masters, the Path to Feminine Success (Your FREE Registration is Required) to participate in this 21 day path to clarity, freedom, inspiration, strategy, empowerment and happiness!

A sneak preview of my secrets to Feminine Success are in the video below.

Let’s take this path to Feminine Success together!

Your Secret Power of Allowing

You know when you get those a-HA! moments and you just have to share? That’s how this lesson on Your Secret Power of Allowing came from my guidance, to me and now to you.

If you follow the Law of Attraction or have been a part of the work I do Feminine Mastery, you’ve heard the term “allowing”. You are not only born with the ability to create and manifest anything you desire, you also have this feminine super power of allowing. The reason why it’s a super power is that without it or without understanding it, your power to manifest will always fall short.

Allowing is essential for your intentions to the process of manifestation to complete its course – meaning to turn your intentions and dreams into reality you need to “allow” yourself to receive the grace, goodness and abundance that’s manifested but has not yet come to you. Allowing is truly the key. You can wish and want all day long but if what you are allowing into your life is not in alignment with your desires — all of your effort to create and manifest will become void — you may even spiral downward. SO, please watch and listen closely to how you can exercise your power of allowing to make your dreams come true and even manifest miracles.

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