Express YOU and boost your power of attraction


Isn’t it exciting when you get super clear about what you want and then all of sudden, you start attracting the people, opportunities, ideas, and resources you need to have it? And, on the flip side isn’t it frustrating when you know what you want but it feels like the more you want it, the further away it gets?
What makes the difference is literally whether YOU are turned on or off.

The biggest thing that turns YOU off vs. turns YOU on is holding yourself back.

What Turns YOU Off – Avoid these Traps

When you hold back, hide, alter your needs, settle for less or compromise in order to get closer to what you want – you create resistance, your light dims, your vibration grows weak and you disconnect from flow. Think about it, these ways of being literally make you smaller and disconnected.

  1. Comparing yourself to others is a trap that you can fall into, because just after comparison is usually self-judgement or feeling like you have to be like someone else or even someone else in order to have what you want.
  2. Taking the right steps or doing what you “should” do is a sticky trap because it seems like a good idea! But putting your infinite self inside of “should-energy” puts your flame out not to mention takes the skip out of your step — you become mechanical — no one is attracted to a robot.
  3. Worrying and doubting yourself is the opposite of the main truth behind Awaken the True Power of you which is you are the center of your Universe, you have all the power.

What Turns YOU On – Do This Often

There’s nothing more attractive than you boldly, freely and unabashedly being YOU. Embracing who you are including your unique gifts, qualities and even quirks sends an affirming message to you and the Universe. Then when you express yourself and share yourself authentically your power of attraction kicks in.

  1. Say YES to what turns you on and doing what brings you joy even if it is seemingly unrelated to what you want – vibration is vibration.
  2. Embody gratitude by feeling it in your body and your being knowing you are a trust-fund child of the Universe.
  3. Connect with the flow by seeing and feeling what you want to create coming your way (no matter what is actually happening!). Feeling your desire fulfilled turns you on. Feel it and allow yourself to day dream, feeling more and more pleasure.

The Third Step to Awaken the True Power of  YOU is “Express YOU”

“I am free to express myself and when I do, the entire Universe cooperates to fulfill my desires.”

How do you Express YOU?

Desire is directly linked to vibration and attraction. Your desires are your true self speaking to you. The more you know your desires and feel them being fulfilled you begin to embody your desire. Embodying your desire is the most powerful feminine-based practice you can master. When you embody your desire and your being, you send out signals every which way – thought becomes a servant to your desire.

  1. Speak your truth at all costs, even when it is uncomfortable
  2. Discover and share your gifts, choose a career or start a business that reflects you passion and purpose.
  3. Express the love in your heart, be willing to be vulnerable. Receive and feel love as often as possible, it is the highest vibration.
  4. Powerfully request what you need to support you and boldly be who you are in your family, among friends, in relationship, and in your community.
  5. Don’t let the world define you instead define who you are in the world. Literally let the world know who you are.
  6. Join a community of supportive peers and find a Mentor who can guide you to expand your gifts and flourish financially.

 Do you have a gift to share with world but need support getting started? Schedule your Discovery Session with Cyndie HERE.


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