Cyndie Silbert Honeybee

Part 1 Unleashing Your Feminine Freedom Bonus Mastery Class!

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Cyndie's Bio

Cyndie is the founder of Feminine Mastery, creator of the Feminine Mastery Archetype System and celebrated author of True Calling, A Guided Journey to Your True Self. She currently lives in Del Mar, California and is a Mentor to women seeking a deeper and more fulfilling experience in all aspects of her life.

Born the youngest of five sisters and one brother in a mid-western family, Cyndie was immersed in sisterhood at birth yet felt a unique infatuation with the power, freedom and creative talents of her father and brother.

This theme continued through her life as she cultivated her masculine power for success in business along with her feminine prowess to find true love. She has experienced success thriving in her masculine and in her feminine and now offers Feminine Mastery as a pathway for women to do the same. Her life-long seeking and honoring of her truth led Cyndie to the Island of Maui where she discovered her clear and prolific channel to Divine Feminine wisdom and guidance. Through the ongoing, co-creative connection with the Divine Feminine and cultivating her own Feminine Mastery, Cyndie has created original archetypes, books, practices, programs, mentoring and retreats that empower women to embody their truest and most powerful selves. Supported by practices that allow you to flourish with abundance in every aspect of your life, Feminine Mastery is an invitation for you to live (and leave) your legacy.

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