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Love, Cyndie

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  • Cyndie Silbert: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=Cyndie
  • Allana Pratt: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=apratt
  • Amanda Collins: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=acollins
  • Leora Edut: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=ledut
  • Michelle Manning Kogler: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=mkogler
  • Terri Britt: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=tbritt
  • Sonika Tinker: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=stinker
  • Michelle Skaletski-Boyd: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=mboyd
  • Shefali Burns: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=sburns
  • Sabine Messner: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=smessner
  • Cindy Hively: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=chively
  • Stephanie Leigh: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=sleigh
  • Nan Akasha: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=nakasha
  • Maribel Jimenez: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=mjimenez
  • Rachel Henke: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=rhenke
  • Angella Johnson: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=ajohnson
  • Jill Mattson: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=jmattson
  • Loren Fogelman: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=lfogelman
  • Mary Meston: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=mmeston
  • Pamela Vatrano: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=pvatrano
  • Kimberly McGeorge: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=kmcgeorge
  • Lizzy Royce: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=lroyce
  • Heidi Brockmyre: http://femininemastery.com%2Fwomen-who-rise/women-who-rise/freedom/?ap_id=hbrockmyre

**Solo 1 and 2 are recommended for your first mailing. Choose the one that will resonate with your audience. Solo 3 is recommended for your second mailing.

Solo Emails

SOLO 1 (personal feel, personal freedom breaking free and courage to live dreams)

(Subject(s): choose the subject line that best fits the email and your audience

THIS changed everything for me

Why freedom is no longer optional

What robs women of their freedom

Yearning for freedom? This is HOW

(Main Body Email):

Hi (first name),

Before you read the rest of this e-mail, I want you to close your eyes and take a nice deep breath. Now, breathe out slowly. Take your time, I’ll wait.

There you go. Feels good, doesn’t it?

This is how you can feel the majority of the time – calm, centered focused and totally free to be in the moment.

If freedom can be this easy why do women spend more time feeling stressed, overwhelmed, trapped, trapped and torn rather than free? Why is it that we work harder trying to do and be enough but at the end of the day we end up feeling less free and less fulfilled both in our hearts and our bank accounts?

It’s time for us to be brave, NAME. It’s time for you and all women to unleash your inner power and break free from the things that are holding you back.

Imagine how it would be to no longer suffer from self-doubt…to no longer feel trapped by a job, a relationship or obligation that just isn’t working…and to no longer feel torn between your deepest passion and earning enough money...

I know this is possible because I've lived both sides of it. I've felt trapped in my own life and now I am totally free! It’s natural to feel torn between the life you have and making choices that feel risky. And it’s natural to be overwhelmed by the gap between where you stand and your ultimate dream.

What I know for sure is that dreams are created by taking that first step – the one that often feels like a huge leap of faith.

That’s why I want you to join me for The Feminine Freedom Formula, the most essential and timely Master Class for women where 21+ Feminine Masters will be opening their hearts and holding out their hand to guide you to freedom!

This isn’t going to be one of those “talking head” summits made up of simple how-to lectures. I know first-hand that Cyndie has a unique talent for getting inside both the hearts and minds of her experts. As you’ll see for yourself, she has managed to draw out the never-before-revealed success formulas these brilliant women have used themselves!

You will receive in the moment, real time transformation from engaging with my fellow Feminine Freedom Masters so that your yearning for freedom turns into a living reality of your dreams!

Grab your spot and begin transforming HERE: (Insert your link here and on the graphic banner)


The Feminine Freedom Formula will show you exactly how to break free AND begin living your dreams now. No more holding back or waiting any longer! Here is a sneak peek of what you’ll receive:

  • Activate the power of your voice to manifest abundance
  • Learn how to receive, the most powerful manifesting practice!
  • Turn your passion into a prosperous business
  • Access the ancient secret to manifesting with sound (now revealed!)
  • Live a turned-on life with sexual pleasure and enlightenment
  • Get paid what you’re worth no matter what!
  • Have flourishing love AND prosperity
  • Access the Manifesting Secret of “Frequency”
  • Overcome the fear of being seen through sisterhood
  • Stand out and attract your ideal clients with intuitive marketing
  • Discover your Soul’s Calling and create your most prosperous life

-->Registration for this event starts now! Just click HERE (insert link) to join.

Get ready to embrace your feminine power, find your voice, and make real, lasting change in your life.

Take another deep breath, and let’s get started.

To your freedom and prosperity,

Your signature,

PS – Cyndie won’t be offering this Feminine Masters Series again. Finish this year with power and launch into 2017 totally free without limits! Click HERE (insert link) to gain access to 21+ leading experts in feminine mastery, financial freedom, and transformation.

SOLO 2 (reveal your personal struggle, my community loves this and a call to rise up as you did!)


THIS changed everything for me

It's not selfish to want freedom

What holds women back (and what sets them free)

How to be seen, heard and PROSPER!

(Main Body Email):

Hi (first name),

I use to struggle mightily with the idea that cultivating my own needs and desires was anything more than selfishness.

But I’m here to tell you, craving the freedom to go after what you want in life isn’t selfish – it is a natural and essential desire that delivers dreams.

What I know for sure is that giving in to the pressure of your “shoulds” and the “have to dos” robs you of your freedom and leaves no room to shine your light, share your gifts, or pursue your dreams.

I used my freedom urge to shift my thinking. I decided I wasn’t going to wait around for others to give me permission to reach my goals, and was no longer going to be stopped by the fear of putting myself out there.

The sense of freedom I felt was beyond words. The blessings that followed were and still are beyond measure!

And now I want you to experience this same deep and life-altering liberation for yourself, (name)!

You literally can’t afford to ignore that deep inner yearning to break free, follow your dreams and live your life any longer! It’s time to honor your calling to rise up and TRULY be seen and heard!

If you’re ready to shift your reality and let the universe know you want deep, juicy fulfillment and abundant, ever-expanding financial freedom, then I invite you to join me and immerse in my friend Cyndie Silbert’s latest Feminine Master Class, The Feminine Freedom Formula.

Register for *FREE* here (insert Link here on in the banner below) as this is the ONLY time this never before revealed formula will be offered.


I was thrilled that Cyndie asked me to be one of her specially selected Feminine Freedom Masters for this series. Each of the experts were chosen because of their ability to let down their guard, get real and connect with you by sharing their personal journey and the steps they took in their own lives.

Cyndie has a gift for drawing out her featured masters’ unique gifts and superpowers as well as their best-kept secrets for living a truly blessed life, complete with heart and soul fulfilling financial freedom. I can’t wait for you to hear mine!

We are sharing our personal freedom formulas to help you craft your own!

  • Activate the power of your voice to manifest abundance
  • Learn how to receive, the most powerful manifesting practice!
  • Turn your passion into a prosperous business
  • Access the ancient secret to manifesting with sound (now revealed!)
  • Find the courage to take risks, follow your truth and prosper!
  • Get paid what you’re worth no matter what!
  • Ignite your feminine power for instant attraction and manifesting!
  • Access the Manifesting Secret of “Frequency”
  • Overcome fear of being seen through sisterhood
  • Stand out and attract your ideal clients with intuitive marketing
  • Discover your Soul’s Calling and create your most prosperous life

--> Click here (insert link) to register for this FREE Feminine Mastery Class.

Your needs and dreams are just as valuable as those of your family and friends. I know you help make theirs possible; now it’s time to start showing yourself some of that same love and devotion!

Let’s make this shift and take this leap together!


PS – Registration for The Feminine Freedom Formula will only be open for a few more days. Cyndie won’t be offering this class again, so if you’re ready to embrace your freedom and go for your dream - whatever it is - now is the time! Click here (insert link) to get access.

SOLO 3 (empowering, breaking free, stop settling, transform, claim freedom)



Why freedom is the source of ALL dreams

Turn your passion into financial freedom

How to to live deeply fulfilled AND financially free

You will be totally free when you do THIS

(Main Body Email):

Hi (first name),

When I hear a woman say she wants to be happier, that she wants to have more money, or that she wants to know "how" to find the courage to live her dream what she is actually wanting is FREEDOM.

I know what it’s like to feel shackled by self-doubt, by uncertainty, by money pressures and by fear. Finally, after years of trying to figure it all out, I remembered who I was, got clear on the gifts I had to offer and began living as the woman I knew I was destined to be. I was finally FREE.

(name), the only way to be totally free is to follow your heart and take risks to be you. It requires courage, but believe me, the rewards for believing in yourself return tenfold!

I know you have an idea of the life you’re yearning to live. Maybe fear has confused you or led you to settle for less than everything you are wanting.

Wherever you are, embrace it! Now there is a path to follow and guides who are here to open their hearts and show you the way.

My friend Cyndie Silbert, the founder of Feminine Mastery, has partnered with today’s top Feminine Freedom Masters to give you “The Feminine Freedom Formula”, a 21-Day Master Class where you will receive our (never before revealed) personal freedom formulas for living deeply fulfilled and financially free.

Cyndie is a master at drawing out the formulas that would be otherwise hidden within the powers of our intuition, divine calling and life experience! Each of our formulas will give you the insights, strategies and practices we all use in our own lives!

Register for this FREE Master Class HERE (insert link here and in the banner). This information and transformational experience simply isn’t available anywhere else.


You don’t have to feel trapped by the life you’re living now. Freedom means you always have a choice and you never have to sacrifice one dream for another.

You can have your family AND your career. You can have financial freedom AND do work that speaks to your soul.

If you’re ready to stop settling, yearning, wishing, wanting or spinning your wheels by making this powerful feminine Freedom Shift into freedom - then join me and immerse yourself in my friend Cyndie Silbert’s new Feminine Master Class Series, The Feminine Freedom Formula, beginning on October 24th!

I was thrilled that Cyndie asked me to be one of her specially selected Feminine Masters for this series. She has created the space for each of her speakers to reveal their personal formulas for living a truly fulfilling life, one that allows us to be soulfully and financially free. I can’t wait for you to hear mine!

Click HERE (insert link) to register for this FREE Feminine Master Class.

I see you! And I’ll see in you in class!


PS – Registration for The Feminine Freedom Formula will only be open for a few more days. Cyndie won’t be offering this Master again, so if you’re ready to embrace your freedom and go for your dream - whatever it is - now is the time! Click here (insert link) to get access.

FB Posts, Newsletter Blurb or PS Mention

It’s time to STOP wasting precious time and START living your life the way it was meant to be lived! You can have deep personal fulfillment AND abundant prosperity. Join me for The Feminine Freedom Formula and learn how to liberate yourself from worry and expectations of others…21+ Experts interviewed by Feminine Mastery, Founder Cyndie Silbert’s will show you how to create your own unique Freedom Formula.

**CLICK HERE for access**(add link)

21+ incredibly personal interviews all with the goal of giving YOU the tools you need to get joy and abundance flowing.

I’m thrilled to be a part of my friend Cyndie Silbert’s new online master class, The Feminine Freedom Formula. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how YOU can live a life of abundance both in your heart AND your bank account. 21+ Feminine Masters (including me) will show you the way!

**CLICK HERE (add link) to register for this FREE event**

My friend Cyndie Silbert’s latest master class, The Feminine Freedom Formula, is going live in just 24 hours. Join me and other feminine mastery experts for an interview series unlike any other! Be brave and take that first step towards liberating yourself from feelings of overwhelm and worry. Learn how to unleash your feminine power to live a life of abundance and prosperity! You’ll walk away with your own personal freedom formula!

**CLICK HERE (add link) for access to this FREE event**

Newsletter PS with Your Date

It’s almost time! My friend and colleague Cyndie Silbert’s latest master class, The Feminine Freedom Formula, goes live on October 24th!. If you haven’t registered, do it today! 21 Days of feminine masters (including me) reveal our secret formulas of how WE found a life of freedom and prosperity, and how you can too! Click here (add link) to register for this FREE event. My interview airs ____________________. See you there!


The Feminine Freedom Formula Master Class (Register for access) (add link)

Feminine Mastery = Personal Fulfillment & Financial Freedom (1st time revealed secrets) (add link)

Personal Freedom Formulas of 21+ Feminine Masters – Register for Access (add link)

Lose your worry shackles and golden handcuffs Register for Freedom (add link)

Never before revealed FREEDOM Secrets – Access here:(add link)

Pleasure+freedom+prosperity – Access the formula here (add link)

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