• Earning more than ever and doing what you love
  • Breaking free from the burden of uncertainty and feeling total clarity
  • Seeing the pathway to your destiny unfold
  • Finally knowing your true value and power
  • Breathing that beautiful, contented sigh of relief as you look at your blessed           and bountiful life!

This is happening for women everywhere. Women just like you!

And it’s not by chance.

It’s by CHOICE.

Cyndie_and_JonMy business has quadrupled in the last year. I am getting married in the fall to a man I adore. I just moved into my dream house, steps from the beach.

It wasn’t that long ago though that I was struggling. I didn’t know what to do! I even considered giving up on my dreams. And then the shame set in. I knew I was allowing my life and my potential to go unused. The tipping point for me came on the day when I saw how far my fear of not being good enough had taken me down. In that moment, I made a choice to never let my fear stop me again.

The truth beyond my fear was that I had nothing to lose. So I took the Leap and took action. I said “Yes!” to me and “Yes!” to believing in myself.

And I have never looked back.

It’s my mission now to help women create dramatic transformation in their lives!

You CAN rewrite your own story.

You CAN choose what it is you MOST desire as though you were ordering off of a menu.

YES! I’m Ready

 Struggling to find your purpose and feeling the urgency as time flies by

 Feeling sad that the business you dreamed of creating isn’t making any              money and is actually feeling like a burden rather than a bridge to freedom

 Wondering if a passionate, loving relationship is ever going to happen for           you

Whatever it is that you most deeply desire, it isn’t that far off!

SO often, the difference between struggle and success is a simple shift.

The difference between despair and happiness is a simple choice.

And the difference between waking up next year regretful that another year has passed OR waking up next year feeling that your life is a miracle, is a simple ACTION.

As I sat on the deck looking at the ocean from my new home, I felt the divine hand that helped move me into action and remember who I was.

Now I’m offering my hand to you. I know what damage fear can do and I know how quickly you can transform your life.

I want every woman I know to feel what I feel and to have their unique dream come true.

This is a value of more than $300, so why am I discounting it?

Because I want to help you step forward!

I want to eliminate the barriers between you and courage.

I want you to have the same kind of “pinch me” moments that I have.

The part of you that felt compelled to click over to this page is the part of you that knows on a soul deep level that it’s your time. Time to choose. Time to grow. Time to HAVE YOUR DREAM!

Click here to schedule your Individualized Leap Into Your Dream Life session for only $67.

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Think of your most burning question, your deepest desire and bring it to the session with you. Together we will transform your blocks and map out a plan for making it REAL.

I believe in you! I believe that when a woman fully realizes her power, she creates an unstoppable ripple of effect of positive change for herself, for her loved ones, for the world.


Most of us spend more than that on a couple of dinners out. Say “Yes!” to yourself and claim your dream!

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PS: Trust yourself first – And, if you have a quick question that you need answered before reserving your Leap into Your Dreams Session, email me Cyndie@Femininemastery.com