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The Feminine Mastery Affiliate Referral Program Gives $ Back to You for Making a Difference!

Women supporting other women is the foundation of Feminine Mastery and of the Live Event on May 20, 2016. Feminine Mastery Live! is a full day of transformational training that will ensure 2016 will ignite your desire and deliver your dreams. Imagine all the women you love and admire making this Leap with you!

Are you passionate about supporting women to be happy, abundant and exponentially successful? We invite you to join our Feminine Mastery Affiliate Program where you can earn $Money for inviting women to register and attend our Feminine Mastery Live! Event.

Follow the simple steps below and start supporting women and earning$!

Step 1: Sign Up

Simply click below to sign up as a Feminine Mastery Affiliate and you will begin earning $40 for every woman you refer and who registers to attend the Feminine Mastery Live! Event.

Sign UpClick here to Sign up as an Affiliate then return/save this page to begin earning $!

Step 2: Grab Your Personalized Referral Links

After you register, you will be sent a confirmation email that will send you to the affiliate program login page. From there, go to the "ads" section of your personal affiliate portal. There, you will find your specific code (unique URL link/html graphics). You will use this code in your emails, on your social media pages or website. Using these unique links and graphics is how you get credit and get paid for women you send our way. This code can be embedded on your website or anywhere else to produce a graphic just like any html coding. ***Or, you can just grab your link within that code to email directly to the women you'll be inviting. (Here is a Sample Link:

(Optional: You can shorten your link on Just drop your original affiliate link in the box on and grab your short link. Test your bitly short link first before you send or post it making sure your link goes to our event page:

Step 3: Refer, Invite, Earn and Make a Difference!

Make a list of women you know who have amazing gifts to offer and who are ready to Leap! into that next level of success and expansion. Create a plan to send an email invitation, post on social media, add to your website or eZine or all of the above - this truly is an event that will deliver!

Sample Copy for email:
Option 1: On May 20, 2016 hundreds of women are gathering in gorgeous San Diego California to soak in the energy and expertise of world-renowned feminine success mentor Cyndie Silbert. Why? Because over the last few years, Cyndie has led women around the world to new levels of success without stress! Cyndie’s out of the box mentoring and groundbreaking Feminine Mastery programs have awakened women to their feminine power as a direct path to manifesting their biggest dreams. I'm attending and I want you to attend the Feminine Mastery Live! Event with me! Make sure to register early and save $100 (insert your link)

Option 2: Will you join me? The Feminine Mastery Live! Event is a full day of mentoring that will lead you to take your big leap into your dream business and a new level of prosperity. Cyndie will guide you with the same practices she used to create a thriving six figure business reaching women all over the world, to find the love of her life and to live in the home of her dreams by the sea. Imagine a room of amazing female entrepreneurs and businesswomen who share the purpose of women helping women to expand and connect, share ideas, form partnerships and support each other on the journey to true freedom! I want you to Leap! with me! Register early and save! (insert your link)

Option 3: Have you heard about Feminine Mastery Live!? The Feminine Mastery Live! Event is the most empowering event for female entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their businesses and to create lives of abundance, wealth and happiness without the struggle of overwhelm and uncertainty. This is unlike any business event you’ve attended in the past because Cyndie is unlike any other business mentor. Cyndie's signature blend of business strategy with feminine mastery practices will revolutionize your results. Be ready to take in a whole new way of thinking, being and living. I want you to Leap! with me! Register early and save! (insert your link)

Sample Copy for social media:
Option 1: Make 2016 your Big Dream Year! Join me and San Diego's most amazing women at the Feminine Mastery Live! Event. Don't hesitate, register here: (insert your link)
Option 2: Don't let another Year go by without Living your Biggest Dream! Join me at the Feminine Mastery Live! Event May 20th - Register early and save! (insert you link)

Questions? Email April, our Feminine Mastery Affiliate Manager:

We can't wait to share this extraordinary event with you! Who you are makes a difference!

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