The Feminine Mastery Circle guides you to unleash your passion, live your purpose, and create a prosperous legacy where you flourish in love, life and business. By igniting your feminine power, you will fulfill your burning desire to express your passion, share your gifts and live a prosperous life. It takes courage and vulnerability to step out and be who you are. What if you could share your journey with the most brilliant and supportive women imaginable? The metaphor of the flock of birds captures the essence of The Feminine Mastery Circle. The truth is you were never meant to fly alone. Supported and uplifted by one another our Feminine Mastery Circle allows you and each woman to fly higher and farther as we expand what’s possible within our Circle and for women everywhere.

"I hit a stopping point in my life where I just didn’t feel myself. I was struggling to let go of the past, the losses, the pain, the expectations I continually put on myself. In the Feminine Mastery Circle, I realized I had nothing to fear and began to embrace the true me. The weight of all I’d been dragging around with me was drowning my joy, my essence. Now I’m lighter, I’m joyful, I’m me! The sisterhood we developed in our Circle priceless. That trust and connection helped me to break free of my heaviness. Watching the others in my group find their callings, their passions was as important as my own personal growth. Because of the Feminine Mastery Circle, I now trust in myself and I stopped letting the world and its busy, noisy demands have priority. There is a me that is now awakened. Out of my joy I created an instagram account around my dog Tucker.  Tucker (and I) now have 4,000+ followers. It feels amazing to unleash my joy into the world. Take the leap and just do it! You’ll be so glad you did!"

margaretlumMargaret Lum
Writer, blogger, joy consultant



"When I met Cyndie, I realized I wanted to be even more inspired about my coaching practice. The idea of joining other women entrepreneurs was very exciting to me. In the Circle, I was re-energized! I re-ignited my inner feminine fire. What began happening is attraction from men as well as new clients and ideas. I created a new service for my HeartIgnited coaching business which thrills me. The inspiration and wisdom from Cyndie and the other women in the group was my favorite part and what makes the Feminine Mastery Circle different from other group programs. I now have a new service that is taking my coaching practice into the lives of even more people."

debraDebra Valentina