New Moon, New Year, New You


February 18, 2015 – Remember this Day!

It’s not only a New Moon with rich soil for new beginnings but also the Chinese New Year (Year of the Sheep).

Together these events open up a vortex of manifestation from pure source. All the challenges of the first two months of this year (many brought on by Mercury Retrograde and a Super Moon) were all in divine timing and for your benefit. Embrace all now and breathe into that.

Both the New Moon and the Year of the Sheep open up possibilities for deeper, richer and more loving relationships – especially with yourself.

Self love is the pathway to receptivity. As you love yourself the Universe blesses you with gifts of this vibration or even higher.

It’s the perfect time to call in that divine partner (soul mate, twin flame, or true love). Let go of lower vibrating actions of trying to get a man or find a date – this energy is old and no longer resonates with you.

You are a goddess on a journey to attract the divine masculine reflection of your true being.

Embrace yourself, honor yourself and celebrate the love that is on it’s way.

In every situation, ask yourself how you can elevate the situation to a higher level in a way of benefit to all involved and the greater good. Elevation does include fun! Joy, happiness, humor and laughter are all ways to elevate and draw even more goodness into your life.

On the professional front, choose fewer aligned relationships and invest deeply in people you trust. Rather than building a vast network or even client base, go deep with aligned partnerships. Shift from competing to serving and see the dramatic shift in your business and your energy level.

Both this New Moon and New Year invite in the Feminine ways of being. More is not more, Less is truly more. (Listen to the Feminine Secrets for more on this new way of being that will serve you.)

Drop deep within your heart and feel the newness and the rich soil on this pivotal day. Dive into life and open to receive an entirely new experience.

Let me know how it goes!







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