Super Moon/Equinox – The Gateway to Your Dreams

shutterstock_92466961Ahhhh, freedom!!! The sound of the ocean, sand between your toes and you twirling and dancing embracing the pure joy of life.

As wonderful as this sounds, true liberation is a rare occurrence as most of us struggle with self-doubt or fear which makes it challenging to feel free in our own lives. Much of what has blocked women from feeling a sense of freedom is the illusion that life is hard and that you have to work even harder to have your big dreams come true. The sad thing is when you attach working hard to your dreams resistance builds (energy working against you) and when this happens, you can stop dreaming all together.

Is this you? Have you given up on your dreams? Or maybe your dream is old and worn leaving you ready for a new one?

Wherever you are, it’s O.K.  In fact, it’s essential to be honest if you want a break through that leads you to finally having the love, life and business that can provide freedom, love, joy and abundance.

The good news is, the universe is ramping up to support you now more than ever.

This Friday, March 20, 2015 is a truly a gateway to your dreams, especially if you’ve been let down before or have nearly given up. My sense is that there is a karmic weight lifting as well as the lifting of a heavy fog that once clouded your vision and ability to see the path to your dreams unfolding.

In the past, you may not have had full access to your manifesting powers. That is all changing with this dramatic event making it easier for you to manifest what you desire with ease and grace vs. stress and struggle.

I invite you to see this as a true turning point. Imagine yourself on your path to living your dreams. Then see the gateway ahead. Pause before crossing and see yourself leaving all of your baggage and unwanted experiences behind. Also leave behind the belief you have to work harder and the limited view you may have had of yourself, love, life, business or what’s possible.

Open your heart, breathe deep and YES, dance on the beach. Feel freedom run through your body and open up to receive the rewards of your life’s journey.

Post your dream below, I’ll hold your intention and see you living it.

PS: Here’s more from a world renowned astrologist/numerologist Tania Gabrielle.




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