I’ve been called a midwife for women, women who are are giving birth to their gifts, talents and desire for love but are also stopped by fear and self-doubt leaving them unclear about what next steps to take. If you know there’s something more for you but you're stuck in confusion and unsure about how to break through what stops so you can have the happiness and success you're wanting, I can guide you out of the shadows of your mind into the light and clarity of your heart.

I'm the one who helps women awaken their feminine power and feel safe in their bodies to create and experience a new life beyond imagination. I guide you to your inner knowing and help draw out your gifts, talents and true calling. You'll no longer be stuck between knowing in your heart what's true and the confusion that occurs when your mind's judgement and doubt get a hold of what you really want, and make it seem impossible to have.

I have an uncanny ability to guide you from your head to your heart and into your body where you experience a new reality overflowing with love, abundance and prosperity.

Feminine Mastery becomes your new way of being in the world that transforms what was once intangible and unattainable into a deeply fulfilling life.

You'll choose the area of your life to transform and I'll guide you there

Early on in our program, you'll choose the area of your life you most want to transform. Whether it's finding true love, receiving more money and abundance or discovering your true calling - I'll guide you to release fear and blocks and then on to turn your most urgent want into your new life reality.

Here's some of the transformation women have received from Feminine Mastery

"I'm no longer stopped by not feeling good enough or my self-doubt"

"I feel a profound sense of self love and deep appreciation for exactly who I am"

"I'm seeing an increase in the flow of abundance and resources just when I need them"

"I'm attracting more of everything from my soul mate to money and more clients"

"I now understand exactly how to manifest my desires and it feels amazing"

"Each day, I feel more happiness, joy and a deepened sense of personal fulfillment"

"My miracle is peace of mind which allows me to sleep much better"

"I have more energy plus my libido, sensuality and desire for pleasure is back!"

"I feel incredibly connected and open to unexpected miracles, gifts and surprises"

The Path We’ll Take Together…

In just six months you’ll be set free from fear and what stops you as you become awakened, enlivened and inspired to create the life you’ve always dreamed of living. You'll have full access to your feminine attraction and power of your being. You will learn our most effective Feminine Mastery practices and tools leaving you aligned and empowered to welcome any challenge and live your legacy. Feminine Mastery is your launch pad to finally having ALL that you desire in love and life as well as the limitless success that’s always been right here waiting for you.

Feminine Mastery is the ONLY program for women that empowers ALL centers of your being

Break free from the three universal fears

Identify and be free from the voice of your ego

Awaken to the presence of your true self

Access your power of conscious choice

Learn to love fear and taking action

Activate all the centers of your being and feminine power

Awaken your feminine essence for increased attraction

Connect with the energy source in your body to create vibrant health

Have more and do less by learning to allow and receive

Embody and align with your being (ego, mind, body, spirit and heart)


Embrace your emotions and release blocks

Heal wounds by transforming self-judgment to self-love

Connect with your true heart's desires

Speak your truth and live from your heart

Open your heart to receive love, money and more

Adopt a money and wealth mindset

Get unstuck and connect to universal flow and prosperity

Shift limiting beliefs to thoughts that create miracles

Learn the true art of manifesting desire

Become your desires for instant manifestation


Identify your unique gifts, talents and true calling

Discover and access your Feminine Mastery Archetype

Awaken your inner wisdom and soul guidance

Align your with true self worth

Create your authentic path to success

Adapt Feminine Mastery as your life practice

Speak your truth and lead yourself, your life and community

Receive overflowing love, abundance and success

Successfully navigate challenge and derailment

Create and live your legacy with prosperity

If you're ready to let go of struggle and breakthrough fear and what stops you, Feminine Mastery is the program for you. Extraordinary things happen when amazing women come together. Yes, you are amazing and powerful. Come on this journey with me and I promise you will go from the ordinary to extraordinary with grace and ease.

If this sounds too good to be true, that's because results like these aren't available anywhere else. Your Feminine Mastery is what's been missing and calling to you. Isn't it your time to be seen, heard, valued and loved for who you are?

Let's take this journey together, I promise it will be the journey of your lifetime in the company of the most inspiring and supportive community of women you can imagine.

Feminine Mastery Success Stories

Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark

When I met Cyndie I was working hard, had huge talent in my industry and I was making peanuts. I was frustrated, burnt-out, and really knew that my talents were being wasted on the wrong opportunities. After mentoring with her, she helped me to take a stand for my worth, seeing the value in what I offered for services and I gained the confidence to start my own business. Within 4-days, I had 5 new clients and I haven't looked back! Cyndie gave me that positive forward push I desperately needed and without it, I wouldn't be the business woman I was meant to be.

Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark, CEO/Co-founder of Fitz Business Solutions
Laure Prévost

I was at an impasse before meeting Cyndie: I knew that I have skills, resources and meaningful experiences to share, but I didn't know where to start and how to break the mold of my conservative education. After joining her group mentoring program, I have learned to see fear as a friend and as an opportunity for growth, to recognize my patterns of resistance, to make more conscious choices for my happiness and to show up with integrity. I am now more connected with my desires. I have gained clarity, grace and lightness in my approach to events, relationships and my future. I trust that my words, my questions and my voice are a catalyst for feminine reflexion and awakening.

Laure Prévost

Cyndie is a gifted mentor and coach. There is so much richness, joy, and love in her approach. I am profoundly grateful for her intuition and wisdom that guided and supported me whilst I navigated a rare health condition, dystonia. Having Cyndie as my mentor has been a true gift. She provided a grounded presence and source of inspiration whilst I worked to heal my body mind and spirit. Her patience, generosity and compassion supported me joyously through what should have been my darkest days. As a direct result of our work together, I am now in the process of writing a book about my healing journey and setting up my own coaching business to support people with autoimmune diseases and related movement disorders. Cyndie’s mentoring has been a fun and rewarding collaboration that has enabled me to not only see my true potential, but to create it.


Receive Optimal Results with Private and Group Mentoring You'll receive two private mentoring sessions with me to align you with your intention and ensure your transformation. I'll also be delivering weekly guidance and transformation on our Feminine Mastery Group's Private Conference Line, where you'll learn, grow and transform with your new tribe of Feminine Masters. For in the moment guidance, problem solving and answers to your questions, you'll also have access to our Secret Facebook Group.

Summary of Feminine Mastery Program Features

  • Two 30-Minute Private Mentoring Sessions with Cyndie (Valued at $397)
  • Weekly Group Calls for Six Months (Valued at $1997)

Plus These Bonuses!

  • Ticket to the Feminine Mastery Intensive (2-Day In Person Event) (Valued at $997)
  • Access to Feminine Mastery's Practices, Tools and Recordings (Valued at $1997)
  • Signed Copy of Cyndie's Book with Bonus Chapter (Valued at $39.97)

Our Feminine Mastery Program launches Wednesday the last week of June – Mark Your Calendar! Kick Off with a Special 2 Hour Group Call You'll be Invited to Our Secret Facebook Group for Connection and Constant Support

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