Did you know that your ability to manifest your dreams is directly tied to how closely you live true to your Feminine Mastery Archetype?

When you feel a yearning for deeper love, greater success, wealth and prosperity it is actually guidance toward your dreams and desires but that's not always clear. Your Feminine Mastery Archetype is your built-in guidance system that gives you clarity, activates your manifesting power, helps to make important decisions and reveals the next best steps for you to achieve the greatest prosperity and happiness possible.

If you've been spinning your wheels or keep bumping up against fears or challenges that keep you from living your dreams, it's because you've not yet activated and mastered your true feminine power.

Feminine Mastery Unleashed is the only program that can activate your feminine essence, reveal your feminine genius and guide you to live your most prosperous and fulfilling life with more love, success and prosperity flowing freely to you. Imagine stepping onto a brand new path where everything grows, flows and flourishes naturally. A path where dreams unfold and the happiness you deserve comes to you without asking you to work any harder or wait any longer. That path is here and it’s called Feminine Mastery. The destination is you authentically living your dream life with freedom, joy and prosperity.

Cyndie Hi I'm Cyndie, the Founder of Feminine Mastery and I'm here to shed light on the new path to having it all. Like many women I was trying to have it all the old way. I worked way too hard trying to figure it all out and over time began to doubt myself and my gifts. That old way burned me out completely by draining my energy my creativity and even my money. But then I woke up and started to listen to my inner feminine genius and use my feminine mastery. Once used my Feminine Mastery Archetype, the Honeybee, as a guide the natural creator in me came alive! One dream manifested after another from creating a six-figure business doing what I love, finally finding my true love and moving into our dream cottage by the sea. I want all women to have access to their power now rather than struggle for years like I did. This is why I've created Feminine Mastery Unleashed, to give you and all women access to the feminine power that lives inside of you so that you don't have to wait for you dreams or wonder about your true calling.

If you have a dream for true love or owning your own business, a desire to write a book or live your true calling, or a deep desire to be seen, heard and valued for your authentic expression – I invite you to open your heart and mind to a totally new way of having it all and without the struggle! Join us for Feminine Mastery Unleashed, an incredible journey to your biggest dreams.

The new way to have it all is to use your feminine mastery, to call on your feminine genius and live in harmony with your own unique feminine way of being. Every woman has this power but for most it’s been shut down. Once you learn how to flip your feminine power switch back on and use your feminine mastery, you’ll be on your way to manifesting one dream after another.

  • Felt an inner calling to discover your unique gifts, write a book or start your own business?
  • Longed for true love and a fulfilling relationship that supports you and your dreams?
  • Worked to the point of burnt out and still not achieved the success you know is possible?
  • Settled for less or waited for years to take action because you were stuck in self-doubt?
  • Struggled with unworthiness and fear that you'll never have enough money?
  • Felt the urgency of time running and also a deep knowing that this is your time?
  • Been unclear about your true calling or how to earn money doing what you love?
  • Tried methods, taken courses, done everything "right" but still not manifested your dreams?

Wondering how Feminine Mastery
Unleashed is different?

If you’re wondering WHY Feminine Mastery is different and HOW things will change, let me share that with you. Many women are talking about Feminine Power but there’s been something missing. Some programs introduce a woman to her feminine and others motivate her to success but Feminine Mastery Unleashed is the only program that activates your feminine essence which attracts what you want and balances your masculine power which grounds you and create real, tangible results. Your dream life will manifest when you bring your feminine and masculine together! And when you embody and value who you are - not the amount of work you do.

The Feminine Mastery Archetypes are a key difference and what makes this program truly transformational. Each Archetype draws out the power and potential of your being from your ego, mind, heart, body and spirit through a process of activation and alignment. Then you are guided to follow guidance from your Mentor Archetype to reveal your true calling, super powers and the most prosperous path and steps to your destiny.

What makes the value you receive from Feminine Mastery Unleashed unmatched by any other program is the combination of personal mentoring with Cyndie, transformational processes and feminine practices that break through resistance and allow you to create your life and manifest your dreams with less effort and greater results.

You get to choose a dream to manifest
and area of your life to transform.

In your first private session with me, you'll choose which dream you want to manifest or the area of your life you most want to transform. Whether it's finding true love, receiving more financial prosperity or discovering your true calling - I'll guide you to get clear on your desire and help you create your personalized path to that dream. From there, the program is designed to put your natural feminine powers to work for you and turn what was once only a dream into your new every day reality.

The transformation women
have received from Feminine Mastery Unleashed

  • "I'm no longer stopped by not feeling good enough or my self-doubt"
  • "I feel a profound sense of self love and deep appreciation for exactly
    who I am"
  • "I'm seeing an increase in the flow of abundance and resources just when I need them"
  • "I'm attracting more of everything from my soul mate to money and
    more clients"
  • "I now understand exactly how to manifest my desires and it feels amazing"
  • "I now see that I've always have gifts and know they can become my
    super powers."
  • "The path to my true calling is clearly unfolding and it feels so
    incredibly natural!"
  • "Each day, I feel more happiness, joy and a deepened sense of
    personal fulfillment"
  • "My miracle is peace of mind which allows me to sleep much better"
  • "I have more energy plus my libido, sensuality and desire for pleasure
    is back!"
  • "I feel incredibly connected and open to unexpected miracles, gifts
    and surprises"
  • Waking up everyday with clarity, inspiration and empowered to live your dream
  • Knowing the steps to live your true calling with passion and financial prosperity
  • Being in a passionate relationship with a soul partner who loves you just as you are!
  • Having natural confidence to ask and get paid generously for your gifts
  • Receiving a consistent flow of clients, money and opportunities!
  • Feeling beautiful with a magnetic presence that attracts men and money!
  • Living in flow, harmony and naturally manifesting your desires into a flourishing reality

This is the Path You'll Take to Your Dreams…

In six months you’ll be guided to transform beyond fear, self-doubt, blocks and limits to be set free to create and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Each week you'll feel more awakened, enlivened and empowered as you access your true feminine power. Big changes happen each month as you unleash your feminine essence and the different powers held in each of the centers of your being. Without doing more, the activation of your feminine essence combined with our best Feminine Mastery practices will empower you to attract what you want with ease and a little bit of magic. And as challenges come up, you'll be supported with guidance and the tools you need to navigate, learn and expand. Feminine Mastery Unleashed is your launch pad to finally having it ALL in love, life, success and prosperity.

Feminine Mastery Unleashed is the ONLY program for women that empowers you in your masculine, feminine and ALL the centers of your being

Month 1: Empower Your Ego and
Break Free from Limits

  • Shift from not good enough to natural confidence
  • Become free from self doubt and second guessing
  • Turn fear into courage and fearless living
  • Access the power to consciously choose success
  • Break through resistance and take actions that manifest

Month 2: Embody Your
Feminine Essence

  • Activate your feminine centers
    and your feminine power
  • Unleash your feminine essence and presence for
    increased attraction
  • Connect with the energy source in your body for vibrant health
  • Receive more and do less by learning to allow
    and receive
  • Attract more love, success and abundance with ease

Month 3: Expand and Master
Manifestation of Your Desire

  • Shift from struggling to becoming a money magnet
  • Get unstuck and connect to universal flow
    and prosperity
  • Shift limiting beliefs to thoughts that create miracles
  • Shift resistance into your true manifesting power
  • Create wealth and prosperity through community

Month 4: Embrace Your Heart
and Receive Abundance

  • Embrace your emotions and release hidden blocks
  • Heal wounds by transforming self-judgment to
  • Ignite your deepest heart's desires and create miracles
  • Boldly speak your truth and live from your heart
  • Channel your inner well of abundance into your life

Month 5: Express and Discover
Your True Calling

  • Turn your unique gifts into super powers and discover your true calling
  • Align with your Feminine
    Mastery Archetype and destiny
  • Unleash your inner wisdom and soul guidance
  • Embody your true self worth, be valued and appreciated
  • Create your most authentic and prosperous path to success

Month 6: Emerge in Your
Feminine Mastery

  • Live as a Feminine Master without limits
  • Lead from your feminine and emerge in your power
  • Receive overflowing love, success and prosperity
  • Successfully navigate challenge and success
  • Create a blue print and road map to your dreams

If you're ready to let go of struggle and breakthrough fear and what stops you, Feminine Mastery Unleashed is the program for you. Extraordinary things happen when amazing women come together. Yes, you are amazing and powerful. Come on this journey with me and I promise you will transcend into your dream life with grace and ease.

If this sounds too good to be true, that's because results like these aren't available anywhere else. Your Feminine Mastery is what's been missing and calling to you. Isn't it your time to be seen, heard, valued and loved for who you are?

Let's take this journey together, I promise it will be the journey of your lifetime in the company of the most inspiring and supportive community of women you can imagine.

Receive Optimal Results with Online Lessons and Group Mentoring. I'll be delivering weekly lessons on our Feminine Mastery Group's Private Conference Line, where you'll learn, grow and transform with your new tribe of Feminine Masters. For in the moment transformation and powerful shifts, guidance on how to apply the lessons to your life, and answers to your questions - I will provide mentoring on calls and also through our Secret Facebook Group.

Feminine Mastery Unleashed is an Intimate Online Group Program

You will receive:

  • Online lessons delivered via email and posted in your private client center
  • Weekly lessons with tools and practices that support your transformation
  • Daily mentoring from Cyndie via a Secret Facebook Group to deepen your mastery and support when you need it most
  • Live group calls with Cyndie to deepen your connection and support you moving closer to your dreams
  • Robust client center with a library of Feminine Mastery Practices and relevant resources

Email Cyndie@femininemastery.com with the subject line
"Feminine Mastery Unleashed question"

Explore the possibilities and get your questions answered by Cyndie. Interested and Committed women only.

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CyndieDon't leave without taking at least one step toward your big dream! Share your dreams and your fears or challenges with me. Check my calendar to explore Feminine Mastery Unleashed. Or email me your questions at Cyndie@femininemastery.com and leave your number or Skype ID so we can connect.