Day 4 - Heal and Rise Instantly (real-time healing)

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Daily Schedule of Feminine Master Classes

Tuesday - 10/3/17  Be a Source for Positive Change

Kristen White

Be The Voice Of Positive Change

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Marci Shimoff

Raise Your Happiness Set Point

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Marci's free gift is "Happy for No Reason Workbook"

Wednesday  - 10/4/17  Transcend into Love and the Miraculous

Jocelyn Mercado

Embracing Your Fears To Activate Your Highest Self

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Jocelyn's free gifts are "How to Redesign Your Consciousness" Exclusive Interview AND "Connect With Nature & Discover How You Are Meant to Change the World" Guided Shamanic Journey

Amanda Collins

When Your Heart, Mind And Empowerment Are Aligned Anything Is Possible

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Amanda's 1st free gift is a complimentary month at the Inner Circle of Wisdom

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Amanda's 2nd free gift is a deep relaxation meditation to awaken to joy and dwell in beauty

Thursday - 10/5/17  Ascend into Affluence and Prosperity

Meg Benedicte

Soul Embodiment And Your Ascension To Mastery

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Meg's free gift is a Quantum Access™ Meditation

Tera Maxwell, PhD

Consciously Create The Money, Love, & Freedom In Your Life Today

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Tera's free gift is a Raise Your Vibrational Frequency gift bundle

Friday - 10/6/17  Heal and Rise Instantly (real-time healing)

Debora Wayne

Radically Shift Pain To Power

Mellisa Bottali


Saturday - 10/7/17  Divine Feminine Freedom and Ecstatic Living

Caroline Muir

Women, We Cannot Wait Any Longer

Joanna Shakti

How To Be Magnetic And Captivating

Sunday, 10/8/17  Money Mastery and 7-Figure Wealth through Feminine Leadership

Kendall SummerHawk

Discover And Empower The Inner Source Of Your Money Story

Alexis Neely

Rise To New Levels Of Success With The LIFT

Monday - 10/9/17  Magic Manifesting Tools that Make Your Dreams Real

Elizabeth Purvis

Master the 4 Magical Tools of Manifesting

Keshelle Davis

Make It Real! Become A Master Manifestor

Tuesday - 10/10/17  Flourish with Feminine Success in Life and Business

Rosetta Thurman

Get Focused! 5 Ways To Get Back On Track With Your Business Goals

Sonika Tinker

Trust, Risk And Keep A Sense Of Humor!

Wednesday - 10/11/17  Keys to Live Your Soul Purpose NOW

Terra Christoff

Keys To Living Your Soul's Purpose

Danielle McGhee

Illuminating Your Life’s Path By Creating Impactful Rituals

Thursday - 10/12/17  Master Your Power of Intention and Attention

Lynne McTaggart

The Power of Small Group Masterminds

Sarah McLean

Master Your Superpower Of Attention

Friday - 10/13/17  Get Your Body and Your Life Back

Gillian Hood

Get Your Body And Your Life Back

Kimberly Gwynne

Get In Rhythm With Nature And THRIVE!

Saturday - 10/14/17  How to Be Vibrant and Soulicious!

Lisa Davis

Vibrant Health Through Every Season

Pamela Vatrano

Your Radiant Presence...Tap Into And Ignite Your Divine Confidence To SHINE!

Sunday - 10/15/17  Empower Your Sensitive Nature

Ellouise Hare

Make Your Sensitivity Your Superpower

Chelsea Hanson

Heal Your Heartbreak To Live Your Next Beautiful Dream

Monday - 10/16/17  Divine Secrets for Soulful Success

Kathy Beal

Embody Your Inner Goddess And Awaken To Your Feminine Powers

Karen Heine

Bring Your Higher Self To Work - Elevating Leadership And Performance

About Your Host

Cyndie, Founder of Feminine Mastery

I’m Cyndie, the Founder of Feminine Mastery, Creator of the Feminine Mastery Archetypes and Author of True Calling, Awaken the Power of Your True Self.

I am thrilled to offer you this timely and destiny-defining Master Class - Women Who Rise! Live Love and Lead from Your Feminine.

You will feel connected, supported and uplifted as these Feminine Masters show you how to transcend fear, live your Divine calling and prosper wildly!

If fear or not good enough has stopped you…

If you yearn for a richer, more abundant life…

And, if you know deep in your heart there is a greater calling for you to live…

This is your call to Rise and Prosper!

Nearly 12 years ago I received this same call deep within my heart leading me to leave Corporate America and move to the island of Maui. It was there that I established my connection with the Divine Feminine and discovered my true calling.

Now I mentor women from all over the world to express their Feminine Mastery and live deeply fulfilling and prosperous lives.

Feminine Mastery is a path with programs and a community where you feel safe to be seen, express your Divine gifts and be supported to rise and become the woman you are destined to be.

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