YOU are the Center of Your Universe


Have you ever heard the saying, “No matter where you go, there you are?” It’s a playful way of reminding you that you are always the source of what you’re creating and experiencing.

When things aren’t going so well it’s natural to want to be somewhere else or even be “someone” else – you know like those people who seem to have “it” all figured out.

WAIT! PAUSE and REWIND to the time before you realized things were not going the way you would like such as the love or money not showing up, the job not coming through or even the happiness or joy that you just can’t seem to grasp.

At some point prior to experiencing what you DON’T WANT you were undoubtedly hooked by your ego into a cycle of fear and illusion or “disbelief” in yourself, causing you to doubt you have the power to manifest your desires and experience what you DO WANT. What causes undesired days to culminate into a life of unfulfilled dreams is you disconnecting from the most powerful source in the universe.

That all powerful source is YOU.

As Rumi so beautifully reminds us, you are the source of all you desire making you the most important person in the universe. YOU are your own universe as you are the center and point of creation of everything in your life. When your ego hooks you into self-doubt by questing your ability, your worth and whether or not you’re “doing enough” to deserve what you want – you literally unplug from YOU (your power center) and fall victim to your ego’s small…dark…false…version of you – then WAMP! Your light grows dim, your vibration lowers and your energy spirals into misalignment.

Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself. –  Rumi

Misalignment is where many people live, it’s what I call gray matter. You know the sun is shining somewhere but when you’re stuck in the gray you lose sight of who you are and feel like a ship lost at sea in the fog – it can be very disorienting and then confusion sets in.

The first step to Awaken the True Power of YOU is to “Connect with YOU”

Daily Connection to YOU can be any practice that takes you within to your center point of inner connection such as meditation, yoga, time in nature, journaling, or even just quiet time to allowing yourself to be present, breathe and Connect with YOU. If your day starts with YOU then your day will be filled with YOU and attract experiences that are reflective of your desires as you become present, open, enlivened and vibrating clearly communicating what you want from a place of receptivity.

Listen below as I guide you to Connect with YOU.

“I am the Power Center of my Universe. I am the Source of ALL of my Desires. I am ALL Powerful.”


You can repeat this YOU Mantra daily incorporating it into your daily practice. The most important thing is to feel the truth and embody the truth as you read and repeat the mantra, let the mantra guide you to YOU. As you Connect with YOU on a daily basis you will begin to live from this powerful point of connection and receptivity. This is the foundation of Feminine Mastery and Awakening the true power of YOU.

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