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Feminine Reinvention

with LiYana Silver


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Is there meaning and purpose to the painful experiences that you go through that almost make you want to break down?

In this PODCAST, LiYana Silver will share how to call on your feminine genius for a personal reinvention. She will shed light on how falling apart can be one of life’s biggest blessings, and how to get back on course by finding your internal compass so you can move forward with remarkable resiliency.

In this Episode you will:

  • Be able to reflect on your own painful life experiences and how you can take them as an opportunity to reinvent yourself
  • Learn that when things fall apart, you are simply being stripped down so your true self can be revealed and you can get on the path of reinvention
  • Discover the patterns that typically bring in a “falling apart” and learn how to address them
  • Realize how the dominant culture can leave women without an internal compass and how you can get back on track via the process of reinvention
  • Learn how to use your intuition or feminine genius to make better life decisions

Quotes from this Episode:

“Destruction is a natural part of creation but when things fall apart within us, our lives and in our world, it can be devastating. Yet this dramatic change is essential to the feminine paradigm shift as who we are becoming and what we are being called to create is unlike anything we’ve been through or experienced thus far.” - Cyndie Silbert 

“It can feel like when things are falling apart or have fallen off my path; I’m somehow lost. And no, you’re right on the spot of the reinvention cycle.” - LiYana Silver

“We spend so much energy trying to pick up pieces; to try to put together the pieces within ourselves, within our life and those are fragments. But we’re so much more whole than that. We’re so much vibrant than that and a lot of those pieces are just fragments of the past. They’re not ever who we are ultimately meant to be.” - Cyndie Silbert

“Self-love to me is the way that you talk to yourself. Can you have a warm, positive, unconditional self-regard regardless of your shortcomings?” - LiYana Silver

“We can see the falling apart coming to say, you can now look at this. You did bypass this in the past for great reason but now, you’ve got it. I do believe we don’t get anything that we can’t handle.” - LiYana Silver

“The masculine-led paradigm is about proving what we know and we are tapped out on that. We need this genius, this different knowing, this different seeing, this dimensional way of tapping into wisdom and guidance.” - LiYana Silver

About LiYana Silver

LiYana Silver is a mentor, teacher, and torch-holder for women. She is the author of FEMININE GENIUS the creator of her mentors Woman: The Embodiment Experience and her online program Feminine Genius at Work.  LiYana’s work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Forbes, Jezebel, Thrive Global, Bustle, Emerging Women, and Yoga Journal.  She also dances, paints, and home-makes with her son in Asheville, NC.


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