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Gateway to Love

with Joanna Shakti


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Love can be made very complicated by making the feminine separate from the masculine, but it is really in the partnership of the two where the power to save the world lies.

In this PODCAST, Joanna Shakti will share her elevated viewpoint on how to shift fear and judgment of the feminine with an invitation to see, understand and embrace the feminine as the gateway to saving our world. She will shed her light with guidance on how to find your divine alignment, lead with your soul's gift and from there, call in a soul mate so that you may experience soul to soul love.

In this Episode you will:

  • Discover the Feminine Gateway and see the path where it leads you
  • Find out how you can become that gateway to saving the world by starting with yourself
  • Learn how to embrace your femininity and let it flow into your life, your relationships, and the rest of humanity
  • Get to empower yourself knowing that you are love and you can change the world

Quotes from this Episode:

“The intimacy requires a vulnerability – to be seen in all of who we are. And to connect our levels where there is no denial of our humanness or our divinity. It is that invitation that will lead us into the reunion, the unity that is the essence of who we are.” - Joanna Shakti 

“For me, it’s almost like we have to forget a lot of what we’ve been taught in order to truly embrace what’s available and to me essence is a very powerful path there. It requires us to let go; to go within; to trust our feelings; to trust our knowing; to trust that essential balance.” – Cyndie Silbert

“We all need to come home to who we truly are and stop judging each other; stop judging ourselves; stop judging the energy and find its light.” - Joanna Shakti

“The Feminine Yin, the emergence of the Divine Feminine is coming in to shed light, to break through that illusion - the false definitions, the limited viewpoints – basically the old systems, the old programming. Everything that’s been built that’s not bad or good. Essentially, it’s needing to reform, to be reinvented.” - Cyndie Silbert

“This work that we do within ourselves – this allowing; this transformation; this transcendence; this coming in to our own balance; this embracing our essence and expressing that – that is feeding and nourishing this new possibility that we can come together united, aligned, and in partnership.” - Cyndie Silbert

“The Yin and the Yang, the masculine and the feminine are co-creating all the time and we’ve made them the enemies. They’re not the enemy. They are a partner.” - Joanna Shakti

About Author

Joanna Shakti founded Ecstatic Intimacy, where she offers programs, events, and mentoring to women and men that guide them along the spiritual path of love -- self-love, romantic love, and divine love.  As the Soul Love Mentor, Joanna inspires anyone who hungers for deeper love and intimate pleasure…to find and create a relationship that is an expression of ecstatic authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy.


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