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Feminine Mastery


The Path to Your Desires, Dreams and Destiny.

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of Your Feminine Mastery?

Feminine Mastery programs provide the path with everything you need to fulfill your desires, dreams and destiny.

With our original archetypes, proven practices and feminine-infused mentoring, Feminine Mastery programs become your chrysalis to personally transform and emerge fully expressed, wholly embodied and deeply fulfilled as the woman you were born to be, flourishing in the life of your dreams.

Let’s find right place for you to begin.

Feminine Mastery EXPRESSED

Express Your Desire and Unleash Your Feminine Freedom

A 9-Week Virtual Immersion with Private Member Portal Access to Audio Lessons, Video Practices and Online Group Mentoring Support

Feminine Mastery EXPRESSED is the path to express your desire and unleash your feminine freedom so you can live freely and fully expressed in a life that you totally love!

In just 9 Weeks you will be immersed in the magic of the Feminine Mastery Archetypes through guided visualizations and feminine practices that will awaken your desire, unleash your self-expression and totally transform your life.

Here’s a juicy taste of what you’ll experience and receive…

Shift fear into freedom to express your feminine desire and receive fully,
Ignite your attraction of love, abundance and what your heart truly desires,
Unleash your inner joy to escalate your vibration and awaken a whole new life,  

And, you will totally transform with fun, simple feminine practices that work magically!

When you express your feminine desire, everything transforms and comes alive from your magnetic attraction of love and abundance to your joy, happiness and excitement for life!

Feminine Mastery EXPRESSED is the path to your desire and living a freely and fully expressed life.

Feminine Mastery EMBODIED

Embody Your Feminine Power and Manifest Your Dreams

A 6-Month Online Guided Journey with Member Portal Access to Audio Lessons, Video Practices and Online Group Mentoring with Cyndie

Feminine Mastery EMBODIED is the path to embody your feminine power and manifest your dreams.

You’ll be immersed in a feminine-infused, dream manifesting chrysalis and guided through a 6-month journey to embody each of the five Feminine Mastery Archetypes and awaken the untapped power and potential of your mind, body, spirit and heart.

As you embody each Feminine Mastery Archetype you’ll shed layers of deadened energy and transform into a living goddess with awakened superpowers that manifest your calling and dreams naturally and abundantly.

Embodied in your Feminine Mastery everything grows and flourishes! Your calling awakens! Your presence magnetizes! Your prosperity flows! Your confidence exudes! And, your feminine power manifests!

And, you will totally transform with fun, simple feminine practices that work magically!

If your calling is to be who you are, live your calling and flourish in a deeply fulfilling dream life that you love, Feminine Mastery EMBODIED is the path for you.

Feminine Mastery EXALTED

Exalt in Your Destiny and Light Up the World.

Private Mentoring for Luminary Women through One-to-One Sessions and Member Portal Access to Feminine Mastery’s Library of Practices, Tools, Templates and Programs

Like the Sun and Moon, a Luminary Woman is destined to rise, exalt and light up the world by emerging as a feminine embodied leader.

Feminine Mastery EXALTED is a high touch private mentoring program guiding you to fulfill your destiny as a Luminary Woman by awakening the wisdom, message and calling you are here to express.

Even for the most empowered woman, embracing your Luminary path can evoke fear and vulnerability, making this exciting life event feel more like an overwhelming challenge.

As your Luminary Mentor, Cyndie will guide you through a deep and profound personal transformation as you gracefully transition from living your life to fulfilling your destiny so that you and everyone you love flourishes and prospers.

Cyndie will be your private mentor, guide and pillar of support as you cultivate your gifts into superpowers, design the expression of your calling and emerge, exalted in your feminine mastery.

Feminine Mastery EXALTED is the path to fulfill your destiny as a Luminary Woman born to light up the world.

  • I was feeling heavy and at a dead end in my personal and professional life when I met Cyndie. I was drawn to the feminine essence she embodied and intuitively knew she could help me find my true calling. First I quadrupled my income. Then she guided me to awaken my Butterfly and Hummingbird giving me the aliveness and courage to step forward and fulfill my calling as a healer. From there, I've created my own body of work guiding women to flourish in life and business using their Feminine Alchemy. Now I have a life and business I love

    Danielle McGhee
    Danielle McGhee
  • The big aha moment for me was recognizing that I am a Dragonfly and how to integrate that with my Chameleon. Previously, I had wanted to leave my Chameleon traits behind, but now know that I need them to be successful. Also, I had been completely ignoring my Butterfly for fear of being too feminine. Now I understand what an integral part of me she is and have begun honoring her, expanding my wings and coming out of hiding. Ive lost 70 lbs and feel better in my body at 60 than I did at 20. The Archetypes have given me access to all of my potential to thrive in every area of my life.

    Kathy Beal
    Kathy Beal
  • Before I met Cyndie I was stuck in resistance, struggling financially. Once she connected me with the Hummingbird and in turn connected my heart with my business, the resistance melted away. My cold calls are now warm calls spreading love and I increased my sales by 73%, receiving my biggest check in my 30+ realestate career.

  • After years of trying to find my true calling I finally found Cyndie. Her guidance helped me clear the fear and blocks that were keeping me stuck and her Archetypes soon revealed that my true calling was in fact a spiritual one. Cyndie was able to draw forth my power, show me how to channel the wisdom wanting to be expressed from within me - and now I’m transitioning from my 30+ years in corporate marketing to launch Higher Self Solutions!

    Karen Heine
    Karen Heine
  • My session with Cyndie was amazing! The experience alone epitomized the essence of what I was so craving in my life. It was intuitive, lighthearted, insightful and super powerful. I was profoundly challenged but in a very nurturing and inspiring way. And I was able to unleash some blocks around success and love that I wasn't even aware of. I was able to reframe a model of success and love that was being fueled with great ease, creativity, flow, passion, and peace. Cyndie has an amazing gift of blending her vast expertise with her intuition and was able to provide important clarity and direction in regards to helping me map out a new success blueprint.

  • My session with Cyndie was worth every penny and every minute. Cyndie questioned and listened as I shared from my heart. Cyndie poured out words and phrases that reflected exactly who I want to be in my business, what I want to do and how. She was able to pull out all these unique words and phrases I had inside but couldnt reach. It was an enjoyable, relaxing experience. Amazing! I walked away feeling confident to talk about what I do. I am excited to get started and cant wait to try out my new answer to the 'what do you do?' question. I totally recommend a session with Cyndie!

  • When I met Cyndie I was experiencing severe rashes on my body, low energy, irritability and like I was on an emotional rollercoaster. My session with Cyndie was supportive, nurturing and fun. She helped me to break free from the cycle I was stuck in and move past it. Cyndie helped me make the mental shift to aid my recovery and armed me with a practice to shift from my pattern to freedom. Now I am experiencing a more peaceful state and my rash subsided! I feel more balanced and alive again. My goals of a healthy life, starting a family and being more connected and creative are now possible. Thank you Cyndie!

  • Wow!!! I don't know if I ever felt so alive now that I've reclaimed my Butterfly! I had been on a spiritual path so assumed I was a Dragonfly but it felt so heavy to me. My older daughter often says to me – Mom, I think you were supposed to be a rock star! I am taking off the nuns habit and putting on the Diva. So much has awakened in me in just these few short hours since my session with you Cyndie!

  • Thank you Cyndie for your work with Feminine Mastery.  The Feminine Principle is completely holistic, abundant and nurturing.  Nature itself is feminine by design.  When we hold a space within ourselves for our wholeness to rise up to our consciousness, we prosper with grace and ease.  We are then guided to create in sustainable ways, without the feeling of lack or scarcity. I am thrilled to be celebrating the Feminine Principle with you because I strongly feel that this is the way of the future of manifesting in our culture.  Humanity is awakening to the right action of building a life upon that which is deeply felt and trusted within, something that is natural and affirming to the truth that we are made of.  This is the Feminine Principle at its finest.

    Dr. Sue Morter
    Dr. Sue Morter
  • Cyndie is a gifted mentor and coach. There is so much richness, joy, and love in her approach. I am profoundly grateful for her intuition and wisdom that guided and supported me whilst I navigated a rare health condition, dystonia.  As a direct result of our work together, I have now written a book about my healing journey and launched my coaching business to support people with autoimmune diseases and related movement disorders.


Feminine Mastery Women’s Retreat on Maui

A Sacred Feminine Journey to Your Desire, Dreams and Destiny

Join Cyndie on a 6-Day Sacred Journey to Awaken, Transform and Emerge as the Woman You Were Born to Be – An Exclusively Intimate Women’s Retreat Experience

Imagine waking up on Maui…
Where you are enveloped in ocean views, lush gardens, bronze statues, swaying hammocks and winding paths all inviting you to let go and drop deep into your heart and feminine flow.

Imagine entering a sacred circle…
Where you are embraced by the open hearts and bright smiles of your sisterhood, immersed and enveloped in a deeply nourishing Divine feminine source energy.

From the moment you arrive on Maui, you’ll enter a sacred feminine chrysalis where you’ll be embraced and gently guided through a world class, decadent and luscious 6-day, transformational retreat experience proven to create miracles for every woman who attends.

Your transformation happens with grace, gently held in Cyndie’s loving feminine presence and guided through her signature transformational process emulating the emergence pattern of the butterfly.

Join Cyndie and an intimate circle of women on Maui for your sacred feminine awakening and divine emergence.

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