Receive more pleasure

It’s the day before Valentines Day and as I tapped into my heart for the perfect message to send to the women in our Feminine Mastery community, the word pleasure came to me. Following this, I pulled a card from one of my favorite decks and I received the “Angel of Pleasure” card with the message “Take pleasure in the things you do”.

I received the card as an invitation to combine “doing” with “pleasure” which can also be looked at as “giving” and “receiving”. I realized that I hadn’t been taking time for life’s simple pleasures like grabbing my journal and having tea on my beach wall, or watching my son practice his soccer tricks, or breathing deep into my heart feeling the gratitude for all my blessings.

Receiving is a conscious act, it’s just that we’re more inclined to consciously give. Receiving is also a profound Feminine Mastery practice that leads you to in the moment joy and manifestation of your desires. Your desires run deep and they are your most powerful well of manifesting power.

Too much doing and giving without consciously receiving and more importantly receiving pleasure leaves us feeling hardened, edgy and sometimes even bitchy and resentful — definitely not in a place to manifest our desires let alone our dreams.

Don’t wait for pleasure to come to you! Receive pleasure now even in the little things you do. Put your pleasure first and become a pleasure seeker – and – pleasure receiver. In our Feminine Archetype system, pleasure and all that comes with it is held in your Butterfly who is insatiable. Your Butterfly represents your body and your feminine center, the space in your body between your hips as well as your sexual organs.

This is an invitation for you to take the time to receive more pleasure! Look at the sky and all the colors at sunset, breathe into happiness for simple pleasures, taste the delicious food you eat, allow yourself to become aroused, fill your moments with what brings you joy, embrace your freedom and celebrate with excitement for life and what’s possible!

Move your hips, connect with your Butterfly, move freely in your body and through life! Activate all your senses – smell, sight, touch, taste, sound and allow them to amplify and turn you on. Imagine the universe is your pleasure giver and ask for more! Feel your desire and allow it to manifest.

Post below, let me know how this pleasure experiment works for you!

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