Shift from Pause to Permission – Reclaim Your Freedom

How are you?

Staying connected is one of the most important things we can do during this time of global pause and epic change, there is so much we can do especially when we come together.

I also know this time of pause is not without challenges.

Perhaps you or a sister you know is on the front lines of this, not in pause but called the other direction into healing, service or action.

Even with the entire world on pause you don’t have to be, there is a way to reclaim your freedom!

It’s the Shift from Pause to Permission.

I’ve found it fascinating that all the places within me and in my life that were strong are still strong, and that all the places I was challenged are still there but I’m finding I have less tolerance for them and am quickly shifting into feeling more whole and stronger than ever before.

What are you noticing? What are you learning? What’s still the same? What would you like to change?

This is an amazing time for self-reflection and growth if you give yourself permission to see it that way.

Here’s how permission works and why it’s important now and always.

Think back to before the panic and pause hit.

What was it you were grappling with then?

Fear? Self-doubt? Resistance? Overwhelm?

Beyond all of that is the silent life stopper and dream killer for women – Guilt.

That’s why giving yourself permission to live fully, even in this time of pause is so important.

Liberate yourself !

Give yourself permission to…

Feel joy
Show compassion
Be emotional
Speak truth
Stand out
Spend money
Have sex
Eat carbs
Face fear
Express yourself
Dream big
Lay low
Feel high!

This is an extraordinary time to fully experience life and discover who you really are!

What story will you tell of how you used this time of pause?

Nothing is more powerful than your gorgeous heart and ever-expanding spirit!

Give yourself permission to embrace all of you, see everything clearly and be the bright, amazing, extraordinary woman that you are!


xo, Cyndie
Founder of
Feminine Mastery

PS: Last time I wrote, it was to help you Shift from Panic to Pause with a simple practice to stay present and calm. If you missed it or want to revisit, it’s HERE on our blog.

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