Shift from Permission to Positivity
3 Essential Practices

Hello resilient!

That’s the name of the game and the challenge right now isn’t it?

How do we stay present, aware of what’s happening but also be positive and move forward?

Before I guide you through the 3 Steps to Shift from Permission to Positivity, I want to first invite you to check in with yourself. Pause and give yourself permission to feel and be with whatever you are feeling with a loving embrace of whatever comes up. Take a deep breath placing one hand on your heart and one on your lower belly, and then ask yourself this question, “What do I need from myself, others and the universe to support me right now?”

????If it supports you, hit reply and share what guidance you received and what you need

I know this time is triggering whether it’s you or those you love and work with. Reactions are showing up in different ways, some expected and some unexpected or even shocking.

One of the biggest challenges of this time and moving forward is how to stay present even when the environment or relationship you’re in is negative, low vibrating or toxic.

This is a feminine practice I’ve mastered and during these past few weeks, I’ve had to upgrade and fine-tune it!

First by detaching from the world-wide fear bomb, second by setting boundaries with people projecting their fear or stuff onto me and third consciously constructing and holding a feminine space within me and around me that is protected and filled with “Positivity” so that others can go through their process without it impacting me.

This is an advanced practice that any woman can learn and it begins with the lesson I have to share with you now.

Three Steps to Shift from Permission to Positivity

In the spirit of “Clarity” let me begin by being crystal clear on a crucial point.

“Positivity defined as high vibrating energy that fills you, protects you and attracts the universe; IS NOT about changing negative thinking to positive thinking.

The mind that thinks or reacts to negative thinking is not capable of generating true Positivity and further, positive thinking is almost always attached to negative thinking which is why it takes effort, can turn into a struggle and set you back rather than move you forward.

The Shift into true Positivity IS about liberation from any outer circumstances AND the connection to the pure source of energy, light, love and guidance within you.

Without this essential shift into your feminine and into living and leading with your personal feminine mastery, you risk expending your precious time and energy only to end up where you began in the first place.

Here are the Three Steps!

Step 1: Detach from the outside world and all energy other than your own. Imagine and become the calm in the storm. Lean inward and as you do see your energy and light retracting all the way back into your body.  Feel into your heart, find your desire and allow it to come back to life and resonate within you.

Step 2:  Be present in the moment and dwell in what’s possible. “Dwell in possibility” is a famous quote by Emily Dickinson and re-quoted by Oprah Winfrey. The universe is still vibrating and so are you! Take time, especially now, to dream and dwell in possibility detached from everything other than you, your heart and your desires.

Step 3: Take inspired actions, keep living and moving forward on your path. Expand beyond circumstance and uncertainty. Stay committed to your path and what’s calling to you. It is more important than ever to recognize fear as fear and set it aside. Taking Inspired Actions that come from your heart and soul will set you on a trajectory beyond what you can currently see or imagine.

Trust and believe in yourself!

Know that you’ll get to Positivity by learning to be present, clear and open to receive – this is why everything I personally practice and offer is seeded and centered in the feminine and shows you how to use your feminine mastery.

Remember asking for and receiving the support you need is essential to your Positivity.

I am here as a resource for you now and always!

xo, Cyndie

Founder of
Feminine Mastery

PS: Everything you are wanting or dreaming of is still possible! Contrary to what fear might be telling you, there’s no reason to put yourself, your life or your calling on “hold”. This is the perfect time to break free, get clear and make your feminine shift forward.

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