Shift Panic to Pause with Perspective

Hello brave and beautiful,

I know this time of unpredictable uncertainty is affecting you as it is sweeping through the world impacting each and every person on every level and in a multitude of ways.

Embrace yourself in this moment accepting and honoring all that you are feeling and experiencing, sending ease and grace to your beautiful mind, as she is most likely working overtime trying to keep you safe.

Wherever you are know that I am sending you love and holding space here, through Feminine Mastery, as a safe haven, a calm amidst the storm as well as a place where you can continue to find your personal strength and path to move forward.

It is my personal intention to embrace this time as both a wake-up call and a calling as I truly believe that is what it is.

I hope that you’ll stay with me and even share with me what you need most.

I’ll be sending more ways to navigate this time but for now, I want to meet you where we all are and help you shift from Panic to Pause.

Even if you aren’t outwardly reacting in panic, your panic button has definitely been turned on as it is a natural reaction to any situation that brings unwanted or dramatic change.

Love and accept the part of you that is in a state of emergency and feeling fear, panic or the wild range of emotions and thoughts that are showing up.

The state of pause or neutral is one of the most calming and nourishing places to be, now and always. It is the place from which we can access our higher self, inner strength and feminine wisdom.

I realize that the idea of making this shift with all that’s going on might seem impossible.

But if you open your mind to the possibility of making this shift, it will begin to shift your perspective and then finding peace and even a sense of power are suddenly possible.

Here is a Panic to Pause practice that you can practice daily or multiple times a day if necessary.

**Turn everything off then sit or lie down with one hand on your heart and one on your lower belly. Soften your mind drawing all thoughts inward to collect in a single point of light at the center of your forehead or third eye. Breathe deeply, draw your energy inward and guide it down into your lower belly and continue to breathe using your breath to move energy from your mind down through your body and into your lower belly, the safe haven of your feminine center, also called your womb space and sacral chakra. Keep the process going until you feel a sense of peace, calm and/or pause or neutral. When finished go outside and ground into the earth; feet in grass, soil or sand and then call on all five senses to bring you into the present moment. Repeat throughout the day. Add in lavender oil and time in nature to enhance this practice.**

This practice will reset your nervous system allowing you to calm, center, balance and think clearly, empowering you to act with conscious intention.

Taking care of yourself and those you love at this time is enough!

And for myself, I am also choosing to find a higher perspective of what’s happening.

This desire led me to pick up my book True Calling this weekend as it is filled with Divine Feminine Wisdom that came through me as a universal call to women while writing my book.

Reading the words and her message is even more awakening, calming, crystalizing and ever so helpful in putting this time into perspective with a higher purpose, personal guidance and a path to follow.

Early on in True Calling, the Divine Feminine sheds light on the essential “undoing” and “breakdown” of ourselves and our world “systems”.

What we are experiencing now is indeed a massive, universal breakdown with a call to connect, communicate and collectively come together in a new way.

If you look beyond the panic, you’ll see the world coming together.

Perhaps we can look at this as a storm that instead of reaching one coastline and community, it is reaching every region and every community across every sea.

We can begin to shift our perspective and then take action to first making ourselves strong, and then as we feel called, reach out to help others.

At the very least we can choose to share light and hope rather than doom and disaster.

Give yourself what you need to make the shift, shine your light and share your gifts with conscious choice and courageous action.

It’s time for us to be brave!

We’re in this together and we can rise together.

I see you and believe in you now and always!

xo, Cyndie


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