Tap into Liberation and True Self Expression

This Full Moon on August 15, 2019 is in Aquarius and is in total alignment with you becoming expressed as the woman you were born to be.

Everything is changing universally, globally and personally for women as the feminine paradigm shift continues to grow stronger. Even the stars, moon and planets are playing a key role and this full moon is no different.

You and all women are meant to be expressed fully, like the moon which never holds back and moves through a purposeful cycle that ripples through our planet, our bodies and our lives.

Never has there been a time where women have the opportunity to embrace true feminine freedom yet old masculine programming is still so ingrained and can hold us back in ways we don’t even realize.

Listen below as I shed light on this Full Moon, this time and how to heighten your awareness to the ways you might be limiting your own expression and how you can break through it all.

I also introduce my new program, Feminine Mastery EXPRESSED, that I am over the moon excited about! The women who join me will be guided on a six week immersion into the feminine codes that will unlock your desires, and activate your potent feminine attraction so that you can experience true feminine freedom and live an ecstatic and limitless life.

Imagine you fully, freely and abundantly expressed in every way and in all aspects of life! 

In honor of the feminine, liberation and true self-expression.


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