The Exalted Feminine Success Blueprint Guide


How are you feeling?

Several women I’ve talked to are really feeling the emotional upheaval of the shift into 2020 coupled with the full moon in cancer this week.

Your emotions are such a big part of your feminine guidance system, but when there’s a shakeup it can be challenging to weather the storm and stay on course.

This is one of the many reasons, I spend the time myself and also take my clients through the Feminine Mastery Exalted Blueprinting process.

The term Blueprint my sound masculine to you but your true power as a creator is BOTH Feminine and Masculine.

I am as human as they come and emotionally sensitive too, that’s why I’ve designed the Exalted Blueprint process to harness your superpowers and align you with the co-creative power of the universe – so that even when you are down or challenged, you still have the universe working for you!

A side note and somewhat harsh reality to this is, “Women who believe their ultimate success comes from action or goals alone will never reach their true potential or they will work much harder, burn out or struggle to get there.”

I see empowered women fixed on believing they have to do it alone, figure it all out or make it happen in order to create success.

I see women muster up all of their energy to get just one morsel of success like confidence or strategy when they can use that same amount of energy to get the whole pie!

Anything wrong with this approach?

Not if you’re happy with just a morsel or willing to settle for hard work and baby steps.

One of my favorite quotes by Abraham Hicks is, “It takes the same effort to create a button as it does a castle.”

So what creates a castle?

And even more importantly, what will create your castle?

An Exalted Success Blueprint does and here are three reasons why:

  1. An Exalted Blueprint shifts your mind and in turn the universe to giving you what you need to “exalt” or reach your ultimate success. I see immediate results and impact for my clients when they start to ask themselves, “What would it look like to exalt in my life, business or destiny?” The shift is from button to castle.
  2. An Exalted Blueprint bypasses the traps that your ego sets in the way of fear, self-doubt or limiting yourself to morsels, buttons or baby steps. It saves you years from using your energy to resolve your issues and catapults you over blocks into actively and tangibly co-creating with the universe without a stitch more effort.
  3. An Exalted Blueprint identifies and calls forth your superpowers, your soul purpose and specific guidance that transforms fear into confidence, self-doubt into clarity and limits into possibilities that are beyond your imagination but are meant just for you.

Exalted is your ultimate success, it is what you were born to be!

And the Exalted Blueprint is what creates your castle.”


An Exalted Blueprint is what puts you in direct relationship with the universe as co-creative partners through alignment, congruency, and flow.

The result?

Seamless manifesting, synchronistic events, ideas, downloads, new clients, job offers, soul mates and miracles that happen outside of space, time and limits of action alone.

I promised you a Guide to create your Exalted Blueprint so here are two options.

Option 1: Do It Yourself Guide – Take the Archetype Quiz and Purchase your Archetype Infusion for $1 or what feels good to you. You will receive a Print and Audio Guide in your Feminine Mastery Portal that is guided by me in print and audio.

**Completing it will give you a Blueprint in the form of a finished Guidebook. This is the minimum step and a powerful one.

=> Take the Quiz and Purchase your Archetype Infusion HERE

Option 2: Co-Create Your Exalted Blueprint with Me as Your Guide. I will guide you through my signature process completely customized to you. It is an experience that continues to leave me in awe as it divinely guided, gives you practical steps, and delivers transformation, clarity, confidence and manifested desires, dreams, and destinies that would otherwise take years or not happen at all.

=> Fill Out the Exalted Application and Schedule your Discovery Call with me HERE

, I hope that you’ll use your energy, mind, and heart wisely at the onset of this potent year!

Why would you want to push your way through another year on your own or bypass the opportunity to claim your birthright and call on your natural power to co-create with the universe?

If you need help choosing the best Option, hit reply.

Otherwise, I look forward to receiving your Exalted Application and meeting you in our Discovery Session.


PS: Let me show you how to Exalt and create your Castle where you’ll live your ultimate life and achieve your destined success. Fill out the Exalted Mentoring Application HERE and then we’ll schedule your one on one time with me. Trust your heart, it’s all waiting to unfold for you and is much closer than you think.

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