Unravel Resistance with Mercury Retrograde


Do you pay attention to signs?

It is both my passion and superpower to notice, listen and be guided by the Divine signs that appear as messages, symbols and guidance to support me and the women I mentor.

This week several women have mentioned that Mercury Retrograde seems to be coming in early and with great intensity.

Just now, I put two and two together combining this message about Mercury Retrograde with another very clear message about Resistance that flew into my consciousness just last week.

I’ll get to both in a minute and how they fit together but first, let’s open up the context here and how this relates to you.

Feminine Mastery is your path to becoming the woman you were born to be so you can flourish naturally in the beautiful and abundant life you are meant to live.

When you step onto a path with this high of an intention, there have to be course corrections!

Most people think Mercury Retrograde is here to wreak havoc by messing up your communication, making you miss flights or canceling contracts you thought were a done deal.

That limited perspective misses the Divine blessing that Mercury Retrograde has to offer you.

If you were off track, wouldn’t you want to know? Wouldn’t you want a little help realigning for even greater success?

Mercury Retrograde is a Divine assistant in charge of course corrections on your path to reach your highest expression and true potential!

That’s why Mercury Retrograde is here now for the next few weeks, and why she returns consistently with great intensity.

The second message I received is this, “Resistance is the absence of belief in the Divine”.

Resistance is what wreaks havoc, not Mercury Retrograde.

Feminine Mastery is all about awakening to your Divine Feminine Being, the goddess within you that came here to show the world her superpowers and live an exalted life!

But Resistance denies you of this truth and turns your Divine path into an Everest to climb.

Mercury Retrograde is in service of your highest expression of Feminine Mastery on your Divine path.

Let Mercury Retrograde show you were you are in Resistance these next few weeks and move with the Divine grace of this faithful and dedicated ambassador of the Universe.


1. Fixed in your mindset unwilling to “see it” any other way

2. Denying there is a Divine power within you that sources your every desire

3. Relying on grit, muscle and struggle to muster up energy, money, and opportunity

4. Shrinking based on circumstances rather than rising above to see what’s on the other side

5. Rushing through rather than slowing down to listen to your guidance and expand your awareness

6. Spending way too much time and energy on social media and looking at and judging what everyone else is doing

7. Ignoring signs, messages, and guidance out of sheer resistance, procrastination or unwillingness to take a risk and be uncomfortable

8. Relying on gurus, angels, healers, therapists, supplements and other things to fix your issues rather than grounding in, shifting your energy and redirecting the Universe your way

I promise that taking a brave, bold self-inventory in partnership with Mercury Retrograde will give you the course correction that your Divine Feminine Master within is yearning for!

I absolutely believe in you and know that you are here to make a Divine contribution and experience a life that fulfills you in the deepest possible way.

Remember that what’s calling you to look at “the not-so-fun-to-see” is the same Divine source that loves you beyond measure and believes in you the way I do!

You are here to be you! And that is glorious!

It’s about truth.

It’s about courage to change.

It’s about you expressing, embodying and exalting as the woman you were born to be!

I am here for you!

With all my heart,


PS: if you were expecting a big leap this year that just isn’t happening or all of a sudden seems to be moving backward instead of forward, it is likely due to a pattern that needs to be reset and transformed. When you evolve and are ready to exalt by bringing your feminine mastery into the world in an expanded way, you need an exalted blueprint that can literally hold ALL that you and fully resonates with your highest expression.

Submit your Exalted Mentoring Application and we’ll explore how an Exalted Blueprint Immersion can support your February Leap and 2020 next level, exalted success!

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