Your Secret Power of Allowing

You know when you get those a-HA! moments and you just have to share? That’s how this lesson on Your Secret Power of Allowing came from my guidance, to me and now to you.

If you follow the Law of Attraction or have been a part of the work I do Feminine Mastery, you’ve heard the term “allowing”. You are not only born with the ability to create and manifest anything you desire, you also have this feminine super power of allowing. The reason why it’s a super power is that without it or without understanding it, your power to manifest will always fall short.

Allowing is essential for your intentions to the process of manifestation to complete its course – meaning to turn your intentions and dreams into reality you need to “allow” yourself to receive the grace, goodness and abundance that’s manifested but has not yet come to you. Allowing is truly the key. You can wish and want all day long but if what you are allowing into your life is not in alignment with your desires — all of your effort to create and manifest will become void — you may even spiral downward. SO, please watch and listen closely to how you can exercise your power of allowing to make your dreams come true and even manifest miracles.

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