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When you rise the world prospers
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Discovering your Feminine Mastery Archetype is the first step to awaken this Divine truth within you.

Take our Quiz and discover your Archetype and the famous women who share it! The Quiz result will reveal your natural gifts and the most prosperous way to express your Divine calling.

You are a DIVINE BEING with superpowers, why not use them?

If any part of life is not what you want it to be…
If fear or “not good enough” is stopping you…
If you need courage or clarity to take the next step…

Feminine Mastery replaces the tireless push to be enough and have it all with a new way to live, love and lead from your feminine. I’ll show you how to use your innate superpowers to master your Divine gifts and become the empowered creator of your life and destiny.

All you need to do is start.
Ready to begin?

Reveal the path to
Your calling and 

If you feel something powerful rising within you but don’t know what it is…

If you sense there is something you are meant to discover and express in your life but you don’t know where to begin…

These are signs that your Divine calling is rising within you. This deep and sacred calling can bring up fear, vulnerability and the need for clarity on what your calling is and how to express it.

I hear you. I see you.

And I’m here to guide you, make sense of it all, and find the clarity and courage you need to move powerfully into your Divine calling and destiny.

Feminine Mastery

  • I was feeling heavy and at a dead end in my personal and professional life when I met Cyndie. I was drawn to the feminine essence she embodied and intuitively knew she could help me find my true calling. First I quadrupled my income. Then she guided me to awaken my Butterfly and Hummingbird giving me the aliveness and courage to step forward and fulfill my calling as a healer. From there, I've created my own body of work guiding women to flourish in life and business using their Feminine Alchemy. Now I have a life and business I love

    Danielle McGhee
    Danielle McGhee
  • Before I met Cyndie I was stuck in resistance, struggling financially. Once she connected me with the Hummingbird and in turn connected my heart with my business, the resistance melted away. My cold calls are now warm calls spreading love and I increased my sales by 73%, receiving my biggest check in my 30+ realestate career.

  • After years of trying to find my true calling I finally found Cyndie. Her guidance helped me clear the fear and blocks that were keeping me stuck and her Archetypes soon revealed that my true calling was in fact a spiritual one. Cyndie was able to draw forth my power, show me how to channel the wisdom wanting to be expressed from within me - and now I’m transitioning from my 30+ years in corporate marketing to launch Higher Self Solutions!

    Karen Heine
    Karen Heine
  • I was attracted to Cyndie because of her intuition and ability to see my blocks. Fast forward through the Feminine Masters program and I shifted from being at risk in my health and business to shed 70 pounds and layers of guilt and shame. In her hands, I moved out of hopelessness and pain, into the divine light of my life today - happy, healthy, energetic, optimistic, and eager to face the challenges and excitement of my business. Cyndie is the most loving, fearless, compassionate, intuitive coach, leader, master, that you could ever hope for. Feminine Mastery is a must do for every woman that ever had a dream, a desire to know herself more deeply, and/or a quest for her calling. It will get you on your path and leave you with the tools to make your dreams come true. It will also connect you forever with a community of other amazing Feminine Masters.

    Kathy Beal
    Kathy Beal
  • After struggling financially for years and longing for a soul love relationship, Cyndie’s mentoring shifted me to believe in myself, release my old patterns of unworthiness and realign my business with my heart and mastery. Then 3 miracles happened. I launched my Vibrant Living Through the Seasons brand! My income began flowing effortlessly and debt literally melted away! And, I met my true love and soul mate who is beyond my dreams! I learned to honor myself and receive from my feminine and with Cyndie’s Mentoring it happened with love, laughter, grace and ease.

    Lisa Davis
    Lisa Davis

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