born to be


Feminine Mastery is the path to your desires, dreams and destiny — and it begins with you.

Discover your Archetype and the Blueprint for who you were born to be.



You have the power to create — anything.

If you want the beautiful dreams in your heart to manifest, 
If you have a brilliant idea, juicy desire or true calling to express, 
If you long to feel beautiful, happy, excited and empowered.

And if you want to love yourself, heal your body, make more money and meet the love of your life – that’s all possible too!

Feminine Mastery is a totally new, feminine way to create, manifest and experience life as the woman you were born to be, flourishing in the life you are meant to live with ease, joy and in total flow!

If you’ve been on the spiritual path for a while or you just beginning to create your life, Feminine Mastery will meet you wherever you are and show you how to use your creative feminine power to manifest anything you’re wanting, dreaming of or called to be.

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The Path

Feminine Mastery is the path that makes it real.

One path that naturally unfolds into your desires, dreams and destiny becoming real.

It doesn’t have to be hard or take f o r e v e r ! If what you’ve been wanting to make real in your life has been a struggle or felt out of reach, it’s because you’ve been on a path of doing, rather than being. With Feminine Mastery your path is guided by your Mentor Archetype showing you how to be who you are and express yourself authentically in a way that everything you're wanting or intending happens naturally

Your path begins with you when you discover your Mentor Archetype and unlock your personal blueprint.

Our programs become your path guiding you to express, embody and exalt in your feminine mastery resulting in your desires, dreams and destiny manifesting naturally.

Level 1


In the EXPRESSED program, you'll unleash your DESIRE with feminine freedom to align with the universe and attract what you want.

Explore the Expressed Program

Level 2


In the EMBODIED program, you'll unlock your feminine superpowers to manifest your DREAMS and flourish in the life you want to live.

Explore the Embodied Program

Level 3


In the EXALTED program, you'll reach the high point in life and exalt in your DESTINY as the woman you were born to be

Explore the Exalted Program

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Begin your Path

Want to discover the Feminine Mastery path to become the woman you were born to be?

Be inspired

You were born to be you and express who
you are – this is your Feminine Mastery

In the presence of a woman who is living true to her Feminine Mastery, you feel drawn to her feminine energy and inspired by who she is.

And the best part? There are famous women for your Mentor Archetype that symbolize what's possible for you once you get on the path to your destiny by expressing your feminine mastery.

Are you ready?

Discover your Mentor Archetype and Unlock the Blueprint for the Woman you were born to be.

Meet Cyndie

Hello! I’m Cyndie, the Creator of Feminine Mastery

As the Honeybee Archetype, I’ve expressed my creator in different ways from writing books to working in startup companies - but it wasn’t until I left the corporate world and moved to the island of Maui that I found my path and destiny to give birth to Feminine Mastery and create the Archetypes.

A whole new world of possibilities opens up when you discover your Mentor Archetype. It’s like having a supercharged personalized guidance system that brings alignment to your actions, vibration to your attraction and power to your manifesting!

If you’re looking for a new path that is simple and magical - you’ll love Feminine Mastery!

Everything is here for you from a path to follow, practices that infuse your feminine energy and a global sisterhood to uplift you.

It’s my highest intention that you receive everything you need to become the woman you were born to be and are empowered to create the life you're meant to live – a life that is inspiring, joyful, abundant and deeply fulfilling because it was created as an expression of who you.

I’m so happy you’re here and look forward to you sharing your feminine mastery!