Flourish as
the woman
you were
born to be


What you deeply desire is the essence that manifests dreams and guidance that leads to your destiny. If you want love, abundance, success or to change the world, it's all possible with Feminine Mastery.

There are secrets here that will turn your life challenges into miraculous revelations and manifested dreams. It's not about fixing yourself there is no fun or power in that. Feminine Mastery will redirect your precious creative power from problem solving and overcoming challenges to expressing your gifts, emodying your natural talents and ultimately exalting in a life beyond your dreams. It's worked for thousands of women around the world, and it can work for you, too.

Feminine Mastery was birthed by founder and creator, Cyndie Loven Fullenkamp, on the lush island of Maui in the Hawaiian islands in the hills of Kapalua. For over a decade Cyndie shared her wisdom and mentored women to feel embodied, expressed, and exalted by following their Divine Feminine Archetypes.

Today her legacy lives on as over 60,000 women have taken her Divine Feminine Archetype Quiz, giving them the confidence and courage to step forward into their unique destinies.

There is a unique destiny for you too!

Begin now by taking the Feminine Archetype Quiz, discover your Mentor Archetype and then complete your Mentor Archetype Infusion. From there, meet women who have gone before you as they share their stories in a brand new bestselling book, The Queen Bee.  Then join us in the Feminine Mastery Inner Circle on Facebook to receive the community support you need as you walk the divine path of your life.

Anything is possible, and everything you need to have it is right here!

Take the Quiz

Discover which Feminine Archetype holds a truth so resonating it opens the door to your destiny!

The Archetypes

Unleash your feminine superpowers

with the Feminine Mastery Archetypes

The Feminine Mastery Archetypes are more than signs or symbols, they are divine activators that awaken your truth and feminine superpower locked away but ready to be unleashed through your expression.

Your Mentor Archetype will guide you to your gifts, calling and career path but it is only one of five Sister Archetypes, that you'll also need to unlock superpowers for creating, attracting and manifesting your dreams for success, abundance, happiness, love and more.

Each of the five Sister Archetypes, gives you an infusion of energy codes that unlock a different feminine superpower.


The Chameleon

INFUSE your ego with fierce feminine power to unlock your SUPERPOWER to SUCCEED


The Butterfly

INFUSE your body with feminine essence to unlock your SUPERPOWER of ATTRACTION


The Honeybee

INFUSE your mind with the codes of creation to unlock your SUPERPOWER to MANIFEST


The Hummingbird

INFUSE your heart with love and unlock your SUPERPOWER to RECEIVE


The Dragonfly

INFUSE your spirit with awareness to unlock for your SUPERPOWER of INTUITION

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Your First Step

Begin with the Archetype Quiz, but don't stop there! It's when you are expressed and embodied in all Five Feminine Archetypes that the real magic happens.

What you need to manifest your desires, dreams and destiny is possible with Feminine Archetype Soul Code Infusions

Awaken each of the archetypes within you to help you feel more expressed, embodied, and exalted as you step more fully into your life. These profound and beautiful infusions have been designed to help you unlock your personal blueprint, fall back in love with your feminine nature, restore harmony, and cultivate all that you desire!Start with your Mentor Archetype - or the one you feel like isn't fully alive within you! 

Chameleon Soul Infusion

The Chameleon

Connect Your Soul Code Infusion!

Butterfly Soul Infusion

The Butterfly

Connect Your Soul Code Infusion!

Honeybee Soul Infusion

The Honeybee

Connect Your Soul Code Infusion!

Hummingbird Soul Infusion

The Hummingbird

Connect Your Soul Code Infusion!

Dragonfly Soul Infusion

The Dragonfly

Connect Your Soul Code Infusion!

Meet Women on The Path

You are not alone. Meet The Queen Bees, women just like you who have embraced Feminine Mastery on their path to full embodiment and expression.

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The Queen Bee 

The Legacy of Feminine Mastery Lives on in The Lives Of These Women

The last three years have been a portal for massive awakenings around the globe. For many of us, the illusion of “the outer way” has lifted and the truth of “the inner way” has permeated our being. The time has come for us to come together, share our stories, and send the ripple effect out around the globe. And so, the book you hold in your hands was created.

The women from the Feminine Mastery Community who wrote this book have courageously and faithfully followed the inner whispers of their hearts to reclaim their sovereignty and take their rightful seat as the queen of their kingdom. And they share that journey with you all here. The Queen Bee is a book about expressing the divine feminine through our stories, and so you have a multitude of stories to help you ignite your own divine awakening.

Featuring inspiring stories from: Donna Bond, Stacie Cooper, Danielle Dawson, Carol DeFrancisco, Marion Gibbon, Anna Koskinaris, Judy McNutt, Natalie Murray, Micole Noble, Kayleigh O’Keefe, Joy Paddison, Robin Toft, Pamela Vatrano Kirastoulis, Meredith Wilkie, Sonja Wüthrich

About Cyndie

Founder and Creator of Feminine Mastery

1964 - 2022

One of my favorite quotes is from Buck Minster Fuller which says, “There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” I believe that every woman needs a safe space and nurturing environment to transform. Like the caterpillar you have a blueprint that is in your DNA to become the woman you are designed as and born to be.

As with any woman and any destiny, there is a bigger picture and purpose that eventually unfolds. When I delivered the message from the divine feminine in my book True Calling nearly 10 years ago, there was no sign it would manifest in the global awakening and rise of women we’re experiencing today. The feminine shift is real, it’s a new paradigm and we’re being called to be it and to lead it.

As women we carry the codes to seed this new feminine paradigm in what is generative and sustainable. Feminine Mastery is designed to return a woman to her essential feminine nature and unlock her innate power so that we can all unite collectively through our individual expression of feminine mastery.

It begins with you and each woman’s authentic expression of freedom, power and mastery flowing into a ripple of change from woman to woman and from women to people and onto the creation of a new, more peaceful and prosperous world.

Cyndie is the founder of Feminine Mastery, creator of the Feminine Mastery Archetypes, and Author of True Calling

About Kayleigh

CEO of Feminine Mastery

Kayleigh is the founder and CEO of Soul Excellence Ventures, CEO of Feminine Mastery, USA Today Bestselling Author, and Host of The Future is Human Podcast 

Hi, I'm Kayleigh O'Keefe, and I am honored to carry on my mentor Cyndie's legacy of Feminine Mastery and to welcome in the next generation of women worldwide who are awakening to their inner wisdom and divine essence. You are not alone.

Women who find their way to Feminine Mastery are on a quest, a quest to feel a deeper sense of purpose, connection, and vitality in their lives. The speed of this collective awakening has accelerated in recent years, and more and more of us are "tuning in" and "turning on".

Our journey together is about awakening to your divine nature, committing to heal, trusting our hearts, and using our gifts in service to humanity. Welcome back home to you!

Read The Queen Bee.

What Feminine Mastery Means to Me