The Queen Bee Book

A brand new international best-selling book about awakening your divine feminine nature, as expressed in the stories of from

Feminine Mastery women around the globe.

Inspired by Feminine Mastery and the legacy of its creator, Cyndie Loven Fullenkamp.

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Bee Reference

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The last three years have been a portal for massive awakenings around the globe. For many of us, the illusion of “the outer way” has lifted and the truth of “the inner way” has permeated our being. The time has come for us to come together, share our stories, and send the ripple effect out around the globe. And so, the book you hold in your hands was created.

The women who wrote this book have courageously and faithfully followed the inner whispers of their hearts to reclaim their sovereignty and take their rightful seat as the queen of their kingdom. And they share that journey with you all here. The Queen Bee is a book about expressing the divine feminine through our stories, and so you have a multitude of stories to help you ignite your own divine awakening.

Why “The Queen Bee” you ask?

Because each one of these women—by embodying their truth and living fully expressed—activates the Divine Feminine Mastery Archetype of the Honeybee. The honeybee is the creative power center and the one who fosters loyalty and commitment; she is on a quest to create greater prosperity for all and she honors her inherent gifts as well as those of others. Each one of the women in this book—by using her voice and using her gifts—is creating a queendom of beauty, truth, love, and deep respect for our shared humanity. She is the Queen Bee.

You are invited to enjoy this book as a meditation, as a portal of possibilities. And you are invited to connect with these amazing women who have heeded the call to bear witness to the awakening that is rippling around the planet.

Embody your truth & live fully expressed!