Flourish as
the woman
you were
born to be


Welcome to Feminine Mastery. I’m Cyndie.

It begins with you.

You were born to be you with unique gifts to share and master – this is your feminine mastery.

Whatever is calling to you now embrace it and trust in your power to make it real. If you want love, abundance, success or to change the world, it begins with you, when you discover your Feminine Mastery Mentor Archetype and then manifests naturally as you authentically express who you are.

What’s real in a woman’s life can also be challenging. For this reason, I designed Feminine Mastery as a new, innovative approach that shows you how to redirect your creative power from focusing on problems and challenges to giving birth to the desires, dreams and destiny growing inside of you.

I gave birth to Feminine Mastery several years ago when the door to my corporate career closed and the door to my destiny opened on the island of Maui. It was on walks with my son through the hills of Kapalua, that my connection with the divine feminine began and led me to create the Archetypes and write my book, True Calling.

As I embodied each Feminine Mastery Archetype, I received an infusion of feminine energy that empowered me to trust in the blueprint of my Mentor Archetype, the Honeybee. This gave me confidence and courage to step into my destiny as the founder of Feminine Mastery, providing women with a path to flourish in the new feminine paradigm and co-creating a more prosperous world together.

There is a destiny ready to unfold for you too! It begins when you take the Archetype and get an infusion of pure power from your Mentor Archetype. From there follow your path with our programs each guiding you closer to flourish as you become the woman you were born to be.

The Path

Manifest your desires, dreams and destiny

with Feminine Mastery Programs

THE PATH begins when you discover your Mentor Archetype and then unfolds naturally with each program guiding you to be expressed, embodied and exalted in your feminine mastery.

OUR PROVEN PROGRAMS With each step on your feminine mastery path, you'll make powerful shifts and see tangible results as you become more authentically expressed and experience your desires manifesting into your dreams and your dreams unfolding into your destiny.

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Begin with the Quiz and Your Mentor Archetype Infusion to unlock your personal blueprint.

From there you’ll choose where to begin your path and how far you want to go.

Level 1


Make the shift into feminine freedom and attract your DESIRES.

Expressed is 6-week guided immersion delivered to you online in your own private portal, and it’s yours to keep with no expiration. In the Expressed program you will transform by unleashing your DESIRE to attract what you want without limits. Expressed is the key to the feminine law of attraction.

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Level 2


Make the shift into feminine power and manifest your DREAMS.

Embodied is an online group program with led by Cyndie and supported by a loving sisterhood. In the Embodied program you’ll learn how to embody your feminine power and then use it to manifest your DREAMS and create the life you are meant to live. Embodied is the key to manifest dreams and awaken your true calling.

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Level 3


Make the shift into feminine mastery and fulfill your DESTINY.

Exalted is a high touch mentoring program working privately with Cyndie. In the Exalted program you’ll be guided to be the woman you were born to be, flourish in life and exalt in your DESTINY. Exalted is the path that leads to your deepest fulfillment and ultimate success through the highest expression of your feminine mastery.

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Where to begin

Explore the programs on your own or take the Path Finder test to reveal which program is your perfect place to begin.


for Feminine Mastery

From discovering destinies to manifesting miracles of love, abundance and joy – each woman receives something different just as what you receive will be unique to you and aligned with how your personal blueprint is meant to unfold. The best part is that the transformation you experience with Feminine Mastery is lasting and continues to grow and blossom every day allowing you to flourish in your authentic expression.


Wendy K Yalom, photographer and visionary

"Cyndie is a woman of such presence and versatility that she almost transcends description. But let's try. Cyndie is a bold, smart, intuitive woman of luminous beauty and able to activate that deep place within each of us that earns for liberation. Believing it is possible for every woman to experience a deeply fulfilling life overflowing with love, wealth and happiness, Cyndie has made it her mission to help you discover your authentic, uniquely divine path. If you trust your self discovery to this masterful and playful mentor, you'll discover a luxurious journey of depth, delight and illumination precisely crafted to your awakening. Surrender to the founder of Feminine Mastery and it is without doubt that you will unearth your true feminine power!"

Unlock your destiny

Your Mentor Archetype is the key that unlocks your destiny.

One of the five Archetypes is your Mentor Archetype which is, in essence, the key that unlocks the blueprint to your destiny and guidance to become the woman you were born to be.

The Archetypes

Unlock your feminine superpowers

with the Feminine Mastery Archetypes

Your expression of Feminine Mastery originates from a source deep within you made of your unique essence, energy and genius. The Feminine Mastery Archetypes are more than symbols, they are divine activators that awaken your truth and unlock your feminine superpowers that are already within you. Your experience with the Archetypes will be both magical and practical, as they are like having your own superpowered guidance system and sustainable power source that you can draw from to attract, create or manifest anything you desire.

There are five Sister Archetypes, each with an infusion of energy codes that unlocks a different feminine superpower.


The Chameleon

INFUSE your ego with fierce feminine power to unlock your SUPERPOWER to SUCCEED


The Butterfly

INFUSE your body with feminine essence to unlock your SUPERPOWER of ATTRACTION


The Honeybee

INFUSE your mind with the codes of creation to unlock your SUPERPOWER to MANIFEST


The Hummingbird

INFUSE your heart with love and unlock your SUPERPOWER to RECEIVE


The Dragonfly

INFUSE your spirit with awareness to unlock for your SUPERPOWER of INTUITION

The Feminine Shift

The whole world is changing and a new paradigm is emerging calling all women to make the feminine shift.

But this feminine paradigm shift is unlike any other as it begins with you.

Within you and every woman is a knowing that dramatic change is possible but in an entirely new, feminine way.

To change the world in a sustainable way, we have to become whole and deeply rooted in our feminine and it’s through each woman’s expression of her feminine mastery that change will happen individually and collectively.

Feminine Mastery is the bridge to this new feminine paradigm offering you a path to follow that begins with your personal feminine shift and then flows into a ripple of change from woman to woman and from women to people and onto the creation of a new, more peaceful and prosperous world.

There are three essential feminine shifts that you can make to reach your highest expression of Feminine Mastery and flourish as the woman you were born to be.


The Shift into 
Feminine Freedom with the
 Expressed Program

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The Shift into 
Feminine Power with the 
Embodied Program

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The Shift into 
Feminine Mastery with the 
Exalted Program

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About Cyndie

Founder, Creator, Author, Speaker and Feminine Leader

One of my favorite quotes is from Buck Minster Fuller which says, “There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” I believe that every woman needs a safe space and nurturing environment to transform. Like the caterpillar you have a blueprint that is in your DNA to become the woman you are designed as and born to be.

As with any woman and any destiny, there is a bigger picture and purpose that eventually unfolds. When I delivered the message from the divine feminine in my book True Calling nearly 10 years ago, there was no sign it would manifest in the global awakening and rise of women we’re experiencing today. The feminine shift is real, it’s a new paradigm and we’re being called to be it and to lead it.

As women we carry the codes to seed this new feminine paradigm in what is generative and sustainable. Feminine Mastery is designed to return a woman to her essential feminine nature and unlock her innate power so that we can all unite collectively through our individual expression of feminine mastery.

It begins with you and each woman’s authentic expression of freedom, power and mastery flowing into a ripple of change from woman to woman and from women to people and onto the creation of a new, more peaceful and prosperous world.

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Cyndie is the founder of Feminine Mastery, creator of the Feminine Mastery Archetypes, Author of True Calling, Host of the Feminine Masters Interview Series and Host of the Feminine Shift Podcast