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Like the sun and the moon when a woman rises she

Illuminates The World

“The Feminine Shift” is calling every woman to rise in her authentic expression and collectively create a new world where everyone prospers.

Feminine Mastery is bridge to this new world, providing the path for you and all women to make a sovereign feminine shift into freedom, power and mastery.

Feminine Mastery is your place to ignite your feminine essence, spark your desire, manifest your dreams and fulfill your destiny – while being deeply fulfilled as a woman, flourishing in the life of your dreams.

As you shift and transform

a rippling magic begins

The Butterfly Effect is one of my favorite fascinations. It’s a complex theory that says the flap of one butterfly’s wings can change the entire Universe.

When you spread your wings and express who you are, your transformation sends a ripple through the universe that forever changes the world.

Feminine Mastery Programs

The Path To Your Desires Dreams And Destiny

Within you and every woman I meet are passionate desires, beautiful dreams and a destiny that has yet to unfold.

At Feminine Mastery, our programs are designed to be both the catalyst and the chrysalis where you and the women who form your sisterhood transform together, each emerging in your authentic expression, flourishing in your dreams and reshaping our world with your unique contribution.

Ready to make your feminine shift and begin the path to your express your desires, embody your dreams and exalt in your destiny?

Find your place to begin.


Women Experience Miracles of Finding Freedom,
Mastering Dreams and Discovering Destinies

  • Thank you Cyndie for your work with Feminine Mastery.  The Feminine Principle is completely holistic, abundant and nurturing.  Nature itself is feminine by design.  When we hold a space within ourselves for our wholeness to rise up to our consciousness, we prosper with grace and ease.  We are then guided to create in sustainable ways, without the feeling of lack or scarcity. I am thrilled to be celebrating the Feminine Principle with you because I strongly feel that this is the way of the future of manifesting in our culture.  Humanity is awakening to the right action of building a life upon that which is deeply felt and trusted within, something that is natural and affirming to the truth that we are made of.  This is the Feminine Principle at its finest.

    Dr. Sue Morter
    Dr. Sue Morter
  • Cyndie is a gifted mentor and coach. There is so much richness, joy, and love in her approach. I am profoundly grateful for her intuition and wisdom that guided and supported me whilst I navigated a rare health condition, dystonia.  As a direct result of our work together, I have now written a book about my healing journey and launched my coaching business to support people with autoimmune diseases and related movement disorders.

  • After years of trying to find my true calling I finally found Cyndie. Her guidance helped me clear the fear and blocks that were keeping me stuck and her Archetypes soon revealed that my true calling was in fact a spiritual one. Cyndie was able to draw forth my power, show me how to channel the wisdom wanting to be expressed from within me - and now I’m transitioning from my 30+ years in corporate marketing to launch Higher Self Solutions!

    Karen Heine
    Karen Heine
  • Thank you Cyndie for your friendship, your love, and your kindness.  Working with you privately was a true joy. I very much appreciate your mentoring wisdom around authenticity and marketing. You not only encouraged me to embrace my new role as a mother, you helped me shed some old energies so my business can continue to soar and my new book can launch effortlessly.

    Michelle Skaletski-Boyd
    Michelle Skaletski-Boyd
  • My session with Cyndie was amazing! The experience alone epitomized the essence of what I was so craving in my life. It was intuitive, lighthearted, insightful and super powerful. I was profoundly challenged but in a very nurturing and inspiring way. And I was able to unleash some blocks around success and love that I wasn't even aware of. I was able to reframe a model of success and love that was being fueled with great ease, creativity, flow, passion, and peace. Cyndie has an amazing gift of blending her vast expertise with her intuition and was able to provide important clarity and direction in regards to helping me map out a new success blueprint.

  • Of all the personal development and spiritual growth experiences I've had, Feminine Mastery and the guidance of Cyndie was the one that truly took me home to myself and to my soul's purpose in life. I wanted to come from a place of joy, flow and ease and had no idea how to shift into that way of being – especially in business. In just six-months of working with Feminine Mastery, my business experienced double-digit growth and I received special recognition from our West Coast Regional Director.

    Sky Jeannette
    Sky Jeannette

Birth your new reality with

Feminine Mastery Archetypes

Our Feminine Mastery Archetypes transport you to a new reality by connecting you deep within to the uncharted waters of your feminine being.

Feminine Mastery Archetypes ignite your feminine essence and synergize all aspects of your feminine being by unleashing your innate genius, inner guidance, unique gifts and more. You become your own source of healing, learning, guidance and manifesting all by expressing and embodying what’s inside your feminine being, right now.

Embody the Feminine Mastery Archetypes and unleash

The Power Of Your Feminine Being

Harnessing the elemental power of nature, the five Feminine Mastery Archetypes personify and exemplify the five power centers in your feminine being: The Chameleon is your ego, the Honeybee is your mind, the Butterfly is your body, the Dragonfly is your spirit and Hummingbird is your heart.


Your Body

Sacral Chakra

Power Center To Transform


Your ego

Root Chakra

Power center to change


Your spirit

Third eye & crown chakras

Power center to enlighten


Your Heart

Throat and heart Chakras

Power Center To Love


Your mind

Solar plexus chakra

Power center to create

As you embody each Feminine Mastery Archetype you will

awaken different aspects of yourself that will flow into your life.

The Chameleon for grounding, motivation and action flowing into confidence, success, achievement

The Butterfly for presence, attraction, and expression flowing into freedom, happiness and abundance

The Honeybee for power to create and manifest flowing into fortitude, prosperity and leadership

The Hummingbird for love, compassion and joy flowing into fulfillment in love, life and relationships

The Dragonfly for intuition, clarity and guidance flowing into discovering your calling and fulfilling your destiny

Cyndie, the Creator of Feminine Mastery

Cyndie is leading “The Feminine Shift” by guiding women to fulfill their desires, dreams and destinies.

Cyndie is the founder of Feminine Mastery, creator of the Feminine Mastery Archetypes and celebrated author of True Calling, Awaken the power of your true self.

A natural and innovative feminine leader, Cyndie has created Feminine Mastery as a new framework for women to transform and emerge by making a sovereign feminine shift through online programs, private mentoring and her signature Maui retreat.

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True Calling

Awaken the power of your true self

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