About the founder

“I just want everyone to Love and Love life, as it can be anything you want it to be. It’s inexplicable…it’s about LOVE and JOY and loving people and laughing and celebrating them and their differences - and appreciating all of that.”

SEPTEMBER 15, 1964 – JULY 6, 2022

About Cyndie

The Founder and Creator of Feminine Mastery 

Cyndie Loven Fullenkamp, the founder and creator of Feminine Mastery, has left a legacy for women who are awakening to their true nature and becoming the women they are destined to be.

A true visionary ahead of her time, Cyndie channeled The Divine Feminine Archetypes that have inspired over 60,000 women to connect to their feminine essence and step forward as heart-centered leaders doing the work to restore and heal humanity everywhere from local communities to the highest positions of power.

As the illusion of “the outer way” continues to lift and the truth of “the inner way” permeates the individual and collective consciousness, the wisdom of Cyndie's teachings continues to ring true and lives on in each woman as she becomes fully embodied, expressed, and exalted as The Queen Bee of her beautiful queendom.

Hear Cyndie's Story in Her Own Words

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The Beginning from Childhood to Womanhood and Awakening to My Calling

I had a dreamy, curious nature as a child and loved to create games, characters and fun.

I had a dreamy, curious nature as a child and loved to create games, characters and fun. Raised as a tom boy out of my Dad’s desire for a second son, I enjoyed everything from Barbies to softball and making tree forts. Introverted and shy, growing into my teens and early 20s was bumpy, dark, lonely and isolated at times. I really didn’t fit in with superficial conversations and the deeper part of me was always a little restless, so I disappeared into my passion for learning. My practical side chose to major in Business and Economics while my soul fell in love subjects from Philosophy and Psychology to Humanities and Classic Literature.

My destiny to work with women began with my first job at a bank with a groundbreaking, all-female training department. From there I landed at a utility company in another all-female training department, no coincidence as I had searched for months prior to both jobs. From there my desire to explore more of my creativity began my 10-year stint with startup technology companies which ended abruptly when I left my six-figure job with stock options at MP3.com. As a bridge from my career to my destiny I accepted a consulting job to conduct anthropological research on women. This afforded me the freedom to take trips to Maui and without realizing it, opened my channel to the divine feminine. As I read through each woman’s journal as part of the research, I could hear a unified voice emerging beyond the words on the page. From this voice, I extracted trends such as yoga, wellness and the desire for women to be expressed and free. With the publishing of “Women Explored” in 2001, my calling and connection to the divine feminine was born.

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Following the Signs and Stepping through the Door to My Destiny

One of my favorite quotes from Buck Minster Fuller is, “There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.”

One of my favorite quotes from Buck Minster Fuller is, “There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly. Unless you pay close attention to signs that is. Born the youngest of five girls, my name came when my sisters handed my Mother “Cynthia”, a cut-out doll made of paper. Fast forward it was Hina the Hawaiian goddess of the moon, that began sending me messages including the guidance to Google the meaning of my name Cynthia which came back, Moon Goddess. This is only one of the many undeniable signs that led me to further along to the path to my calling and eventually through the door to my destiny.

Eventually the door to my life as I knew it slammed shut when the consulting job ended leaving me in middle of the pacific with a toddler and for the first time in 30+ years, no job, no school and no clue. I tried it on for a while, but I knew there to be more for me than talking about peanut butter sandwiches and watching the Wiggles wondering which member of the four-man kid band was the most attractive - yikes. As I often did when it was time to create something new, I turned to my journal hoping for that magical guidance to come through. Overlooking the ocean on my lanai, I saw a vision that played like a movie with scenes of me from my childhood to the present helping people through life issues. It was in that moment that I decided to become a life coach. Back then there were only a few of us including Martha Beck but being the creator and innovator that I am, I decided I needed my own method. That brought back a journaling process I had created as a side project years ago to teach women how to manifest their dreams. I put the two together and began with my first client who designed my logo in exchange for being my life coach guinea pig.

With this conscious step forward to pursue my calling I moved further away from being a caterpillar and closer to becoming a butterfly.

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True Calling

Opening My Channel to the Divine Feminine and Giving Birth the Archetypes through my book, True Calling

It was on my walks with my blond-haired, blue-eyed cherub looking toddler son through the hillside of Kapalua, Maui that I first encountered the Goddess.

During one of our routine walks with me huffing and puffing and him relaxing in the baby jogger, we noticed a dragonfly circling us at least 50 times. My son eagerly pointed his little finger with excitement drawing my attention to it. I wrote it off until the same thing happened so many times that I began to look forward to our dragonfly encounters. We began greeting them and having dragonfly chats leading to the day when I noticed they were talking back.

On a pivotal encounter, I received a clear message to research the symbolism of dragonfly and the results came back, “The dragonfly is the messenger of the Goddess”. With goosebumps to affirm it, I knew I had tapped into a frequency that was channeling messages from a divine source. My curiosity and the researcher in me took over and that’s when out of all the Hawaiian Goddesses I came to the conclusion that it was Hina, Goddess of the Moon and Mother of all Goddesses, who was communicating with me.

Slowly over the next several months my connection with the dragonflies and messages from Hina turned into channeled guidance revealing three of the five Archetypes in my first book, Chameleon Butterfly Dragonfly. As soon as I published the book, I began getting messages on two other Archetypes and I knew there would be a second book with all five Archetypes, which is now True Calling. This was the birth of my true calling as well. At the same time the dreamy bubble of living in paradise popped with the real estate market crashing and losing my dream home, my savings and my marriage.

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Feminine Mastery

Founding Feminine Mastery and Growing our Global Community

Arriving back on the mainland the realities of life hit me like a ton of bricks delivered on a fleet of semitrucks.

I couldn’t go back to my old life and career yet it was not quite clear how I could support myself and my son. I knew what I had experienced was real but no one was talking about the divine feminine back then so I settled on creating a company around helping women find their true self and true calling. I founded True Living, drawing from my gift of guidance and transforming women’s lives. I developed different workshops, courses, and coaching but the tension I felt from more or less hiding the Archetypes and who I really am became unbearable. The destiny that was calling to me could not open up fully until I found the courage to share the messages and messengers that were birthed through my soul.

There had to be a way to bridge my coaching and consulting background with the feminine work and the Archetypes so I asked the divine feminine and my guides to reveal it. I went back to my own Archetype quiz and from the result I realized I had been expressing myself as a Dragonfly but was and had always been a Honeybee. I made the decision and found the courage to be who I am and that’s when the name Feminine Mastery and the vision of me leading a global community of women was born. By reconnecting with my Honeybee, a blueprint began to form by as I looked at Feminine Mastery through that lens. The real catalyst came when I began to see the multi-dimensional qualities in the Archetypes and that they were not just an indicator of career or calling but were meant to return women to their essential nature; one of wholeness, power and mastery. Once I changed all of my programs to center around the Archetypes, that’s when my business and the miraculous power of the Archetypes expanded globally.

My understanding of the Archetypes and channel from the divine feminine are still evolving, as each time I lead a program or Maui retreat more Archetype magic is revealed. Now women all over the world receive guidance from their Chameleon, Honeybee, Dragonfly, Butterfly and Hummingbird for healing, attracting soul mates, making decisions and finding deep, abiding self-love. But the real miracle is witnessing women embrace their Mentor Archetype and unlocking the blueprint for the dreams and destiny being held just for them.

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Cyndie's Journey

Leading up to today, I wrote children’s books as a child, studied and painted the masters and launched startup companies in my marketing career. I simply LOVE to create and have many more creations on the way from books to an animated series and even big dreams for a fiction book to be made into a screenplay.

I discovered my power to manifest as a young woman by noticing that what I wrote in my journal magically came true. Journaling led to manifesting my calling in 2005 when the door to my corporate career closed, opening the door to my destiny on the island of Maui.

As with any woman and any destiny, there is a bigger picture and purpose that eventually unfolds. When I delivered the message from the divine feminine in my book True Calling nearly 10 years ago, there was no sign it would manifest in the global awakening and rise of women expressing their feminine freedom, power and mastery.

I’ve learned that destiny isn’t a straight path, it is a series of twists, turns and challenges but always guided through gentle whispers that expand your awareness through signs pointing to the very next step on your path. I hope that my journey sparks your awareness of the destiny waiting for you.


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My Destiny

Manifesting My Desires, Dreams and Destiny

One part of the journey that I haven’t shared yet is that when I returned from Maui and faced what seemed to be insurmountable challenges after losing what felt to be everything but myself and my son, my heart still yearned to find true love.

One part of the journey that I haven’t shared yet is that when I returned from Maui and faced what seemed to be insurmountable challenges after losing what felt to be everything but myself and my son, my heart still yearned to find true love. Even though I tried to reprioritize this yearning behind the life and business I needed to rebuild, the yearning grew stronger. At an un-ideal time but destined day, I heard a voice that told me to go to Starbucks. Against my practical judgment, I listened and on that day I met my true love and we’ve been together ever since in a relationship where passion and love grow deeper every day.

You see now why I do believe in fairy tales and happy endings but even more than that I believe in the infinite well of power we all have within us and the unlimited possibilities for how we can express who we are and create miracles. Even though your life may be filled with twists and turns there are always signs from the gentle hand and whisper of destiny calling to you, perhaps even landing here at Feminine Mastery. My destiny is now interwoven with yours and the destinies of women all over the world.

Feminine Mastery is a big part of my calling and I know that destiny still has a few more miracles waiting in the wings for me and I know there is something more destined for you too.

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Cyndie Loven

So Who I am?

I am a girl, woman, mother, wife, mentor, mystic, healer, writer, creator and a devout believer in our power to create miracles.

I’ve been called “Glenda the Good Witch” and “Cinderella”, perhaps because I do believe that life should be a magical journal to making your dreams come true. At the core of my heart and soul, I am an angelic being with big beautiful wings, heaven-bent on expanding light and goodness and transcending darkness and evil. There is an intensity about me, a deep abiding love and an exuberance of joy. I love to laugh and bring out the light in everyone and everything. I’m here to be a channel for the divine feminine and wholly embody my superpowers to hold a rich and transformative space where you and all women can discover and express your feminine mastery, as the bridge to usher in the feminine paradigm, the essential framework for co-creating a new and more prosperous world.

Cyndie Loven Fullenkamp