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Feminine Mastery


Embody your feminine power
and flourish in the life of your dreams.

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Are you a woman who…

  • Wants to feel feminine, powerful and confident?
  • Yearns to share your gifts and do work that nourishes your soul?
  • Longs to have your heart and dreams fulfilled without stress, conflict or struggle?

And if you know in your heart that…

  • You have dreams to manifest and a life you’re meant to live!
  • You are special and have unique gifts to share that can make a difference!
  • You are ready to embody your feminine power and flourish in the life of your dreams!

Join Cyndie for Feminine Mastery Embodied, an intimate group program where you will make a sovereign shift into feminine power and be guided to embody your feminine mastery so that you can express your calling, manifest your dreams and flourish in a dream life you love!

Cyndie will guide you and your sisterhood on this 6 month journey through online lessons, group mentoring, feminine mastery practices and an optional bonus live retreat in San Diego.

Hello and welcome!

Every woman’s calling is to be who she is, share her gifts and flourish in a beautiful dream life that she loves.

The challenge is the masculine paradigm and the boxy world we live in has made things overly complicated and has left women in a masculine power struggle, depleted and working too hard for what is meant to manifest naturally.

This is why I created Feminine Mastery Embodied, to provide you with the sacred space to make your own sovereign shift into feminine power. Because masculine power is deeply ingrained in all of us, embodiment is the key and requires a transformational process in a space held and guided by a Feminine Master.

When you are embodied in your feminine power everything grows and flourishes! Your beauty shines, your presence attracts, your feminine power manifests and your essence illuminates the path to your calling.

If you have a dream for love, abundance or to discover your calling – Or, if your dream is to feel whole, nourished and successful in the life you already have, Feminine Mastery Embodied will bring your dreams to you!

It is my deepest heart’s desire that you’ll join me for Feminine Mastery Embodied so you can shift into feminine power and flourish in your beautiful dreams.

With all my heart, Cyndie

Feminine Mastery Embodied
Delivers On These 3 Promises.

Illuminate your Presence and Transform Your Reality

  • When you embody your feminine essence it fills your body with light and illuminates your presence.
  • The world will see you, hear you, honor your requests and responds by serving you.
  • Your natural beauty, confidence and authenticity will shine through to amplify your attraction.

Cultivate Your Super Powers and Awaken Your Calling

  • When you embody your Feminine Mastery Archetype it awakens your gifts, super powers and calling.
  • Your super powers will grow as you embody and cultivate the gifts that are uniquely yours.
  • Embodied in your essence and super powers the path to your calling will be clear and unfolds naturally.

Manifest Your Dreams and Flourish in a Life You Love

  • When you embody the 5 Feminine Mastery Archetypes, you shift into feminine power.
  • Each Archetype holds a key that will unlock your feminine manifesting powers.
  • Embodied in your feminine power, your dreams will manifest naturally and abundantly.


This intimate course taught live by Cyndie has limited space and is


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When you are embodied, your beauty shines, your presence attracts and your power manifests!

Want to flourish in the life of your dreams
and experience miracles like this…?

  • Light up the world with your presence
  • Illuminate the path to your calling
  • Manifest dreams naturally and abundantly
  • Have unwavering confidence in yourself
  • Discover work that nourishes your soul
  • Experience peace, happiness and joy
  • Ignite passion and attract your soul partner
  • Feel feminine, sensual and powerful
  • Grow your success with authenticity
  • Be seen, heard, honored and cherished
  • Flourish in a dream life that you love!

I see you embodied, and this is what I see…

You are brilliant! you are powerful! you are magnificent!

Meet Your Feminine Mastery Embodied Sisterhood!
I See You Shining Along with these Inspiring, Heart Centered Women.

Each year I am deeply and profoundly moved as I witness women from all over the world shift into their feminine power through Feminine Mastery Embodied.

I watch in awe as women shed layers of burden and years of fear to transform into living goddesses and use their super powers to manifest their dreams naturally, the way it was meant to be.

New miracles are born each time a woman becomes embodied! Women lose weight, cure illness, find true love and discover destinies.

Best of all they find a true sisterhood and friends that last a lifetime!



  • When I met Cyndie I knew deep in my heart that she was the mentor I was looking for. I was top in my field as a Registered Nurse but fearful to go deeper and pursue my true calling as a Feng Shui consultant and Reiki practitioner. It was Cyndie who helped me overcome my paralyzing fear to step forward as who I am and live outside of my “box” and comfort zone. Cyndie’s mentoring and the Feminine Mastery Embodied program changed my life forever. Her archetype system and the weekly classes were transformational and helped me to embody my power and use my feminine mastery. I am confident now with a business that I love and courage to shine my light. This power is now part of me with a deep knowing that I am worthy and beautiful. When we are in alignment with our archetypes everything is possible! Thank you Cyndie, I love working with you and wish that every woman ready to rise can have a chance to work with you as well!

    Eliane Bertti Moreira
    Eliane Bertti Moreira Compassionate healer, R.N., Feng Shui Consultant, Reiki Practioner
  • I was deeply entrenched in struggle, hard work, and overwhelm trying to figure out how to start my business as a health coach. I was stuck in a loop of unfocused energy, charging far too little and never getting anywhere. I embraced Feminine Mastery and the path to create my business from the feminine. The Archetype system that Cyndie teaches connected me to my power centers to create what I want. By opening my channel I discovered my inner wisdom on health and created the T.H.R.I.V.E method. At the in person retreat, my self-doubt turned into confidence and gave me courage to find my voice as a leader. All of this happened in a safe, loving and supportive group of fellow feminine masters. I’ve received everything I need to be successful including practical tools to create my business, signature message, and programs. Cyndie is a true feminine leader and masterful mentor, and she will show you how to be feminine, successful and transform your life!

    Kimberly Perks-Gwynne
    Kimberly Perks-Gwynne Founder of T.H.R.I.V.E. Health Coaching
  • When I found Cyndie, I knew I had a calling to write and other gifts to share. The problem was I'd known it for years and had been stuck in a pattern of distractions. I had a desire for more, but I got caught up in the "what ifs' and overwhelm before I would barely get started. Feminine Mastery Embodied is truly unique and unlike most online courses where you just get videos emailed to you – this is personal and transformational. I started seeing results within the first couple of weeks. I was able to let go of patterns like overwhelm and gained increased confidence in the area of creative entrepreneurship within the first couple of months. The in-person retreat was life changing. I am most grateful for the ownership I feel of my creative gifts and artistry. Before working with Cyndie, I found it difficult to see a viable business using my writing and creativity, but I am now earning an income through my creative endeavors. Cyndie is very loving, like a good friend but professional, with experience in a lot of areas of business and marketing. She delivers on why you joined her program…to change your life…and this program does.

    Stephanie Writer
    Stephanie Writer Author and Creative Entrepreneur
  • I was in fear and confusion of moving forward in the next phase of my life... empty nester... calling unfulfilled...I felt alone and disempowered. I am so blessed to have found Cyndie! Feminine Mastery Embodied helped me gain the clarity and courage to feel powerful again and move forward with creating my dream business mentoring women to connect with the Divine. The Hummingbird Archetype helped me to open my heart, release my insecurities and pain, and fully engage my power. Cyndie’s leadership was soft, effective and productive and in this group I felt heard and seen! I am so happy I said YES to Cyndie and this program. I have found healing, health and power in my presence. My business has grown, in just one month my income tripled! Cyndie helped me use my power to live my purpose and prosper by serving a global SOULICIOUS community. I am confident and clear on my purpose as spiritual guide and coach to women who want to embrace their inner and outer beauty and connect with the Divine. Working with Cyndie has been amazing.... I am living the life that I have always dreamed of!

    Pamela Vatrano
    Pamela Vatrano Founder of Souliscious Living
  • Mentoring privately with Cyndie, I found my true love, resolved my financial debt and redesigned my business to reflect my true calling. After taking a year off, I chose to join the Feminine Mastery Embodied program because it was time for me to step forward and reach women globally with Vibrant Living in Harmony. I overcame deep resistance to technology and marketing and now have launched my website, developed my signature talk and now am coaching women. At the retreat, for the first time I was grounded, let my power fill my being and spoke confidently in an inspiring way. Once again I am so grateful for the way Cyndie Mentors and I have seen myself along with the other women in our group get clear on our paths and confident in our expression of our unique gifts. There is so much love and support in this group and I have made friends for life!

    Lisa Davis, L.Ac.
    Lisa Davis, L.Ac. Founder of Vibrant Living in Harmony
  • In Feminine Mastery Embodied I took the very fuzzy picture about who I am, what my calling is and my desire to create a business and turned it into a full-blown concept called Higher Self Solutions that I launched during this program. Cyndie’s Mentoring and the support of the other women in the group helped me overcome my fears and blocks to boldly step forward into my calling with joy and passion. This program was a perfect combination of feminine mastery practices and practical tools that supported me emotionally and spiritually as well as in the physical manifestation of my dreams, desires and my business. Cyndie’s insight and intuition helped me stay true to my calling but bring it down to earth and into the world, which was critical because I was always trying to find ways to hide. Now, I am shining my light into the world in a way that fulfills my destiny! If you want to take your heart’s desire and make it real, this program and Cyndie’s guidance are a great way to get you there.

    Karen Heine
    Karen Heine Founder of Higher Self Solutions

Making the shift into feminine power and embodying your feminine mastery is a sacred and transformational journey.
You’ll be held in an intimate, loving space along side your heart-centered sisterhood with Cyndie as your mentor and guide.

I’ll guide you through 6 Feminine Mastery Learning Modules each delivering powerful shifts through online lessons, a library of feminine practices, intimate mentoring and an optional bonus in-person retreat.

Module 1: Embody YOUR Spirit & The Dragonfly

Awaken your Gifts & Calling

  • Embody the Archetypes to awaken your feminine power
  • Cultivate your super powers
  • Open your channel and reveal your calling

Module 2: Embody YOUR Heart & The Hummingbird

Unleash the Power of Your Heart

  • Embody love and lead from your heart
  • Deeply connect with your true heart’s desires
  • Cultivate receptivity and be deeply fulfilled

Module 3: Embody YOUR Presence & The Butterfly

Illuminate your Presence & Attraction

  • Embody your essence and feminine power
  • Amplify your magnetism and attraction
  • Receive desire, pleasure and abundance

Module 4: Embody YOUR Creator & The Honeybee

Create a Manifesting Portal

  • Embody your power as a creator
  • Transform your mind and limiting beliefs
  • Create a dreams manifesting portal

Module 5: Embody YOUR Success & The Chameleon

Succeed with Authentic Confidence

  • Embody success with authentic confidence
  • Align with your Archetype and unique super powers
  • Ground in your feminine power and achieve tangible results

Module 6: Embody YOUR Feminine Power

Flourish in your Dream Life

  • Embody your dreams and hold them sacred
  • Expand your space to receive more fully
  • Transform and flourish in your dream life

Bonus! YOUR In-person Live Retreat

Transform with your sisterhood in San Diego at our Live Retreat

  • Embody your feminine power through each Feminine Mastery Archetype
  • Master the feminine power practices and make them part of your daily practice
  • Transform with noticeable changes in your level of confidence and physical presence

Join Me To Embody Your Feminine Power
And Flourish In A Dream Life You Love!

This Intimate Mentoring Experience
with Cyndie Has Limited Space.

We begin March 20, 2018 but don’t miss the early enrollment bonuses

(Live Calls are on Tuesdays at Noon Pacific w/Recordings)

Special Note: Our Secret Facebook group, bonuses, library of feminine power practices and online mentoring from Cyndie open upon your enrollment so you can begin your away!

Feminine Mastery Embodied is an intimate group mentoring experience delivered LIVE by Cyndie through online lessons, Zoom video group mentoring PLUS an immersive retreat in San Diego.

Kick Off Virtual Retreat on Zoom immersing you in a deep bonding experience with your global sisterhood and initiating your shift into feminine power. (Valued at $1,000)

Live Online Calls PLUS Group Mentoring on Zoom You’ll join Cyndie for live group calls with guided Lessons and Feminine Practices. PLUS once a month you’ll join Cyndie on Zoom for Group Mentoring, the next best thing to being in person to receive her transformational mentoring. (Valued at $3,000)

Live Retreat in San Diego for the complete Feminine Mastery Embodied experience! You will dramatically transform as you are personally guided to deeply embody your feminine power. (Valued at $1,000)

Secret Facebook Group Mentoring & Support Cyndie cultivates a deeply rich and sacred space for you to receive personal guidance, connection with your sisterhood and a safe place to reflect, share and transform. (Invaluable)

Feminine Power Practices in Video and Audio Transform by making a lasting shift into your feminine power. It’s like being personally guided by Cyndie everyday! (Valued at $2,000)


  • Access to my Growing Library of Feminine Mastery Power Practices ($2,000)
  • 2 of Cyndie’s Video Courses (Valued at $1,000)

Bonus 1! The Feminine Dream Formula Course and Guidebook (Valued at $1,000)

Bonus 2! The Feminine Wealth Solution Video Course and Guidebook (Valued at $1,000)

Bonus 3! A PDF Copy of Cyndie’s Book, True Calling

EXCLUSIVE BONUS! Be featured as a Feminine Master among world-renowned women in Cyndie’s acclaimed Feminine Masters Interview Series

Join Me To Embody Your Feminine Power
And Flourish In A Dream Life You Love!

(Live Calls are on Tuesdays at Noon Pacific w/Recordings)

(a $10,000 value in features and bonuses)

(1) Payment of
(Save $500)

(6) Monthly Payments

“It is my deepest desire that you’ll join me for Feminine Mastery Embodied, I want you to experience the miracle of being embodied and flourishing in your dreams!”

We will spend six immersive months that will fly by as I guide you to totally transform by embodying your feminine power and expressing your feminine mastery.

I can’t wait to see you embodied!

Imagine lighting up the world, being wildly successful and flourishing in the life of your dreams.

This miracle happened for me, the women who have taken this sacred journey with me – and it can happen for you too.

Embrace this moment and join me for Feminine Mastery Embodied!

Join Me To Embody Your Feminine Power
And Flourish In A Dream Life You Love!

(Live Calls are on Tuesdays at Noon Pacific w/Recordings)

(a $10,000 value in features and bonuses)

(1) Payment of
(Save $500)

(6) Monthly Payments


If you’re wanting to join Cyndie for Feminine Mastery Embodied but need clarity or help to make a clear and empowered choice…

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**For questions on logistics, program schedule or details, email support@femininemastery.com.

You do have gifts to share, a calling to live and a destiny to fulfill!

I look forward to being your mentor on your journey to rise and prosper!

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