The path to manifest your dreams with feminine power


Manifest your dreams.

Feminine Mastery Embodied is an intimate online program where you’ll be guided by Cyndie and embraced by your sisterhood on a sacred journey to transform and emerge flourishing in your dream life.

Your DREAMS are waiting for you!

There is something new emerging calling you to discover your true feminine power.

You can hear it…the call to move closer to your dreams.

You can feel it…a source within you rising, urging you to be seen,
be heard and trust in your feminine power.

You can see it…the vision of you sharing your gifts and flourishing in your dream life as the woman you were born to be.

But how do you make it real?

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The Power Struggle

You can feel a new sense of feminine power rising within you, but to this point it’s been a struggle to hold onto it, to trust it and make it last.

As a spiritual woman pursuing her dreams, I’m guessing you’ve tapped into your feminine power and maybe you’ve felt your light shine, your passion glow and your power surge within you.

But then all too soon it goes dim again or fades away completely.

Just when you start feeling it and trusting in your feminine power, the masculine programming pulls you back into the push, back into the struggle and back into having to wait for your dreams.


The Wait is Over

It’s time for your dreams to become real without having to wait, settle or struggle.
And, it’s time for you to finally experience your feminine power in a way that lasts.

This is why I created Feminine Mastery EMBODIED!

Seeded in divine creation and the mystic wisdom of the feminine codes, Feminine Mastery EMBODIED is the only program of its kind offering the original Feminine Mastery Archetypes – proven to unlock your feminine superpowers and deliver your dreams.

The old masculine way of manifesting with grit and hustle is fading but there hasn’t been another sustainable way – until now! Feminine Mastery EMBODIED is the new feminine way to manifest and it’s rooted in nature, sparked by divine creation and powerfully supported by the mystic wisdom of the feminine codes.

You’ve had this feminine manifesting power within you all along but it takes the Feminine Mastery Archetypes to unlock it, activate it and show you how to embody it. Feminine Mastery EMBODIED will flip your feminine power switch on and keep it on!

If you have a dream for love, abundance or to discover your calling – Or if your dream is to feel whole, nourished and be even more successful in the life you already have, Feminine Mastery EMBODIED will show you how to have all of your dreams become real in a deeply fulfilling and lasting way.

Feminine Mastery EMBODIED is an intimate online program

where I’ll guide you and your sisterhood on a sacred journey to embody your feminine power, manifest your dreams and transform into the woman you were born to be!

Embodied Manifesting

You'll be guided to embody each Feminine Mastery Archetype with the feminine codes that bring your dreams to life so that you can see it, feel it, embody it and manifest it!

Your Mentor Archetype and her Sister Archetypes each unlock a different superpower to manifest your dreams for love, abundance, success and the unique life you are meant to live.

This is why Feminine Mastery EMBODIED guides you to embody all the Archetypes, so that you can have all of your beautiful dreams and not even one lost or forgotten.


Your Dragonfly manifests your dreams for your calling and destiny


Your Hummingbird manifests your dreams for love and abundance


Your Honeybee manifests your dreams for wealth and prosperity


Your Butterfly manifests your dreams for freedom and happiness


Your Chameleon manifests your dreams for success and stability

Transform and Emerge

Imagine how different you would feel embodied as the woman you were born to be?

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Imagine walking through life with the grace and confidence that only comes from embodying who you are and knowing why you are here.

Your Mentor Archetype carries the blueprint for who you were born to be and your Sister Archetypes each unlock a different superpower, playing an essential role in your transformation and deepest fulfillment.


EMBODIED in your Mentor Archetype and the 
Sister Archetypes…

You become the source that attracts and manifests your dreams

You feel natural and confident in all situations and relationships

You access flow and receive overflowing love and abundance

You achieve success by authentically sharing your unique gifts

You have the courage be seen, heard and revered for who you are

You unlock your superpowers and highest level of divine guidance

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Are you ready?

Join me for Feminine Mastery EMBODIED and flourish in your dream life as the woman you were born to be!

I see you

Welcome home powerful woman,

Let me begin with this truth, you are worthy and you deserve your dreams!

I see women working overtime for their dreams, grasping for power and trying to hold on to it, only to be overwhelmed by trying to figure it all out and hold all the pieces of themselves and their life together.

That’s not feminine power, it’s an outdated paradigm that steals your dreams. I know because I successfully manifested several dreams with the masculine push but then watched it all drain away. The hidden blessing came in the form of guidance encouraging me to discover my true calling and that’s when I discovered the Feminine Mastery Archetypes.

The Archetypes originated from my connection with the divine feminine and were born through my book True Calling. But the real magic came when I began to see the Archetypes as part of me, and called on them for guidance on how to rebuild my life.

The Dragonfly led me to the divine feminine which inspired my Honeybee to create Feminine Mastery and grow it into a global community and sisterhood. The Hummingbird led me to my soulmate just after The Butterfly awakened my femininity and ability to receive. The Chameleon continues to show me how to use my true feminine power to build sustainable structures within myself, my life and my business.

I promise that I’ll be with you every step of the way through your Embodied journey and as long as you choose to be supported by our sisterhood community.

It’s time! It’s your turn! Let’s begin!


Praise for EMBODIED

From manifested dreams for love, tripling income, healing bodies and women feeling confident to be seen, heard and revered for who they truly are, EMBODIED women now have a story to tell.



"When I met Cyndie I knew deep in my heart that she was the mentor for me. I was top in my field as a Registered Nurse but fearful to go deeper and pursue my Dragonfly calling as a healer. The Embodied program helped me overcome my paralyzing fear to step forward as who I am and live outside of my “box” and comfort zone This program changed my life forever! Cyndie’s Archetype system helped me embody my power and use my feminine mastery to shine in a business I love and to become a queen and attract and marry the man of my dreams. This power is now part of me with a deep knowing that I am worthy, beautiful and can truly manifest anything I desire. When we are in alignment with our Archetypes everything is possible! Thank you Cyndie, I love working with you and wish that every woman can have a chance to work with you as well!"



"After years of work on myself and other feminine courses, the Embodied program was the missing piece I needed to embody my feminine wisdom and have the success I deserve with ease! Living true to my Mentor Archetype, the courageous Hummingbird, has given me such confidence and clarity in who I am and how I show up in the world, especially in my business. After 48 years of being someone I wasn't Embodied gave me full permission to be ME and share my Hummingbird gifts of love, truth and joy with others without apology. I now know exactly who I am and how I can make a unique difference in the world. I connect with all the Archetypes every day and they guide and support me on my life journey. I no longer live in my head but in my body and it feels so powerful! Thank you Cyndie!"



"I was facing a failing business and failing health. I embraced the Archetypes to bring my Chameleon together with my Dragonfly to ease the inner conflict. I embraced my Butterfly and lost 70 lbs! I am loving my “new” body, am free from heavy emotions and I am eager to be seen in the world. I relaunched my company which has been born from my fully embodied and integrated self - and it is magical! I’ve created a line of active wear for women infused with divine feminine essences of goddesses and my artwork. I’ve put all of me into this business! My Dragonfly is my inspiration; My Hummingbird tells my story; My Honeybee creates the website and the business; My Butterfly infused the clothing with feminine essence; and My Chameleon keeps track of everything! I’m forever grateful for Cyndie’s loving and ingenious mentoring and her ability to continually see me in my full expression and hold that place for all women, gently guiding us so that we can all emerge in our power as the women we were born to be"



"Before I met Cyndie I ignored my feminine qualities as part of my success in business. Immediately when I embraced the Archetypes it took an edge off and all of my relationships came to life. I initially saw myself as the Chameleon but realized at my core I am the Hummingbird as everything, even business, is all about the heart for me. Embodied in the Archetypes, I finally found the courage to make the switch from working to make money, to living my calling. I quickly became a sought-after speaker and finally was earning money in my coaching business with ease! I have emerged effortlessly as a compassionate leader and now experience the world to be giving and supportive. I am most grateful for the way Cyndie draws together a uniquely open minded and heart centered sisterhood of women. If you have put your feminine on the shelf to pursue success in a masculine driven world - this is ideal for you. You will learn how to embrace your feminine self, to be whole and fully integrated. This is the most empowering journey you can take on your path to success."



"Before joining Embodied, I was lost in grief after losing my father, my mother was terminally ill and I was unhappy in my marriage which left me on the verge of losing myself to an overwhelming abyss. The Chameleon lesson on Confidence caused a huge breakthrough giving me the faith to trust in myself to overcome any life circumstance. I listened over & over knowing I was re-programming a new perspective that would override my Filipino-American cultural viewpoint. I felt a holistic wholeness with the integration of my fabulous Butterfly & the spiritual essence of my Dragonfly. I embraced my feminine potency for myself & no one else! The results of Embodied were noticeable within the 1st two months of the program as a brand new blissfully, gentler and radiant new “Me” showed up! I am incredibly grateful for the inner & outer resources I now have in the Archetypes! If you are yearning to unleash the heaviness of your life and what is no longer satisfying you & you are ready to totally transform everything, Embodied is is perfect for you! Enjoy the Journey! ♥️✨"



"Mentoring privately with Cyndie, I found my true love, resolved my financial debt and redesigned my business to reflect my true calling. After taking a year off, I chose to join the Embodied program because it was time for me to step forward and reach women globally with Vibrant Living in Harmony. Words can’t explain how the Archetype bring you to life and you’re your channel to the woman you were born to be and changes you on a physical level. I came alive, sex got even better and I found the courage to change my business and now am earning even more income – while planning my dream wedding. Once again, I am so grateful for the way Cyndie Mentors and I have seen myself along with the other women in our group get clear on our paths and confident in our expression of our unique gifts. There is so much love and support in this group and I have made friends for life! "


Hualani Ma

"After a long illness I'd lost my sense of belonging in the world. Through Cyndie's clear guidance, I was prompted to shift my alignment/role from spiritual teacher (Dragonfly) to transformational artist (Butterfly) that allowed me to create and express in a fresh new way that is invigorating and honours my true voice in the world. Then there’s the transcendent power of Archetypes leading you and infusing you with energy, genius and power working in tandem with Cyndie’s loving guidance, together bringing you into embodiment as a deeply powerful woman. This experience transforms what is standing in the way of you giving your greatest gifts to the world and delivers the pathway for you to dare to manifest your destiny with grace and ease. I have a new sense of embodiment and a victorious feeling that instills strength and courage flowing in every direction. Cyndie and her Embodied Program are like going on a magical ride to places within you and in your life beyond imagination. She truly has the capacity to honour and witness your magnificence."

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In the Embodied group mentoring with Cyndie I felt deeply in love with my soul given abilities as a visionary and as the gifted healer I am. I became deeply empowered to practice and share my gifts in my life and with clients overcoming fear and years of hiding. It is Cyndie's mission to support women in believing in themselves and to fall in love with their soul given gifts and treasures. She magically pushes the right buttons in you so that the flowers of your inner garden start to bloom. The Feminine Mastery Archetypes will open a sacred and magically empowering space for you to find the courage to finally be empowered to share your beautiful treasures and gifts with the world.

What will your story be?

Join me for Feminine Mastery EMBODIED and flourish in your dream life as the woman you were born to be!

Your Journey

This is all about YOU receiving

You will feel my presence from the moment you enter our sacred circle and throughout your embodied journey. I'll be with you every step of the way holding you in the divine feminine energy that I embody and guiding you with the wisdom that channels through me.

My Promise

Stay the course with me and your sisterhood to receive the promise of what EMBODIED will give to you.

Promise One - Embodied Attraction

Embodied in your feminine essence you will exude natural confidence and your presence will captivate and magnetically attract your dreams.

Promise Two - Embodied Manifesting

Embodied in your feminine power you will unlock the superpowers to manifest your dreams as they live in your heart, naturally and abundantly.

Promise Three - Embodied Emergence

Embodied in your feminine mastery you will have the clarity and courage to transform and emerge as the woman you were born to be.


Your Chrysalis

You’ll enter a sacred feminine circle led by me and supported by your Embodied sisterhood that becomes your chrysalis to transform and manifest your dreams as the woman you were born to be.

Having the nurturing and support from our Embodied community, as well as from me, is part of the magic, helping you to make breakthrough after breakthrough, much faster than if you were doing this journey alone.

Your voice and needs will be heard and flow back to you in messages, teachings and guidance from me personally

Ready to Receive?

Join me for Feminine Mastery EMBODIED and flourish in your dream life as the woman you were born to be!

A Proven Program

Feminine Mastery Embodied is an intimate online group program led by Cyndie, supported by your sisterhood and proven to transform women’s lives and deliver dreams.

The magical results you’ll receive from the EMBODIED program come from the feminine space I hold, support from your sisterhood and the feminine codes delivered through the Archetypes along with practices and guidance to continually shift into your power, deepen your embodiment AND enjoy your life transforming along with you!


Guided by me

You will feel my presence secure in knowing that I’m holding space for your success. And you will have the opportunity to ask for guidance and receive one-to-one mentoring within our online sisterhood community and on our group calls.


Supported by your sisterhood

You will feel embraced and learn to receive by welcoming the support of your sisterhood as you share your progress, breakthroughs and miracles! And, you make a lasting connection with our global community of loving, heart-centered women.


Dwell in your private sanctuary

You will love dwelling in your own online virtual feminine sanctuary, where you will immerse in the Lessons, Bonuses and Feminine Practices for as often and as long as you like with no expiration.


Create your dream mainifesting portal

Just after entering the program you will be guided to create an energetic and visual blueprint of your dreams that becomes your manifesting portal, a unique and proven signature process proven to deliver dreams.


Lessons delievered to your inbox

Our guided delivery system makes it easy for you to stay engaged, on track and committed to the program but most importantly, receiving everything you need for your transformation and manifested dreams.


PLUS! On-demand guidance

I listen to you and your sisterhood! I’m known to add live and recorded content in response to your needs so that you’ll move gracefully forward, apply what you’re receiving and deepen your embodiment to successfully manifesting your dreams.


Modules and Lessons

Six Modules over 24 Weeks

Receive instant access to 6 Modules PLUS 2 Bonus Modules with 21+ Virtually Vibrant Lessons that infuse you with the feminine codes that unlock your feminine superpowers to manifest your dreams and flourish in the live you’re meant to live!


Bonus Module 1: Your EMBODIED Awakening

Making a lasting shift requires an expanded awareness to transcend the linear masculine programming. Cyndie sheds light on your design as a woman and feminine being as the essential framework to receive and embody all the transformation and magic delivered through the Archetypes and to make the shift into your feminine power.


Bonus Module 2: Feminine Dream Manifesting

You’ll learn how to use the manifesting superpowers of each Archetype to manifest any dream in a seamless and feminine embodied way. You’ll also be guided through this process by Cyndie to begin manifesting right away.

You will be guided to create an energetic and visual blueprint of your dreams that becomes your manifesting portal, a unique and proven signature process that delivers dreams.


Module 1: Embodied Truth with the Dragonfly

The Dragonfly Archetype is the source of your dreams to find peace and discover the unique contribution you were born to share. Embodied in your Dragonfly you will unlock your spirit’s superpowers and awaken the path to your calling and destiny.

Awaken your calling and the path to live it

Become a channel of divine guidance

Expand your awareness and possibility


Module 2: Embodied Love with the Hummingbird

The Hummingbird Archetype is the source of your dreams for love, connection and turning life into an epic adventure. Embodied in your Hummingbird you will transcend struggle by expressing your dreams as they live in your heart and meant to unfold in life.

Embody love to attract love or deepen intimacy

Embrace your heart’s desires and manifest miracles

Turn your life into a joyous epic adventure


Module 3: Embodied Attraction with the Butterfly

The Butterfly Archetype is the source of your dreams for happiness, attraction and pleasure. Embodied in your Butterfly you will learn to receive all that you desire by restoring your feminine appetite and activating your feminine essence and magnetic attraction.

Embody your essence to amplify your magnetic attraction

Restore your feminine appetite to receive without limits

Increase visibility and success through your expression


Module 4: Embodied Creation with the Honeybee

The Honeybee Archetype is the source of your dreams for affluence, wealth and making a difference. Embodied in your Honeybee you will receive the feminine codes of creation to optimize your mind and amplify your vibration as the empowered creator of your life.

Embody your natural born power as a feminine creatrix

Transform your mind and co-create with source energy

Expand your container for money, affluence and wealth


Module 5: Embodied Success with the Chameleon

The Chameleon Archetype is the source of your dreams for achievement, success and financial freedom. Embodied in your Chameleon you’ll transform your fear into fierce feminine power to emerge as a superheroine and the champion of your success.

Embody success with authentic confidence

Reveal your true colors beyond fear and judgment

Ground in your feminine power and achieve beyond limits


Module 6: Embodied Emergence with ALL Five Archetypes

As you are embodied in all 5 Archetypes, you will feel a superpowered divine support system aligned and attuned to support your emergence wholly embodied and authentically confident as the woman you were born to be and flourishing in the life you were born to live.

Discover your Mentor Archetype and divine alignment

Cultivate your superpowers to call on ALL 5 Archetypes

Transform and emerge flourishing in your dreams

Plus Bonuses!

These bonuses alone will get you manifesting with your feminine power but when combined with the Embodied program, you’ll have a complete library of resources for awakening your highest potential and manifesting your dreams naturally and abundantly!

Bonus 1 - Library of Feminine Practices in Video and Audio

Access my growing library of Feminine Practices calling on each of the Feminine Mastery Archetypes to deepen your embodiment of the feminine codes to transform your presence, attraction, wealth mindset and more. It’s like being personally guided by me every day!

Bonus 2 - The Feminine Dream Formula Video Course and Guidebook

With the Feminine Shift comes an entirely new and potent way to manifest. I’ll give you my personal approach to manifesting with the power of the Feminine Mastery Archetypes in the Feminine Dream Formula, a 3-part video series and guidebook designed to make your dreams come true.

Bonus 3 - The Feminine Wealth Solution Video Course and Guidebook

Making the Feminine Shift requires an entirely wholistic and feminine centered approach to success, money and wealth. In this 3-part video series and wealth assessment, you’ll embody an entirely new perspective and wealth vibration.

Bonus 4 - A PDF Copy Cyndie’s Book, True Calling: Awaken the Power of Your True Self

Immerse yourself in the original messages channeled to me from the Divine Feminine and receive and infusion of the feminine codes delivered through the Feminine Mastery Archetypes. The book allows for deep embodiment of the Archetypes awakening the power of your ego, mind, body, spirit and heart as well as guided meditations and processes to discover your Mentor Archetype and your true calling.

Super Bonus!

The Feminine Mastery EXPRESSED program!

You’ll receive the entire Feminine Mastery EXPRESSED with an entirely new set lessons and practices that guide you to make the shift into feminine freedom and live without limits. You’ll unleash your DESIRE as the most powerful manifesting agent in the universe.

Join Cyndie for Feminine Mastery EMBODIED

Transform and emerge flourishing in your dreams!
Immediate Access to 21+ Vibrant Lessons and Practices
Be Guided by Me and Embraced by Your Sisterhood!
PLUS $3,000+ in Bonuses!

Choose your investment and your journey begins

The World needs You

Embodied is where your power is.

Your bridge to wholeness and prosperity is here, and with the Archetypes you will arrive with confidence, grace and ease.

You can say good bye to the struggle of being seen and emerge sharing your gifts with passion and unwavering belief in your potential.

This is about being held and guided so you can transform into the beautiful, gifted woman you were born to be.

EMBODIED you are…

An oracle of your future with the Dragonfly

An attractor of your desires with the Butterfly

A manifestor of your dreams with the Honeybee

A strategist of your success with the Chameleon

A source of love and joy with the Hummingbird


It’s time for you to shine and prosper!

See you inside EMBODIED!


Still not sure if EMBODIED is for you?

Trust that you are here in this moment for a reason. Women who join me for the EMBODIED journey often can’t remember how they found me, and I love that because it reminds me of the powerful divine feminine source so alive and within us and present in this program.

Feel into being an EMBODIED woman and ask, “Is this me?”

A deeply spiritual woman who is ready to let go of the struggle and trying to figure it all out so you allow abundance to flow and flourish in the life of your dreams.

A heart-centered woman open and ready to meet your destined sisterhood waiting to support and encourage you on your journey sacred journey to becoming embodied.

An emergent woman wanting to feel powerful, confident and whole trusting in your feminine power to live, lead and manifest in a feminine way that is deeply fulfilling and lasting.

A gifted visionary called to share your gifts and do work that nourishes your soul so that you can shine by doing your life’s work and step into the life you are meant to live.

If you felt or heard a “yes” trust that this is the perfect place for you to be!

Join Feminine Mastery EMBODIED!

Imagine how your life will change when you walk confidently radiating your truth, mastering your feminine power and passionately living the life you are meant to live!

Imagine the deep fulfillment you’ll feel when you complete this program and can finally be where you wanted to be all along!

YES! I’m READY to be EMBODIED as the woman I was born to be!
YES! I want instant lifetime access to the program and online community!
YES! I can’t wait to dive in to the 6 Modules with 21+ Lessons
YES! I want $3,000 in Bonuses!

Feeling close to a "yes" for Feminine Mastery Embodied but need support to make a clear and 
empowered choice?

If just have a few questions on logistics, investment or anything else, our support team is here to help. You can contact us via email at support@femininemastery.com