your path
is Exalted

Exalted Mentoring is your perfect place to begin! Cyndie will personally guide you to exalted as the woman you were born to in the life you are meant to live! 

Your Exalted


Your Exalted Path leads to a natural unfolding of who you are and the life you are meant to live.

If you feel a calling to know who are and live out your divine purpose on this earth, Exalted Mentoring is the right path for you!

It's nearly impossible to find your born-to-be self by fitting into labels, boxes and even careers. Especially because the world doesn't recogize your divininely appointed gifts which are what make you, uniquely you. I have a gift for seeing who you are and guiding you to the life and destiny that are meant to be yours.

With Exalted Mentoring, you'll immediately feel relieved of pressure to figure it all out, stress of trying to do more and overwhelm from being called to grow, change and evolve. You'll accomplish more in less time with less effort resulting in an exalted state of joy, bliss and deep lasting fulfillment.

You have soul-delivered secrets and divine gifts to share. We discover all of this together and that’s why Exalted Mentoring guides you to the woman you were born to be!

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Feeling Called?

If you feel an undeniable calling to express yourself and make a difference, and if you want to be deeply and abundantly fulfilled, honor your knowing and schedule a Clarity Call with me.

Discover what Exalted Mentoring can mean for you.

"Exalted Mentoring with Cyndie is like walking through a magic door to a place you've always dreamed of living."

Natalie Anne Murray, Feminine Empowerment Mentor

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My Destiny

There was a destiny for me and that's why I know there's one for you too.

The story of my destiny is mystical, but the more I shared it with women, the divine feminine became real for all of us.

Several years ago the door to my corporate career closed and the door to my destiny opened on the island of Maui. It was on walks with my son through the hills of Kapalua, that I began hearing cryptic messages from an unknown source that I soon learned to be the divine feminine. The more I listened, the messages turned into a channeled dictation from which I created the Archetypes and wrote my book, True Calling.

As I began sharing the divine feminine's message, I also began to embody each Feminine Mastery Archetype. I received an infusion of feminine energy that empowered me to trust my Mentor Archetype, the Honeybee. This gave me confidence and courage to step into my destiny as the founder of Feminine Mastery and co-creator of the new feminine paradigm.


Living exalted as the woman you were born to, in the life you are meant to live is your calling and your destiny.

Destiny often calls through life changing events that feel more like a life crisis. But destiny can also be more simple like a message to look within for meaning or a friend telling you about a book or website that inspires you to discover your calling.

I know this because I've lived it and now mentor women like you who are being called by destiny too. Without guidance, it can feel scary but with Exalted Mentoring I promise it will be the most exciting, liberating and fulfilling experience of your life.

If you’re feeling the hand of destiny in this moment, take the next step by scheduling your Clarity Call with me to explore what Exalted Mentoring can mean for you.

I look forward to connecting with you at this exciting time in your life and your destiny!

With all my heart, Cyndie

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If you feel called by destiny but also unclear, I'll guide you to step onto your path with calrity and confidence. 

Created for You

Exalted Mentoring is a high touch, private mentoring experience that I custom-create for you.

"There is no one like you! That’s why your Exalted Mentoring journey is custom-created by me and tailored just for you. I promise your experience will be filled with truth, love, laughter and trusted guidance. You'll be in awe of who you are as you naturally exalt in life, success and your destiny.”

Personal Retreat

Imagine a Personal Retreat that gives you the peace, guidance and inspiration you need to design your destiny.

Your Exalted Immersion is delivered through an In-Person Retreat or virtually on Zoom.

You'll be enveloped in the deeply immersive, feminine space I hold, deeply connecting to your inner wisdom and soul guidance. Your Exalted Immersion experience will unfold as it was custom-created for you. Words can't quite capture the miraculous breakthroughs and grounded strategies that come through divine guidance and my mentorship. The result is you emerging powerfully embodied with an Exalted Vision and Blueprint that becomes the manifesting portal for your exalted life, success and destined contribution.

Exalted Immersion is delivered through:

1 Pre and 1 Post Exalted Mentoring Session

Custom Personal Retreat and Exalted Immersion


Exalted Mentoring

Imagine being seen in your truth, held in a loving feminine space and personally guided to reveal your gifts, craft your calling and manifest your destiny with elevated success and effortless prosperity.


Your Exalted Mentoring will begin with a deeply immersive session designed to give you an immediate and empowering shift and to give me what I need to custom-create your mentoring experience. I will become your mentor, co-creative partner and pillar of strength through every challenge, breakthrough and success. You will receive my open channel of guidance and transformational mentoring in sessions that create personal breakthrough, reveal hidden gifts and give birth to destined ideas, bodies of work and miracles in all areas of your life. The result is you exalting in life and your destiny as the woman you were born to be.

Exalted Monthly Mentoring is delivered through:

Bi-monthly 60-minute recorded sessions on Zoom

Anytime email support and as needed phone or Zoom calls with Cyndie for the critical moments you need it most

Private Member Portal with Access to a library of resources

Added Bonus:

The Expressed Course and Embodied Program in your Member Portal

Imagine having all the answers you need to move forward with exuberant joy, ecstatic passion and exhilarating freedom!


Success Stories of Exalted Women


Natalie Murray, Feminine Empowerment Mentor

"I booked my Exalted Blueprint Immersion with Cyndie when I realised I was getting in my own way in my business! I just couldn’t bear to face another year going around in circles, feeling frustrated and demoralised. Cyndie helped me to see my vicious cycle of self-sabotage clearly, particularly my old pattern of thinking that kept me struggling and hiding. Cyndie also held an expansive space with a much higher vision for me than I could ever dream of and challenged me lovingly to let go and fully step into my truth and calling. After our Blueprint Immersion I immediately entered Monthly Mentoring with Cyndie and it has been the best investment I’ve ever made in myself! After only 6 weeks I aligned with my Hummingbird Archetype and felt 100% ME and totally aligned in my business. In less than 3 months my income increased without learning all the crazy marketing and sales strategies. And perhaps most profound are the miracles of treating my body with love, being closer to my husband and witnessing seen several other miracles. I am truly the woman I was born to be and it happened with such grace."


Kayleigh, Corporate Executive

"After attending the Maui Retreat, I chose to continue on the Exalted path with Cyndie guiding me through her Blueprint Immersion process - two times - each freeing me from a vicious cycle that was holding me back and moving me forward with fast and tangible results in my personal life and career. By virtue of our work together, I was able to articulate my superpowers of awareness, communication, and excellence to begin to chart a new way to be in the world and live in the moment, yet focused on my deepest contributions to humanity. I have worked with many different therapists, life coaches, and executive coaches. Yet, Cyndie has been the only person able to help me engage my full body and being toward the pursuit of the truest expression of myself. I only wish we had met when I was 22 and not 32! Deeply embodied in who I am, I am confidently stepping into my path of leadership. I am manifesting powerful new relationships and career opportunities. I am honoring my intuition and sharing my perspective more freely with others. The Blueprint Immersion process allowed me to create from my deepest desires, from the inside-out. No matter where you are on your success path, this process will help you to fully express and embody your true nature in your everyday way of being."


Paige, Founder of Hello Paige Davis and Author of Here We Grow

"I was drawn to Cyndie and needed to shift out of the masculine approach to business into what would nourish me and my creativity. My Exalted Blueprint Immersion with Cyndie was amazing! The experience alone epitomized the essence of what I was so craving. It was intuitive, lighthearted, insightful and super powerful. I was profoundly challenged but in a very nurturing and inspiring way. And I was able to unleash some blocks around success and love that I wasn't even aware of. I was able to reframe a model of success and love that was being fueled with great ease, creativity, flow, passion, and peace. Cyndie has an amazing gift of blending her vast expertise with her intuition and was able to provide important clarity and direction in regards to helping me deeply embody and map out my new, feminine sourced success Blueprint. The benefits of my Blueprint Immersion are still alive within me as I drew from what I received from my experience with Cyndie to write and publish my book, Here We Grow, a Memoir."


Teresa, Founder of TDR Mortgage

"I sought Cyndie out as I could not shake the loss of a 17-year relationship that left me broken, deeply sad and in total loss of my confidence. Prior to Cyndie's mentorship I was so stressed out and not happy with my business. I cried sometimes because I felt so alone and didn't know what to do or how to let go of the belief that "I have to work harder and work more to have true success”. The biggest shift was Cyndie showing me how to open up to my guidance and make decisions with the utmost confidence in trusting my instinct and "gut". I know that when business is slow it’s time for me to play and vacation, not stress! Although I am thriving in business the value I received is measured by the quality of my life, how much less I work and make the same amount of money with way less stress and much more happiness. That's priceless. Isn’t this why we work so we can afford the moments we get to enjoy with the people/places that surround us? I am a truly happy, confident, radiant and sexy female and there is no one who meets me that doesn't feel that 100%. There is something magical in Cyndie and Feminine Mastery that I never found in any other type of mentor-ship/counseling."


Emmi, Founder of The Feminine Revered program

"Before I met Cyndie, I was overwhelmed by the ideas in my mind and frozen by fear of leaving a safe career to step into my calling as a healer and feminine leader. I saw results immediately from Cyndie’s mentoring as she lifted me out of self-doubt I had carried since childhood and infused me with her unwavering belief in my gifts, giving me confidence to step into my calling to serve women on a global scale. Cyndie gently yet firmly guided me forward with her systematic yet intuitive way of drawing from my inner wisdom to create a tangible program that authentically resonates with my soul. I am now fearless with a sound business strategy, grounded in my values and embodied in my power as I launch “The Feminine Revered” website and signature program. If you know you’re meant for something bigger, trust in Cyndie and the Exalted Mentoring program to get you powerfully and prosperously living your calling with absolute freedom and joy."


Lisa, Acupuncturist and Feminine Healer

"I had found my calling as a healer and acupuncturist but struggled for years financially. I worked too much and asked for too little in return. Debt built up and I became numb to it and to the longing for a soul love relationship as at 50, I had never been married. When I met Cyndie I was so far from both but her Mentoring shifted me deep within to believe in myself, release my old patterns of unworthiness and realign my business with my heart and feminine mastery. Then 3 miracles happened. I launched my Vibrant Living Through the Seasons brand! My income began flowing effortlessly and debt literally melted away! And then out of my connection with my deepest heart’s desire, I met my true love and soul mate who is beyond my dreams! We are marrying this year and have a beautiful life and home together. I learned to be a Queen by honoring myself and receiving from my feminine and with Cyndie’s Mentoring it happened with love, laughter, grace and ease."

I promise you will feel seen, heard and understood in the feminine space you need to gently and confidently find your way forward on the path that's right for you.

About Cyndie

Cyndie is the founder of Feminine Mastery and your Exalted Mentor

Wholly embodied in her feminine mastery, there is a light and warmth emanating from Cyndie’s heart and a magic to her superpowers.

Known for her loving presence, open channel to the divine and innovative approach to mentoring Cyndie has delivered miracles and tangible results for women who have taken the Exalted Mentoring journey.

Cyndie founded Feminine Mastery as a bridge to the emergent feminine paradigm. Exalted Mentoring is for women who are deeply spiritual, highly successful and meant to lead at this time. Both the Archetypes and the three feminine shifts into freedom, power and mastery, are what allow for the dramatic transformation an Exalted woman needs to become the woman she was born to be.

Cyndie has grown Feminine Mastery into a global community through her Archetype Quiz, Online Programs, Feminine Masters ™ Interview Series and Feminine Shift Podcast. In addition to private mentoring through her Exalted program she also mentors women through events including her signature women’s retreat on Maui.

Cyndie lives, creates and mentors women from her home in Long Beach, Washington.

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