Mysticism is one of my greatest passions. Follow me on a journey to explore symbolism, mythology, the goddess and the divine feminine.

Unleash your Dark Side for more power, attraction and adventure

Do you ever feel there’s a wild goddess within you wanting to come out? Or contrarily, do you ever feel repressed, numb or disconnected? What’s so incredibly clear to me in this moment is that we all have a dark, mysterious, adventurous side of ourselves that has not yet been unleashed. We’ve learned to tame our desires and wanting pleasure to fit into ego generated ideals such as “the good girl” or being “prim and proper”. There’s no reason your dark side should remain hidden, it’s actually a pathway to accessing your true power and potential.

The dark of women is our mystery, our sensuality and a great deal of our power. Dark doesn’t equal bad. Dark is simply unknown, unseen and uncharted waters of your feminine being.

Well, what do you say? Shall we transform this and unleash our dark sides together?

Watch the Video below and unleash your dark side! Let’s go!

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