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On May 20, 2016 women are gathering in gorgeous San Diego California to soak in the energy and expertise of world-renowned Feminine Succes mentor Cyndie Silbert. Why? Because over the last few years, Cyndie has led women around the world to unleash their untapped feminine power and potential to achieve exponential success, with the deepest level of personal fulfillment. Cyndie’s out of the box mentoring and groundbreaking Feminine Mastery programs have awakened women to their true calling as a direct path to manifesting their biggest dreams for love, success and prosperity.

“I was burnt out and unmotivated. I felt completely torn between the stress I felt about my business and making money in contrast to my personal life that gave me so much joy. I’m happy to share that after working with Cyndie, I had the best year in my business ever!! Financially and with many new opportunities. I also moved in with the love of my life!”



Feminine Mastery Live! is currently the only opportunity to immerse yourself in Cyndie’s transformational energy and the uplifting feminine mastery community LIVE and in person!

DreamsFeminine Mastery Live! is a full day of inspiration, interaction and guidance that will ignite your passion, activate your feminine power and give you a personalized path to your dreams for love, freedom, wealth and making a difference.

Cyndie is leading women to live in a new paradigm of feminine success. She'll teach you the same practices she used to create a thriving six figure business reaching women all over the world, to find the love of her life and to live in the home of her dreams by the sea.

Imagine a room of amazing women from entrepreneurs to authors, artists and physicians - and imagine yourself immersed in this environment of women helping women to expand and connect, share ideas, form partnerships and support each other on the journey to true freedom!

To rise, surround yourself with women who are also rising!

“The women in our Feminine Mastery community are not only emerging leaders but shooting stars who are lighting up the world.” – Cyndie

Surround yourself with a community of women who are just like you! Passionate women who are changing their lives and making a difference in the world but in a new feminine way that is absent of overwhelm, feeling torn and working way too hard.

That’s what happens at Feminine Mastery! Women rise to their most authentic, prosperous and deeply fulfilling level of success.

Register early for $97

RESERVE SEAT NOW>>>(And, bring a friend for free!)


If you’ve never before experienced Cyndie teaching live, you will be blown away by her spirit, her gentle but powerful wisdom and the extraordinary way she blends intuitive guidance, feminine practices and success strategies for real-time, life-transforming change!



Feminine Mastery Live! is the most enlightening and empowering event for women who are ready to grow to turn their gifts into superpowers, activate their feminine presence and create lives of abundance, wealth and happiness.

Join us and make stress, struggle, overwhelm and fear of uncertainty behind you!

This is unlike any event you’ve attended in the past because Cyndie is unlike any other women's mentor.

Her signature blend of feminine mastery practices with success strategies will revolutionize your results and your reality. Be ready to embody a whole new way of thinking, being and living and a beyond your dreams experience of life.


Before I met Cyndie, I struggled financially. In less than one year, I increased my sales by 73% and received my biggest check in my 30+ real estate career.

Joni, Keller Williams Real Estate

Before I met Cyndie, I struggled financially and longed for a soul love relationship with a man worthy of me. In the Feminine Masters Group Program, I launched my Vibrant Living Through the Seasons brand and website with programs and products. My business income increased to where it’s flowing effortlessly AND I met my true love and soul mate.


Before I met Cyndie, I was in a job that I had outgrown and was not aligned with my calling. Through Cyndie’s guidance and accessing my feminine power, I received a promotion that will triple my income and is aligned with my calling to grow businesses through sales events.


Before I met Cyndie, I struggled to earn the income that matched my talents as a radio show host and spiritual guide for women. After many certifications, Cyndie helped me see my natural gifts and calling to be a Soul Destiny mentor. Now I have a brand and program that I OWN, can leverage and grow a global community of feminine spiritual leaders.


Register early for $97

RESERVE SEAT NOW>>>(And, bring a friend for free!)

“Thank you Cyndie for who you are and for your work with Feminine Mastery. I am so thrilled to be celebrating the feminine principal with you because I know it is the future of our humanity, the future of success and manifestation of prosperity in our culture. We are finally going to land on something that is sustainable, something that is felt, something that is automatic and natural, and something that builds esteem as we learn to listen to our deep core, yes feminine wisdom.”


Dr. Sue Morter

Morning Mindset SHIFT

Your success isn't limited by what you know or even how well you perform, it is limited by fear-based thinking and limited behaviors that become "dream killers". You will shift out of ego entrapments to a mindset that can create miracles. Self-doubt and not feeling good enough are two common results of fear-based thinking. Getting hooked by these thought-patterns or even thinking positively to overcome them will create even more stress and limit your success. You’ll learn how to detach from your fear, re-align your mind with your heart's desires and set yourself free to achieve success without any limits.

Afternoon Activation and Alignment

Accessing your authentic feminine power is the key to attracting the resources, clients and wealth you desire. You’ll be guided through several processes to activate your feminine essence and align with your deepest desires for success. You'll learn new fear-proof feminine mastery practices that bypass resistance and unleash your true potential. You will become an empowered creator of your life and leader of your business, setting the wheels of manifestation, growth and success in motion. (And the best part is this process will help you manifest in ALL areas of your life!)

Complete the Day with Your Mastery!

Uplifted in a room of inspired and empowered women, you'll rise to realize your dreams! Two key components of ensuring your success are – Clarity AND Action. You’ll complete your day with both! First you’ll be guided to create a map of dreams and success. This important Blue Print will become your guide to the success you’ve been dreaming about. This is where Cyndie delivers on her promise for this day to be the day where everything changes for you. If your heart is calling you to receive more in love, abundance and prosperity – listen, say yes to your heart and join us for Feminine Mastery Live! Don’t second guess it, the universe has brought you here and it is your time to live your biggest dream!

Register early for $97

RESERVE SEAT NOW>>>(And, bring a friend for free!)

Joni received her biggest check ever! $23,000

Lisa found her soul mate and shifted
into a full, thriving practice!

Suzy generated her year’s goal in two months!

Now it's your turn to awaken to the power you
hold and become ready to RECEIVE.

Are you READY to love life, to make a difference,
and be blown away by your reality?

It's starts with you saying, "Yes!"

Register early for $97

RESERVE SEAT NOW>>>(And, bring a friend for free!)


ButterflyIf you know you are meant for more and are ready to make it happen, do not pass up this opportunity.

You have a dream for your life

A dream that allows you to do work that you love

Where you live your purpose being paid what you’re worth

A dream where your heart is fulfilled because you are cherished

You are at peace with the freedom knowing that you are powerful

Money is flowing, time is abundant and life is rich

To make a difference doing what you love

To expand the reach of your gifts and create a prosperous business

To become a living legacy

It’s all possible. It’s all in your destiny.


Come to Feminine Mastery Live! and in just one day, receive everything you need to make sure you get your big dream this year! From transforming your beliefs to activating your feminine power and creating your success blue print.

Feminine Mastery Live! will guide you to become a woman living her dream life with love, abundance and prosperity.

THAT, is Feminine Success. And I will show you how to have it at Feminine Mastery Live!


Are you ready to join them?

ImCyndie“If you’re reading this, you are ready for more but in a new way that is totally authentic and fulfilling to you! I promise when you register for Feminine Mastery Live! today - you will be one step closer to your biggest dream. Together you'll join me and a room filled with powerful women spending one day together that WILL change your life! There’s nothing more supportive and transforming than women coming together to support one another. Regardless of what your past has been or if you’ve tried other programs – trust that there is something special about this moment and this event! There is an element of destiny in the work I do with women and there is something greater calling all of us to emerge, and become the women we are destined to be. You are meant to be who you are and live your life with passion and joy. Let’s take this journey together! I promise if you bring an open heart and an open mind you will leave overflowing with inspiration, motivation and most importantly your biggest dream!”

Cyndie, your Feminine Mastery Live! Event Speaker, Mentor and Facilitator

Register early for $97

RESERVE SEAT NOW>>>(And, bring a friend for free!)

Mark your Calendar! May 20, 2016

Hotel Location

San Diego Marriott Del Mar
11966 El Camino Real San Diego, CA 92130

Event Time

9 am – 6 pm

ABOUTCYNDIEIMAGECyndie Silbert is the founder of Feminine Mastery™ and the Feminine Masters™ Interview Series as well as the celebrated author of True Calling, Awaken the Power of Your True Self. Cyndie guides successful women to live their legacy by finding true love, discovering their true calling and creating wealth and prosperity. Her transformational approach and out of the box mentoring free women from stress, struggle, self-doubt and fear so they can reach an entirely new level of mastery and success – without the stress. Through private and group mentoring, retreats and a vibrant online community, Feminine Mastery offers a new pathway to feminine success for women who seek authentic expression and the deepest level of fulfillment in all areas of their lives.

Cyndie has transformed the lives of women all over the world through her Feminine Masters Interview Series with guest speakers such as Arielle Ford and Dr. Sue Morter. Cyndie is considered a global transformational leader with an emphasis on the Feminine Principle. Her deep understanding of women’s inner desires coupled with life and business challenges has made her a world-renowned Mentor for Women. She’s been featured at the Chopra Center’s Spiritual Success Event, as a guest speaker at the Awaken Your Impact Event, and alongside top business leaders, coaches and experts via Online Summits. Coupled with 25+ years as a business executive, Cyndie has over 10 years experience leading workshops, online programs and her signature Maui Women’s Retreat. Cyndie currently lives, works and writes in Del Mar, California.

Feminine Mastery is centered in Community and Women Coming Together To Transform and Create Positive Change

As you step forward to Leap! You'll be making a difference!

Tickets are non-refundable. A percentage of ticket sales will be donated to Shakti Rising is an innovative social change organization transforming the lives of women, girls, and the larger community. Shakti provides a new approach in advancing the health and leadership of women and girls in this country. At the core, Shakti is cultivating women to be inspired, innovative and courageous leaders who are willing to take risks in service of creating greater social good. This is accomplished through the provision of holistic, empowerment-based programs that facilitate both individual and community transformation to women and girls all ages and backgrounds. The monies raised through Feminine Mastery Live! will go directly to support Shakti Rising's innovative programs that work to awaken the feminine in both individuals and communities

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