Feminine Mastery 2018 Women's Retreat on the Island of Maui Join us for 6 immersive and transforming days January 21st through the 26th
A Six Day Maui Miracle Retreat Experience, Cyndie will lead you through her 6-Part Signature Feminine Mastery program that emulates the transformation of the butterfly.
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Without retreat, the caterpillar would never know its full expression as the butterfly. Our Feminine Mastery Maui retreat becomes your sacred chrysalis where you can turn inward, hear and heed the whispers of your heart and then, like the butterfly, emerge awakened, enlivened and ready to take flight on your most epic life journey.

Are you feeling called to more deeply connect with your feminine and discover why you're here? The journey within to awaken your deeper truth, connect with the desires that resonate most with your heart and then emerge in your fullest expression takes reflection, rebirth and redesign just like the time in the chrysalis for the butterfly.

Rather than taking years of hit or miss courses and coaching - Imagine spending 6 magical days in luscious Maui with a sisterhood of intelligent and loving women immersed in a sacred feminine space while being gently guided to transform you into your most vibrantly magnetizing and authentically empowered self.

From wholeness, inspiration to crystal clarity on your unique gifts and true calling, you will bring all the magic of your retreat home with you for an amplified life experience of your dreams, far beyond what you can currently imagine.

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This retreat is for you if:
  • You are in a life transition or new life chapter needing healing, renewal, clarity and confidence to go for your dreams and live life to the fullest.
  • You have an inner knowing that now is your time to discover your true calling and be empowered with the confidence and next steps to live it.
  • You are wanting ignited passion and deep fulfillment in one or more areas of your life from career, love relationship or financial prosperity.
  • You are longing to connect more deeply with your feminine power and activate your attraction of love, abundance and miracles.
  • You are feeling called to cultivate a deeper connection with your feminine, unleash your heart's desires and feel sensually enlivened in your body.
  • You are feeling the urgency of time ticking away, wanting to embrace your destiny and open the floodgates to receive all that life has to offer.
Experience Cyndie's proven program, designed to emulate the transformation of the butterfly

The dramatic and lasting transformation FEMININE MASTERY delivers to women comes from Cyndie's profound connection with the Divine feminine, the safe space she holds for women and her ingeniously designed and masterfully facilitated programs that unlock, activate and unleash the unique essence, power and genius that is already within you - right now.

woman in MauiThe Feminine Mastery Maui retreat experience is proven to transform your body and feminine being at a cellular level resulting in deep healing, life-altering revelations, embodied confidence and unexpected miracles.

The miracles that each woman receives by attending this same retreat each year are no accident, it is the sacred space that Cyndie holds and the way she intricately weaves in the power of her Feminine Mastery Archetypes that make her Maui Retreat a miracle-producing event time after time, for woman after woman.

Over the course of 6 days and 5 nights, Cyndie will lead you through her 6-Part Signature Feminine Mastery program that emulates the transformation of the butterfly.

You will embark on a transformational journey to your truest and deepest self and are ensured to return home renewed, enlivened and empowered with a profound sense of peace in knowing who you truly are, clarity on your true calling and the path to live the life of your dreams.

Yes! Register Me Now! Be 1 of 10 Women for the 6-Day Maui Miracle Feminine Mastery Retreat Jan 21-26, 2018 (Save up to $1000 before 9/1/17)
Your 6-Day Miracle Maui Retreat Experience

From the moment you step off the plane, Maui will embrace you and invite you to let go and leave the everyday world behind.

You will be picked up from the airport and transported to Lumeria Maui where you will spend 5 nights at this world-acclaimed retreat center near Oprah’s Maui Home and featured several times in O Magazine for its rich design, fine furnishings, tranquil gardens, mesmerizing crystals, and enchanting environments including a forest of swaying hammocks for deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Each day will be infused with immersive group sessions and flowing feminine practices held in the loving embrace of Maui’s Aloha spirit. This seamless yet purposeful Feminine Mastery experience will reach deep into your heart and enliven your body and spirit. Symbolized by the deep crystal blue waters of Maui rising to the sacred vortex nestled at the center of Haleakala, you will travel deep into the feminine waters of your being and then transcend to elevated high points in your life.

Imagine yourself totally transforming with a natural ease and flow, fun and spontaneity. Your guided program will be enhanced with daily personal time for reflection, meditation and yoga. You will have time to relax by the pool, unwind with a massage, kick back in a hammock cradled by restorative winds while soaking up the rich and stimulating grounds of Lumeria Maui.

To top off your retreat experience, you will be deeply immersed in the magic of Maui itself as you embark on a hike deep into the sacred grounds on Haleakala and a boat tour to the island of Lanai with dolphins dancing and snorkeling in marine reserves.

Your complete Feminine Mastery Retreat experience takes you on a journey to transform as the healing sea and sacred mountainside invite you home to balance, home to being and home to your true calling.

Your ALL Inclusive Maui Miracle Retreat Package
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From Maui as your destination, to the deeply immersive program nestled inside of a world class, decadent and luscious 6 day retreat experience, Cyndie has created an inclusive retreat package with bonuses that give you everything you need to leave the world behind and be embraced, held and served in a sacred chrysalis where you can come alive, transform, awaken your deeper calling and emerge in your flourishing dream life and destiny.

Here's what you will receive in your ALL Inclusive Maui Retreat Package:
  • 6 Transformational days with Cyndie to transform and discover your true calling with clear steps to your destiny as you awaken and emerge as your deeply embodied, fully expressed and empowered self
  • Immersion into the Divine feminine energy of Maui, sacred feminine space held by Cyndie and supported by a deep connection and a lasting bond with your sisterhood of intelligent, spiritual and loving women
  • Transportation throughout the retreat including shuttle to and from the retreat center upon your arrival and return
  • 5 nights at Lumeria Maui, a high end retreat center on Maui, one of the most beautiful places on earth
  • 6 days magically balanced days with free time to enjoy your beautifully appointed room and grounds with lush gardens, swinging hammocks, sculptures, crystals, a pool and spa
  • Delicious, organic meals served in a fun, family style setting leaving your senses stimulated and appetite satisfied
  • An excursion to the world-renowned, sacred vortex on Haleakala at sunset for stunning views and deep aligning connection
  • A snorkel and Maui sealife boat tour to the Island of Lanai for clear waters, spinning dolphins, breeching whales and gorgeous coral and sea life
  • Access to Cyndie's online library of Feminine Practices
  • A copy of True Calling, Awaken the Power of Your True Self (Cyndie's book) in PDF and signed in print
Super Bonus!!
  • 2 Private Sessions with Cyndie pre and post retreat to ensure you gain the most from your on island experience and take it home with you
Yes! Register Me Now! Be 1 of 10 Women for the 6-Day Maui Miracle Feminine Mastery Retreat Jan 21-26, 2018 (Save up to $1000 before 9/1/17)
Embracing the magic of how it works

Cyndie leads women to their core purpose on this earth, shows them how to tap into endless streams of divine power and maps out their next steps so that they take the beauty and the transformation from the retreat and carry it home with them.

Feminine Mastery is the gift that keeps giving. The ingeniously designed program centered around the Feminine Mastery Archetypes gives you access to a feminine power and dimension that is currently lying dormant within you. As you embody and reclaim more of your feminine being, the benefits and transformation you will receive, become a well that you draw from throughout your life.

You will leave Maui refreshed, renewed, empowered and embodied in your feminine being sending a ripple of change and transformation into your life for deepened and more passionate relationships and seamless attraction of new levels of success with everything feeling more vibrant, more satisfying and more true to who you are.


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A personal note from Cyndie

Hi, I’m Cyndie and I am here to tell you that you DESERVE to be at this retreat.

I know what it’s like to put everyone else first; to work hard, to be overwhelmed by day to day obligations, running on autopilot all the while feeling that something was missing. I lived that way for too long and it took its toll.

Maui and the presence of the divine feminine energy and wisdom offered through the beauty of the land and waters was the place I discovered my true calling and awakened my feminine essence and power.

Making the shift on my own journey to one of feminine mastery completely transformed my life. Learning to connect to and partner with my Feminine Archetypes allowed me to create a new reality that included lasting love, a dream home, a thriving business and the comfort of knowing that I am now fully living in my purpose.

Give yourself permission to break free. Fulfill your deepest desires and experience the woman you were born to be!

Trust divine timing. What if every event in your life has been perfectly aligned to this very moment and led you to this invitation?

Isn’t it time to listen to that quiet yet powerful voice inside of you? Although your mind might be saying, “That would be nice someday,” imagine what would be possible if you listened to your heart and experienced the magic of what happens when you finally put you first.

Your heart is whispering to you. Will you answer the call?

I’d love to spend this time with you. Join me and a strong sisterhood of women on this 6 day journey of a lifetime. You will experience a deepening, revealing and bonding that you will draw on for support and connection.

Give yourself the gift of these 6 days.

Your heart, your spirit and your dreams are counting on you.

Aloha until we meet on Maui,



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Honor your heart and discover your destiny

Say "Yes!" to your heart and the calling to finally know the magnificent woman you are and the life you came here to live.

Give yourself this gift of 6 luxurious, delicious, revitalizing and transforming days that will forever change your being and your life.

You will be immersed in the divine feminine energy and magic of Maui, guided by Cyndie an embodied feminine leader, and supported by a loving group of women with whom you will forever share an intimate bond.

Your transformational experience with Cyndie includes an all inclusive Maui retreat package in which you will receive: transportation to and from the airport, 5 nights at Lumeria Maui, delicious healthy gourmet meals, a 1 Hour massage, an excursion to the sacred vortex of Haleakala and a boat trip to the Island of Lanai.

You deserve this! Don’t miss this opportunity! This is our only retreat in 2018 so embrace this moment and honor your heart by saying, "YES!" to the Feminine Mastery Maui retreat!

There are only 10 spots available and they sell out. Secure your spot today!

Bonus! 2 private sessions with Cyndie before and after your retreat experience to ensure your transformation is deep and
brings lasting benefits to your life.

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Retreat Registration closes August 15, 2018
or when all the spaces are filled.

All Inclusive Retreat Investment $4997
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What women are saying:
Sky, Retreat Participant January 2017
  • "I encourage any woman who knows at some level that she is missing pieces in her life to open up and say yes to the Feminine Mastery Maui retreat with Cyndie. The alchemy of Cyndie's love, wisdom, teaching and humor combined with the supportive community of women creates a fertile, magical experience and practical environment to live freely and proudly to your full potential." - Sky, Retreat Participant January 2017
Danielle, Retreat Participant January 2017
  • “I went to the retreat to discover my calling and find peace from my crazy brain. What I returned to is finding the love of my life and getting a huge promotion. Now I am transitiong into living my true calling and would never be loving my life and flourishing without this time and truly transformational guidance from Cyndie.” - Danielle, Retreat Participant Fall 2015 and Co-Retreat Facilitator Spring 2016 and January 2017
Retreat Participant January 2017
  • "Cyndie is the most loving, fearless, compassionate, intuitive coach, leader and master you could ever hope for. The Feminine Mastery retreat is a must for every woman who has a dream and desire to know herself more deeply and is on a quest to know her calling. It will get you on your path whatever it is and give you the tools to make your dreams come true." Kathy, founder of Embodywear Fashions and retreat participant January 2017
  • ”I returned home to the most passionate encounter with my boyfriend which led to us moving in together. Also, before the retreat my business was flat-lined and now I’ve doubled my income – I feel I finally have “Me” in all areas of my life.” - Leah, Retreat Participant Fall 2015
  • "Before the retreat, I felt a burning (scorching) desire to find my calling. I was at my wits end, I had to know. Through a magical and somewhat mystical chain of events at the retreat, I was led to know without a doubt what my calling is and since then I am living it! After the retreat I did private mentoring with Cyndie, the miracles continued to unfold including me publishing my first book!" - Misty, Very First Retreat Participant
  • "I knew I had healing abilities so I trusted Cyndie and my heart and went to Maui to discover my true calling as a healer. The miracle I witnessed was my healing abilities literally coming into my body and awareness and 9 other women transform with their own totally unique way. It was powerful and divine and unlike anything we get to see in life. I carry this with me and now have true sisters I can call on.” Danielle G, Retreat Participant Spring 2016
happy participants
  • "My journey with Cyndie and Feminine Mastery is centered in my Maui experience, The retreat gave me the opportunity to drop deeper within and embody the power of my heart and my true calling which is to awaken joy in others. I recently lost my husband, the love of my life, to a tragic accident. If it weren’t for this work, I would have never been able to handle his passing and honor his life the way I did. We are all more powerful than we know and Feminine Mastery is the path to experience the depth of who you are and what you’re capable of." Margaret, Retreat Participant Fall 2015
  • "Before the Maui retreat I was a real bitch. I’m not kidding, tough and hardened. At the Maui retreat, I not only softened but realized my potential as the Honeybee, and saw that I have a royal quality and ability to lead others and make a difference. I also reconnected with my precious husband whom I was about to leave. Life is rich now and literally nothing changed but me. It was like I was removed from a frustrating nightmare and reinserted back into a dream.” Leona, Very First Retreat Participant
  • "I never thought I was pretty. I grew up with all brothers and I am a rocket scientist. My sisters at the retreat took me under their wings and guided me to gracefully awaken my feminine essence. When I returned I had renewed courage to finish my book, earn income from speaking and transition out of my job into my calling as an empowerment coach to women. And for the first time in my life, I have sisters supporting me.” Michelle, Very First Retreat Participant
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What miracle will you create? What transformation will you take home? Honor your heart and discover your destiny! Be one of ten women joining me on Maui in 2018

9 1 Space Left!

YES! I want my Feminine Mastery Maui Retreat!

Retreat Registration closes August 15, 2018
or when all the spaces are filled.

All Inclusive Retreat Investment $4997
Choose your payment option and begin your transformational journey.
You will secure your spot and receive access to the bonuses now!

One Payment - $4997Register Me Now!
Payment Plan - 2 Payments $2,697 eachRegister Me Now!
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